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The Epiftie to theReader.. is bitter curie attendingnot only them that openly op. Rer.3,106, pole Chrifk, but alfo inchasneglea to minifler their afíl fiance to Chrift- : Who will Mew all them out ofhis mouth who are neither: hot nor. cold.. ; flab a halt in th profeffion of are thegreatef abomination to Chrifl, Chritt will make their. condition very 644 and,ignemi- Mow who are. not. 7,ealoto in Chrifts caufe and a fir- 4. Be not terrified with the multitude of oppofers or opp fitions which thou fhalc fee againft Chrift ; Pedarera.. but rather fay ,u that noble * Sortldier in Erafmus did to him that told him ofthat. numerous and mighty Army which came against him, Tanto plus gloriæ reforemus, quoniam cò plums fuperabimus, the number of oppo fersmakes the chriflians conpelt the more illufriotu /ay to thyfoule in;this cafeas Hezekiahdid tohis Souldiers,s, in the like .: Be thong and couragious, be not aftaid nor difmayed for the Kingof c-/11ffÿria, nor for the multitude that is with him, for there be more with us then withhim with him isan arme bf flefb, but with us is the Lord our God, to helpeus, and to fight our battles. And the people refled themfelves upon the wordofHezekrah King of Iudalb : and that thy heart may not meditate a revolt from ,Chriíi, nor enter- twine a thought of con/rireng with the profane multi- tude in hope oftemporall prefrvation and fafety : con- fider, i, How the profatnefi part doth ever in the iffue prove the we.akeft part : the power of ungodlanefse cuts in fonder the fnewes of the greatest earthly forces, la Jonah weakened the cr`warriners in theship, Achan 1.the Souldiers in the L.ílrmy, and a._reigning difafe the; Brea-i