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ARAMARAMAAR44141R144it434' -.),I1S VVEET AND: -,...40. Soule-.Perfwading INDVCEMENT S Leading unto CHRIST. DEDVCED, 3* . i.From the Confideration of Mans Mifery, Empfineffe, . Bafeneffe,and Difhonour without Char{}. 2. From the Meditation of the Comforts attending the Souks receivingofCH R I s T. 3. From the Apprehenfion of the Joy and Excellency of Chrifis living in Man : The whole fingularly fwcet- .- ning theMeditationof Chrilt to the SoukofMan. 4 Hoe every one that thirfleth come to thewaters, and he that bath nomoney, 34 comeye buy ,and eat, yea come buy wine and milke without moneyondwith., oat price : Wherefore doeye Fßendyour moneyfor that which ie not bread, andyoar labourjar that which farisfiethnot I s A.í4.1,2. Tramme,andwe will runafter thee,the king-bat h brought me intohis chan- bers,wewill be glad and relayer in thee, we will remember thy love more en wine, C A II T.1.4. .1 BERN. SERM.43. in CANT. . Aridus efts omnis anime cibasi ft nonoleo ifto tnfunditur, infipus eftfi nonhoc fate cot ditur, fi fcrihu, nonfapit mihi nli ledcro ibi L. fefnm,fi diiputes,autconferas, nonfapit mihi nifl fonuerit ihi2efur . 34- I LONVON,.. N. 4 printed by C.M.for roba Bartlet at the Signe of the Gilt-Cup ucar: A Saint Aufíias-Gate. M DI X X X II. -1t; *******W**9VVVVV* 4)4VV* ByAlexander gro e, Miniffer of CHRI s T.

To the Chriíaian R E A D S R,, Reverend and Chriftian Reader, Here ris nothing more pleafant and comfortable, more animating an inabling, more ravifhing andfoule- contentingtoatrue Chriftian, then thefrequent andferioiis mea'tarien ofchri f`t, then anholy and humble, ÿ a íveet and con ant commerce and communion with Chriff : Chrift le fus being the wholeofmans happineffe ; the Sunne which gives him light in darknefe ; thePhyfsteon whichheales his feulesfickne/ ; the wall of fire which defends him in the a/faults ofallenemies; the Friend comforting him in his heavinefe; the Arke fupporting him in the deluge of all his difireff s ; theRockefiaflaining him under the heavi- ef? preffures ; the enjoyment ofChrift folaceth in the deepelt farrows ; the want of drift diftracleth in the greateft worldly abundance. Who but drift is the cloudy Pillar,proteEting andlea- ding Gods Ifrael; the heavenly Mannafeeding the Lords people ; thebrazenSerpent curingGods children of thv finfull venome which the fiery Serpent bath infus'd into them : Who but Chrift is she Propitiatory or Mercy- Seat in whom mercy itfeate ,, and through whom it is r re- d

The Epiftle to the Reader. vealed andcommunicatedtoall thatthir(t after it ; thefa- cobs ladder by whom God defcendeth unto man, andman afeendethunto God ; the TableofShew-bread on whom ourfoules are feafted ; the Candle-flick by which the., Church ofGodis enlightned; the Altar of perfume, in whole name and through whole mediation weanciourpray - ers are accepted : the brazen Laver in whole blood we are wafbed, andthe fiery Chariot by which we [hall at the laß like El iah be tranflitted in tranfcendent glory and tri- umph : Nothing can makethat man m,ferable who bath ciril for his po efs'ton ; thefullefi confluence ofall abili tiwscan nevt retake that mans ellate truly comfortable who bath ate: Chri (ls,fcommunicated tohzán : ChriJ 6e- trn?the onely W: 11 which is .461e torefrem ándfill us, when all o r veßels like. Hag irs, prove empty bottles: the onely .Jonduaor, who u able to leadus, when we ary to thorough the Wildernef, and red Sea of mani. fold adverRies : theonly Companion abletocórnfrt us, When Godcals a:r w.'th the.threechildren to walke in thefe ry fornace offharpe and teaching trials ; the onely Jo- fhua, the onely Captaineof the Lords Hots, whs can re (Cue us, when the A-moritifh Princes, either men or Divelsdoe befiegeus : fweet and fure is their Refuge, who areunder thepratellien ofthe Lordlefus : He is áhiding placefrom the wind, anda covert from the tempeft, .; rivers ofwaters ina dry place, the fhadow of a great rock in a weary Land : The life and liberty, peace and fafety, joy andviaory, wealthandglory ofa Chriftían is trealuredup in Chrq. Be thefore infant andinduJlrious,giving J diligence, r. Tomake Chrift fure unto thy lelte : WithBoaz inanother cafe be in no refs untill thou. finiplied this thing

The Igilile to the Reader. thing this day. Chri.Ft r6 richly worth thehaving, all the refiduewithout Chriit is worth nothing. Stand not upon the coil, whither pines or flatly, teares or prayers, peace¡ orwealth, goods or name, lifeor liberty fell all for this nom,ß.3 a. role. Chrift is ofthat worth andufe that thou canFt ne- ver over -buy him, though thougaveft thy felfe andall the worldfor him ;themakingpre ofChrift is' the affurance.J ofall the re/t. 2. Stand forChrifl', take Chrifispart, be on bb' fide, whoever be againji him ; the viaory ever pa/feth on Chriflsfideat làfl all his faithful' Soldiers are glorious Conquerours : they all have crownes, though fomtimes they fwimpeunto them inblood ; take to thee therefore the bean andcourage of Shammah one ofDavids Worthies, who Rood atíd defended the field when all the teft fled. Thus abide thou withChrift, fi f r him, defend hisTruth, his Worfbip, his Church 40 children, though all othersflyfrom himor rife up againft him : there is more joy andglory in Chrijisfuferings, then in the triumph of profaneperforas, there u more dignity in Chrifls thornes then in theirgolden crownes ; the more thou loafjlfor the Lordrefits, thegreater is thy advantage : he is unworthy thename ofa Servant that will not (land by his Lordand c5!/rafter in timeofdangers ; She di, fhonours the name of a wife that refufeth copartnerflip with her ham-band in his troubles ; he is unworthy of a name: either with God or man, worthy to have his name buried ineverla/ting in- famy, that will not ftand by Chrift with molt reflution andconfidence,with molt courage and boldnefe, when men andDivels oppofe Chrifi withmolt rageandviolence,: then a6 Mxvius that noble Centurionof Augulus being ta ken and brought untoAntonins and - demanded bow hee.. Lf 3 would!

The EpiPle to the Reader. dugced +rime wouldbehandled, heroical)), ,tnfvered Coin nand mee jube, ouianon ro be flaine, becaufe neicherche benefit of life, nor the jàiutute:,efrcio,± puntfhmentofdeath' con moveme,eirher to ceafe to be p(icio anec n"" juPi Casars fouldier, or to begin to be thine. Thus what. dúucr I ! at aut fever doe befallthee, though a thoufand deaths be threat- Cxfares miles ned tobeinfliciedon thee, let neither the hope oflife, nor Ffedef.r the Bare o death draw thee to ceaffrom being Chrifls rust e/feinsipi. ,f f am.srufon.ts.; fouldier, or tobegin to fight under the worlds banner ; it `.14 as more noble andcomfortable to die the no.ofl rçnominioiar deathfor Chrift, then to litre the mos`tglorioue worldly life ! withthe denyallofClarifl. 3. Doe not f and aloofe off' from Chrift when Chriff: is upon the Crofi'e : Doe not halt andnxrttrals e in thehonre ofChrifs' andhis Churches troubles ; he that is not Chri.Fts friend is Chrifls enemy : He that is not withhim is aga=r?(} him : It is Salotnons obirvation ofthe floatlifrsll,e.:.that is floathfull in his Work. is brother to him that is a great waiter, accordingly, he that is (loathfull inChri fis worke : that dotb no: readily put forth his hand, to the helpe andafiflanceofCbri/l an his Church, is brother to him that isagreat Waller ofthe., Kingdomeand Church of Chi-if} : Chrift lookes on all u t ea. Neutralifls, ,ts on enemies, andnatonferuants, * he that hewntmitte; net wholy with Chriff, cloth very /i'armfilly neg. Greg.Nazica. leFt Chrifl; : there is noconfiJlence betweene the fervice of two (.7srafiers, men cannotp?,Ifibly a once be the followers oftriocontrary leaders : 1isdwhat are thefe time frying Politicians andcarnal! Neutralizing'middlemen ? but l3i- ,rituall Harlots, their hearts are divided betwixt Chrifs and other lovers : Ignominious DXgrocers of the' Chrifian name and proféßion , their way like the goings ofthe lame whole legs are not equall : prods - r us

The Epiffle to the Reader. ous k Trairours: to their heavenly Prince, the truth, the * Isproditoreft caufeandChurchofChrift : The very of firing of Ju- das. Shamefuil expofers of themf 'ves to the /corne' proruncia,raut and hatred ofall men, both good and had : it happening nora jucienter unto thefe middle men, as to them'who dwell in the*middle I earn defend}t. i hryfoít. roomes of f me high building; as they are fmoaked and * Arittoceles (motheredby them that dwell under them, and polluted; de mediir, with ¡lime andfilthfrom them that dwell over them; fo fmoake andfinother, difgrace and Marne is the portion of filch neutralizing and middlepeople : they that cleave heartily to neither fide, arejufily fnJ ecledand abhorred of each fide : Hethat is neither thoroughly for God, nor fir man, isrejected loth ofGod and man : doe not fay then in the day of Chrifls and worlds conte/tation, as finetime the Roman Cato did in the civil warre be- tweene Ca3far and Pompey .Q.lem fugiam .vïdeo,quern fequar nonvideo. I difcerne whomtofy, but I fee not whom tofollow. Whofoever be deftrted, Chritt mug be filly followed, or the curt of Meroz mutt be expected. Curleye cteroZ,, Paid the Angell of the Lord, curfe Jud.s.a;, yebitterly the Inhabitants therof, becaufè they carne ndt to the helpe ofthe Lord, ro the helpeofthe Lord in the day ofthemighty. Which words Iwifh, asonce ChryHtomc did that f ntence. Ecrlef. 2.H r. were en- graven on thedoore-pofts, into which theft Politiciansand NeutraliZters enter, on the Tables where they fit, on the difies cut of which they eat en the cups out ofwhich they drinke, on the bed(eeds where they lie; on the walles of the kettles where theydwell ; On the garments which they oreare ; on the heads ofthe hor f s on which they rides ;1 and on the f re- heads ofall them whom they meet, that theymight lcarneand continually remember, That there i I. A 4 is

The Epiftie to theReader.. is bitter curie attendingnot only them that openly op. Rer.3,106, pole Chrifk, but alfo inchasneglea to minifler their afíl fiance to Chrift- : Who will Mew all them out ofhis mouth who are neither: hot nor. cold.. ; flab a halt in th profeffion of are thegreatef abomination to Chrifl, Chritt will make their. condition very 644 and,ignemi- Mow who are. not. 7,ealoto in Chrifts caufe and a fir- 4. Be not terrified with the multitude of oppofers or opp fitions which thou fhalc fee againft Chrift ; Pedarera.. but rather fay ,u that noble * Sortldier in Erafmus did to him that told him ofthat. numerous and mighty Army which came against him, Tanto plus gloriæ reforemus, quoniam cò plums fuperabimus, the number of oppo fersmakes the chriflians conpelt the more illufriotu /ay to thyfoule in;this cafeas Hezekiahdid tohis Souldiers,s, in the like .: Be thong and couragious, be not aftaid nor difmayed for the Kingof c-/11ffÿria, nor for the multitude that is with him, for there be more with us then withhim with him isan arme bf flefb, but with us is the Lord our God, to helpeus, and to fight our battles. And the people refled themfelves upon the wordofHezekrah King of Iudalb : and that thy heart may not meditate a revolt from ,Chriíi, nor enter- twine a thought of con/rireng with the profane multi- tude in hope oftemporall prefrvation and fafety : con- fider, i, How the profatnefi part doth ever in the iffue prove the we.akeft part : the power of ungodlanefse cuts in fonder the fnewes of the greatest earthly forces, la Jonah weakened the cr`warriners in theship, Achan 1.the Souldiers in the L.ílrmy, and a._reigning difafe the; Brea-i

TheEpit le to theReader. greatefh body offcflJ , their finne against God brings a csrfe on them that oppofe God, and though they may pro- Jper- fir afeatn, for the tryall orcafigattonof Gods chrl. *Elm., !;drew, yet at length like the * rod in the fathers band they are burnt or broken. God at length refolvcs even unto nothing, all the powers which exalt themfelves a- gain Heaven, as is rnanife f in thefallof the Midianites,. Goliah,Abfolom,Zera the ,thiopian, the KingofAf firia, andinfrniteothers. 2. Confider, how they who for fafety forfake Chriff, Jer. =q.;: and betake themfelves unto an armeoffiefh, Have no o- ther but a withered reed to !cane on, no other then afindy Foundation to build upon. They go like the children in the Prophet with their veffels to empty pits, and returne afhamed, they limiter themfelves with they men of Shechem under a bramble, where they arepier- ,J ud. 9 ced andgoared, inflead ofbeing fhadowed their ima- l ginary way and rueanes of fiepportation, turnes to their reali lhame and ruine : all worldly powers to them that de'ert the Lord lefus, prove not onely vaine hel- pers, hut mifrable defiroyers : for thusfaith the Lord, Curfcdbe the man that ttufleth in man, and makcth, 3er=7 ?6 fiefh hisarme, and whole heart deparreth from the Lord, for he fhall be like the heath in the defarr, and (hall not fee when goòd cornreth, but fliall inhe- rit the parched places in the wilderneffe in a fait land, and not inhabited. Wken a people have moll ofman for them, and leaJh of God with them,. then are Ithey ufreally neareft untoutter ruine. 3. Confiderhow they who goefrom Chrif' and unite themfelves to the profane and difafflked,multitude for piety, doe engage themfelves in a common quarrell againft

r.f1 s,9. [aat.:a. aCro. a9 s. 'Ih Job9.4. Ifa.54 TheEpiille to theReader, againft Chrift, and make Chrift their enemy, anha wing armed Chrift again/t them, all the world cannot preferve them; but now they are dafifel in peeces ,, Potters veffell by an iron rod, now Chrift-like a Rocke fais upon them andgrindes them unto duft : Conjuncji_ on with Chrifts enemies is the wort of all wayes and manes fir refuge; Shouldeff thouhelpe the ungodly, and lovethem that hate the Lord r (laid the Prophet tothatgoodIcing Ichofhaphat) therefore is wrath upon theefrom before the Lord. 4. Confider how combination with the adverfaries of Chrift and his cafefor temporali prefrvation, hath e- vermoreacro í}í'e and curie attending it; enterprizes a gainft the Lord lefts have in all ages provedd f all to their undertakers, Who (faith Icb) did ever harden himfelfeagainf#the Almighty and profper. Nowea- pon (faith the Lord) that is formed againft thee fh ffl profper, and every tongue thatfhall rife agaid{ thee in judgement thou fhalr condemn. They who call the three children into the fiery fornace burnt themfelvcs. Pharaoh peri/bed in the very waters into w¿ich he fore'dthe Ifraelites : there is nothingbut an esepellation ofcrofs'es andcurfes to that man that doth oppcfrChrifl: the fountaineofall blegings. 5. Confider, when the Church is weal. eft and the combination flrongeflagainft it, then God is alwaies neareft to ir, and moil ready to fhew his power in the prefervationof it. The Churches deepest rnifery is Gods choifeft opportunity ; the Lords people never fee and en- joy more of Gods prefence'then in the fiery fornace : God takes occafion by his Churches drftrefes at once to manifeff his porter, wifdome, jufice, truth andgoodnes. 6.Con-

TheEpialeto theReader. 6. Confider, that Chriff is the firength of every . thing, the fárrndation is the firength of the houft, the rootes are the rlrength oftheTree ; Charif' the Creatour is the firength of the creature. He turnes the firength ofthe mighty into weaknefe, and the impotency of the! weak intofirength;the creature alwaies proves moreor leffe powerf'fl, according to the concurrence of Chrifis arme either withor againji him; all the Nations of the world, when the influence ofGods power is fufpensled, are but . as a drop Of a bucket, and as the ¢mall duff of the ballance : the weak ft people, the worme Jacob when Chrift joynes with them are (ronger then the cXoun- tmines : No mansfiation is firme or fiable befide his, who bath Chrift fiifiaining him. Gods church bath no came of contracling, defpairing cogitations eitherfrom her crone weakneff, or from the power of her a:11)erfa- rués, receiving her fupportment from thepower ofChrift Iefus; for he will keepe the feet of his Saints, and the wicked (hall be filent in darknefle, and by firength (hall no man prevaile. 7. Confider, how they who flep out from Chrifi and betake themfel7,,es to the /liadon ofcarnali men for re- fuge, doe therein affociare and combine themfelves with Satan, for an uncertain', bodily prefervation, doe expofe their foules unto certaine and inevitable ruine,: and what can it availe a man, to_ lcofe the jeweil in hope to keep the casket, or to derlroy the Inhabitant, in hope to preferve the houle : How ever it goe fir the pre- fent, Chri.t will preva le at lafi ; and whither wilt tboe tanne then, that runr.efi from Chrift now : Nee that now flies from the caure of Chrift, will not be then able to fly from the wrath of Chriil e He that now re- Meth ICI. 40.1 5. IC.çY.[ 1,1 z, t- Sam;z:9: 3

Pf.48.z,3,4 Heft 9.2. Jofh..s.r. TheEpileto theReader. Meth Chrift fufferìng, mall with dreadful! berreur and amaZement at left behold Chrift triumphing, Lafily, Confider, There is more Majefty, terronr and security too, in the pretence and confortfhìp of a few good men then in the prefence of a great number of profane men : There is a manifeflatron of God in them, whichmakes the hearts of their enemies to fhake, as they who came to apprehend Chrift f ll back_ ward at the very beholding of Chrift. Gods'powerful! and bled prefenceamong his people, the efficacy oftheir prayers, the power ofgodlineffe apparent in their lives, the very perfmafion which wicked men have oftheir in- tegrity, oftheir intimacyand communion with God, and of Gods taking part with them, lath make theirpre fnee dreadful! to the eye and apprehenfion of profane men thus the Pfalmift, Beautifull for fcituation, the joy of thewhole Earth is Mount Syon, on the fides of the North theCity ofthegreat King. God is knowne in her Palaces for a Refuge : for l ©e the Kings were af-' fembled, they paired by together, they taw and fo they marvelled, they were troubled and haftedaway, fearetooke hold upon them there, and paine as ofa woman intravell. LAnd in the layer of Hefter the feareofthe /ewes fell upon all people : vind in the layes of lofhua, fuch a feare felluponthe profane Na-, tions that their hearts melted,neither was there fpirit in themany more, becaufe of the children of ¡fuel. The enduring ofaffliction with Gods people, is better, more honourable, more comfortable, more (afeandprofitable then the enjoyment ofthepleafures offinfir afeafn. 5. Pray for the peace of Ierufalem, far thefafety, unity, tranquility of the Church of Chrift. Pray for the

TheEpif le, totheReader. the bleffing ofHeaven upon our deare and dread Sove- raignc, and upon his great. Councell, that his Name, his Throne and .Kingaorne may flourifh and ,thine in glory like the Sun to the endof the world, and that their Coun- cell may be acceptable tobim,the diviP,os ofReubenfweet ly andfully. reconciled, our thrcatnedflorm changedinto a.blef edcalm,havingonePrince of peace commandingas, one word ofpeaceinflratilira us, one/1)&4a ofpeacecon- clueling. us,onewayof peace,wherunto theLord bath called us:let every man cash the difobedient Ionah oat of theShip of'his ownfoul, which makes our waters tempeftucus.Let e- very man cut. of the Sheba of his acne rebellious loft, which caufeth God to threaten the laying of a. Siege. a gainft the City both ofour foule and body. Let sss meet the Lord as Abigail did David, that theLord may be untreated, that all that is amífße may be thoroughly refor- med, and the Golpel o four peace in theparity andperfet7ion there'.continued, and the unity of the Spirit inthe bond of peaceprefrved 6. Communicatefreely and fully to theneceflities ofthe Church of Chrift, asthe Sun his light to themthat fit in d«rkneffe, the mother her breaf to the hungry child, and the Coud its raine to theth:rfty ground ; the Char-, elves wants areter the tryallofthine abundance, theChurch purcbaf d by the bloodof Chrit is more precious then all worldly paff°ffions. and challengeth prchenminence in thy of ethons above alt earthly treafures., What thou po(-: full is not- fo much thine as Chrift,, and threforeought freely to he exp°nded in the cattle of Cheat. It is the ho NOSY ofthy "Uhl-tame to be imploy, d in.the Lordsfervice; it is ehe 4i .,Ty ofa Chr .titan to .e C -1, ifts Almoner to feed his Church agedchildren; the Church is a Vineyardwhence a. .:

TheEpiffle to theReader, a liberals harvejt returneth to every man thatfowesplenti_ frlly to it. Chrifts bloud is infinitely more precious then thy gold. He gave his blood for thee, and how canjt thou with-hold thy mony from him. Depart ra- ther with all thy fubfiance, then that one member o Chtift perif] for the want ofit. It is not maasriches, but mansbounty to Chrifts members that honours man; it is not the prefence, but thewell dingofthy abilities which will give thee comfortin the hotareoftby laf anddreadful! Summons. 7. Be confiant intheknowledge,faith, love, feare and profeffion of Chrift. Be not in the matter of Gods wor htp andthy falvation likeaReedJhaken with thewind. Be not carried tooandfrowith everyvaine and empty Do-1 elrine like a Ship without anAnker. Be not toftd up and ?Doane with everygufi andwaveofafflrciion;take not thy leave of Chrift as Orpah didof Naomi for any diflrefe that Bothbefall theChurchor cattle o fChrift ; doe not leave the Sun `ora Gloe- worme, thefavour ofGodfor the love of men ; doe not change the virkefor Dagon, thewheat for chafe theDodrine of Chrift for the tradtion ofAnti- chrrft, pure. Religion for fordedand flaviÏh Superflition. Forfake not the bridegroomsof thy kalefor a Harlot, theme Lord lefus for the creature; perfidioufneffeto Chrift is the Jhame ofallíhames toaChri/liar..; Godaridman,friend and foeabhorre hi;n thatproves unfaithful) to the Princeof his falvation : It ww,s thePayingof the FatherofConftantine thegreat, occafioned byforce ófhithoufloldsfecri(icing to Idolsupon a Cosmandement which hegavefar tryalsfake, Fos Regi fuo nunquam fideles fore, qui Deo infideles ex itifent. He that will be fall toGodwill never be true to manfor confience fake. Ile that breakethfaith with God

TheEpitileto theReader. Goduworthy of leafl credit with man. Takeheed there- fore, let not thought aril within tbee ofdeparting from the living God ; but preffeferward, draw nearer and nearer unto God, breake therow all the Armies ofoppoj t :on and difcor,ragement which doeorfkall encounter thee, as Da- yids worthies brake thorow the L.Army ofthe Philiflines, andcame it, the reels of Bethel : grow in Knowledge as the light fhining more andmore to theperfec7 day : grow infaith qs the Treein routes ; increafe in love as the fire in heat havingmuch wood. Benot terri ticdwith any commi- nations , bee not difheartncd with any loffes, revolt not for feave of any fferings, there is enough in Chrifl to make a fuperabarndant recom ence. In him thou haft a li- ving Spring, when all thybottles are empty ; an iron pil- lar when all thy withered reeds are broken ; a wall offre, when all the refuges andhidingplaces o f chaf f e andRubble arefcatterad like the daft before the wind ; in him thou haft aglorious Sunwhen all the blazing(tars ofthyworld- ly comfort areextinguífh'dand come to nought ; a bride- groome thefaireft of ten thoufand, whenall thy fiends ac- cording to theJe fh areput toperpetualiflence in thegrave. o thenPuffer thy fel fnow tobeguidedby Chrift, proflrate thyfelfunder thefeet ofChrift, be contentedwith Chrift, repofe thy f lfupon Chrift, inereafe thy intereft in Chrift, live wholy to Chrift, andbe ready to fuller and dye fir Chrifl,thatfo thoumayeftfor ever tryamph withChrifl : Soprayeth The moli unworthy ofthem that ferve the Lord chrift, vt. G.

SWEET AND Soule-Perfwading INDVCEMGNTS, Leadíng unto C,HR I S To (, H A P. I. Pfal 8.26. Bleféd be he that -commeth in the noneof the Lord, we have bleffed you out of thehoule of theLord. Hril}s triumphant comming into lerufalem, is a lively Embleme andcleare reprefentation of' . his gracious comming in the Gofpell tohis 1 people,and in hisfpirituall and heavenly king- ; dome,to the foules of his chofen. Chrif}com- ming into Ierufalem, font two of his Difcipler to loofe the colt which was tyed, and to bring him unto Chrift. Chrifl comming in his fpirituall kingdome, fends his Mi- nìflersby their preaching to ioofe and free the foules of men B which

All minmuff beput under Chrift. whichare fait chained and fettered to finne, Satan, and the world. All men in their naturali eftate and condition are llaves to the world, fervants of corruption, andbondmen to Satan., (brig by the labours of laic 4Yinifters in thr gold com- municates ifiirituall liberty and freedome to the foules of Gods chofn. We all continue fait tyed with the cords and bands of carnali Tufts and aftedions, till Chrift fends his Minifters amongft us. The colt was flit} looted, and then brought toChrif. Thé powers of f nase and ungoellineffi. muß ftri bediffolvedri,ithin us, before wecan come to Chrift lefus, Wo mutt be loofed and fet free from the power of finne, Satan, and the world; which formerly ruled and fwayed like Matters over us, or elfe we are unfit for Chrills fer'ice : He that will not beuntyed and loofed from his firme, cannot beunitedunto Chrift ; the la- bours of' Chrifts Minifters in refpeft of us are fruitleffe, if they doe not loofe us from the power of ungodli- nefl'e. Chrift commandeth the two Difciples to bring the colt to him not to keep him to themfelves, not to imply him in their owne fervice. It is the dutyof gods Minifters to draw the foules of men not unto themfelves, but unto Chrift : They arc corrupt and carnali Minifters that feeke to exalt them- felves, and not the Lord lefus, in the eyes and hearts of their hearers ; the drawing and working home of the foules of men to Chrift Iefus, is thechiefkit crownsand honour of á1l minifteriall labours ; they who makeeither their ownepro- fit,or applauf theend oftheir minifteriall fervice,arecertain,- ly deceitfull workers. The Lords and owners of this colt, though they quefti- loned with the Difciples, why they fooled him, yet at their word they readily let him goe. (hriff maces his Word in the mouth of his Minifters powerful! andofeetuallin the hearts of his people to move them to refgne themfelves and all that theyhave to Chrift andhis fervice. Chrift makes the foules of fuch as be- long to Gods Election, to obey thevoiceof his Minifters in the Gofpell. Chrift lent not his Difciples to bofeand bring unto him fame magnificent and [lately horfe, fuch as Prin ces-

All Pvtuf beput under Chrift, ces and Nobles ufe to ride on, but the fble ofan Affe, an or- dinary, dull, and plaine beaff. Chrift doth molt Orally fet up his ilirituall throne and kingdome in the hearts of men of mean andlowconditian,aad of little or no e. ie#me in the world. Men molt eminent for their morali and temporali endowments, are often found the greateff ffrangers t6 Chili} and his fer- vice : Chrift is many times carried in triumph in the hearts of poore and defpifed people, when fuch as have the ful- neffe ofthe world will notvaile and ffoop tohim. TheDifciples did not onely bring this colt to Chrift, but they alfo fpread their cloathes uponhim, and fo prepared and fitted him for Chriff to ride thereon. Gods Minifi`ers nue.Fi by their dot?rines garnifh the foules of men, that they may be fit for Chrß to raigne in them. Nothing fhould be offuch efteeme or ufe with us, but we fhould readily fpare it for Chrifis fer- vice, be ready to ffrip our felves of all, even our very gar- ments to exalt the Lord Iefus ; we fhould rather chufe to make our felves naked, then fuffer Chrift to be dishonou- red. The Difciples having calf their garments upon the beaff, they fet úp Chrift thereon. The exaltation of Cbrifl mug be the prime intendment and labour of every 4-íiniiier of Chrift ; they muff never reff nor pleafe themfel:es in their labours, till they have fet up Chrift, and caufed him to raigne in the hearts of their hearers. That man is very low, and bafe in his undertakings, who ffrives not to make Chrift glori- ous. Chriff being by the Difciples fet upon this colt, a great multitude fpread their garments in the way, and others cut downebranches from the trees,and ffrawed them in the way. When Chrift is by his c. AUnifiers exalted, and liftedup in the Area_ chineof the Co.ffell,many foules vaile and6ow to him, embrace, and reverence him, as their fpirituall King and Soveraigne, profirating themfelvesand all that is theirsunder him. The multitudedid not only ffraw the way with their garments, and branches, but they alfo ctyed Hofanna to the Tonne of David : Bleffed is he that commeth in thename of the Lord, Hofanna in the higheff. Humble and believing foules receive B 2 and

n 4 Scope of the words. Note. Chriftreceivedwith great jay, andentertainethe Lord Iefiu with-very great ioyand Qladnefe. ThebleßedprefenceofChrift in the Gofpell mini' 'ers matter ofvery great rejoycing ;here is fuch a Panne ofheavenly light fhining, fuch aftreame ofconfolations flowing, Pith a flore- houleof fpìrituall treafurelet open, and flch dewes of grace, mercy, and peacediftiliing, that every roan that hath an eyeof wifedome todifcerne Chrift, a hand of faith to lay hold on Chrift, and a heart dime to embrace Chrifts comming in the Gofpell, muff needs fay with thePfalmift, Blefedbehe that commeth in the nameof the Lord. We are blefj"edout of the koule of the Lord. 'I he words are an Acclamation of the people,declaringand ,fetting forth the welcome of. Chrift to all befeeving foules; 'their ioy, and rejoycing, conceived upon the cornming of Chrift among them ; their gr. ituleetian and thanksgiving for Chrifisappropinduation:and comming nigh unto them;their" vote and exoptation of all profperity, blefied and happy fue- 1 cef e toChrist in his kingdom:. Chrifs comming proves matt ! ioyfullto themthat lovingly receiveandentertain him. All true beleevers are holy and hearty welwifhers to the Gofpell and Kingdomeof Chrift Iefus, all manner ofblellìngs attend and wait on the Lord Iefus, in thebumble and gracious un of his ordinances. True Chriftians have fuch experienceofthe be- I. nefirs- and blefiìngs , mercies and comforts flowing from Chrift in the miniftery of his Gofpell, that with great joy; and thanksgiving they cry out.: 73leffed ra hethat commeth!, in the name of the Lord. We havehlefedyou out of the houle of the Lord. . In the. words we have in the generall twothings confide- table : r. A gratulation, uttered by the people, Blelfca be he that commeth in the name ofthe Lord. A Beneditlionpronounced by theMíinifters ofthe Lord, Wehave 6lefed youout ofthe houle ofthe Lord,' In thegratulation, r.the flgent, the people,they blare, they rejoyce, they are thinkfìall for Chrifts canimüny, (plan bath Qreateft caufe of all'creatures to reioyce in andffor th corn- ming ofCJsrift yefus;,' a.there is the 4e ; Blefed, praifed, exal- ted,

°s Wayes of Çñriliscoz¿mi»g. ted,magnified beChrift. Cbri t' is worthy to'6e celebratedpith afpraifes for his comming to us. 3.there is the manner of their ; gratulation, Tiered, expreífed way of thanksgiving and i rejoycing, and way of exoptation _ and .withtng. Who- Note. foever truly reioyceth in Chrift, Both Alfa *0 well to the caufeand kingdom of Chrift. q.,.thereis Movens;or theparty comining, ', 4 Movent. He,who is the fonne'of Godbyeternal generation,and bygrace of hypost'aticall union, the Princ.ofthe Kingsof the earth by authority and dominiomHe who is the head of the,Church by fpirituall yurisdi¿lion; He who is the.Redeemer of manby ' the merit of his obedience and paffion He who is the.Con- querour over hell, death, (inne, and Satan by his Refurre- Ilion ; He who by his office is theProphet initruKing us, the Icing commanding anddefending us, and'the Prieft oering himfelfe a facrifice for us. He who is the Mediator between God and us by his interceffion , the fountaine-of all mercy, grace andpeace unto us by divine ordinatjora, alefled be he, welcome be he,inhim let our foules rejoyce, his comming let us enrertainewith the chiefeft and flrergth of our rejoy- cing. The Lord 7cfus ought to be the primeandco upleat o6ieEl Note. ofmans joyfulneffe. 5. Here is his Motion, Commeth. Chrift as S,Motua. God is-every where, and neither goes nor comes, but fils all places ; yet he commeth by his Laws and ordinances, as a Prince by his Proclamations. ; Hecommethby his Minifters, asa King by,his Embaffadours ; He commeth by his /near- -nation,as abrother taking ournature upon him ; He commeth by his gifts and graces bellowed on us, as a friendcommeth by his live-tokens ; He commeth by his WordandGofpell,as theSun comineth by 'his light,enlightening us,as a King coin- meth by.his Scepter binding, bowing, and.inclining our hearts tinto obedience; as a-Generall.commeth-by his military xrea- pons, catling downe the ftrong holds of firmé within us as , the Cloud commeth byhis dew, watering, refrefhing, and fru- ifying us ; as theMaller of a feaft commeth by his daintie yon!. 'feeding and feaftingus as a Bridegroome covninetil by his , veieer íçAacing,and comfortingus;He commeth by his Sacra- I most , ás the Bingby his Broad Seale,fealing to us the remit -1 Pion ofour firmes, and.-juftthca*ion of our foules.through his' righ-1

b 7'errrzirtua áquo, DotEo b z Sam.6 wilesof Chrtffs comming. righteoufnefhe ; he commeth by his holy andgracious operation upon our foules ; as the Sunne by callinga fveet and hea- venly influence into our hearts ; as a King Petting up his throne within us ; as a heavenly and Almighty Work-man new moulding, new framing, and fahioning us, all thefe 1,vayes comes the Lord Íefus to the fouler of his fervants. 73/eyed ís that perfon that knows the may and ma:Iner of C'hriFts fpirituall and graciefs comming. b Here is the terme, from whence he commeth, from God, in the name of the Lords-by the ordination and appointment of God, with au- thority andcommiflion from God, every way fitted and fur- nifhed for the adminillration of his kingdome, and accom- plifhment ofthe worke undertaken by him, Crin P. I I. IWill not mull on all thefe particulars, but onely upon the peoplesgratulation, and Chrifls authority or commiflion. Firfl,the peoples gratulation, Bleffed;e he -that commeth, ex- pre$ing their rejoycing and thanksgiving for Chrifis corn- ruing in his Gofpell and fpirituall kingdome : Man bleffeth man,by making prayer andfupplication for him : God blefieth man by bellowing good things upon him, by removingevill things from him, and by turningall for good unto him, and man blelieth God and Chrifl by thanksgiving to God and Chrill,weil fpeakingof God and Chrifl, holy and hearty re- joycing in God and Chrifl, gracious and unfained wel- 1 wifhing unto the caufe ofGod and Chriff,and thusthe people i in this placebleffe Chriils comming in thenameoftheLord ; --. andhence we learne, 2 hat (shrift cárrming in hit gospel! fpiritual kingdome, ought to he receivedandentertainedwith much thanksgiving &reioyeing. The Arke, was a type ofChrifl,Davidat the comming of the Arke into the Tabernacle,' danced with all his might, and all the

l Chraccommixtiaff4yreceived. 7 1 the;houfe cf I fraci brought up the Arke with fhouting, and with the foundof aTrumpet. Thus fhould the fordes of men \be filled with very great thanksgiving and rejoycing at the comming ofChrift among them, this was prophecyed4alfo, and alfo given in charge long before the comming of Chrift Lich.q.9 in the fiefh. e Reioyce greatly, O daughter of Zion , Jhout O daughter of Icrufalem, behold thy King cornmethunto thee, he ù iuft,4tnd having falvation, lowly,andridineuponan ate, andupon' a colt thefoie of anate. As men rejoyce at an earthly Kings comming in lave and mercy unto them, fo and much more fhouldwe rejoyce at Chrifts,the fpiritualand heavenlyKings comming in grace and mercy unto us, the people piped With pipet, and were exceedingly joyfull in the dayofSalomonsco- ronation,when he was fet up to raigne over them, much grea- ter fhould be ourrejoycing kn the daywhenChrift commeth tousby his Gofpell, and fetteth up his fpirituall kingdome in thehearts of his people.-This joyandrejoycing is promi- fed by the Prophet, a in that day, in the day of the Gofpell, : d Ifa. ra.I. in theday of Chrifts gracious and merciful' comming, ita the dayof Chrifis erec ing his fpirituall andheavenly kingdome, thou Jhalt fay,Lordywillpraise thee,I will be thankful' to thee, I willexalt and magnifie thee, I will confefl'e and acknow- ledge thy power to, be a rocke that never finketh, thy truth tobea word that neverfaileth, thy mercy to bea river whole water never decayeth, and thy love tohe aSunne that never, fetteth, andwith ioy titanyedraw waters out of the Wellsoffai vation ; then fhall we draw by the bucket ofa lively faith, { fpirituall and fweet, firong andplentiful) confolations from Chrift, who is a fountaine opened for finne and for unclean - liege, andout ofthe doctrineof theGofpell, which like ariver refrefheth and maketh glad the hearts of the Lords people 1.7his joy and rejoycing is illuftrated by a fimilitude taken from the light : e They that Walked in darknefe , have feene q great light, they that dwell in the land of the JhadoW of death, elft.9.z, to them hath the light fhined. As the comming of the light is very joyfull to them that are in darknefie, fo is the com- ming of Chrift in the Gofpell, very joyful], bringing fpi- rituall and heavenly light to them that fate in darkenefe, and 1 Ver.3.

h AEt, t 3°49a 48. Ioyfüll receiving ofCbrig:. and the fliadow of death, all light is but darknefle, and all i *' joy but heavineffc, in reípe& of that light and joywhich arifeth from the comming of Chrift Iefus ; and with great joy and gladneffe bath this comming of Chrift been cele- bratedby theAngels: Fearenot (faith the Angell to the Shep- beards) f behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which! 'hall be to a& people, for unto you is borne this day in the City of David a Savioor,which is Chrift theLord, andfisddeny there was with the dngell a of the heavenly bogy praifing God, andfaying, glory to god in the highefi , and in the earth i, peace, good will toWards men. 1 bus likewife the multitudeOf Difciples beholding and feeing Chrift come, obterv-ing his tniracles, and embracing. his ,do:tr.ine, they beSran to reioyce andpram godWith a loud voice for all the mightyWorks that they had teen, faying, Blefed be the King that commeth in the name of the Lord, grace in heaven , and glory re the highet. The true and faxing difcerning of Chrifis come ming, and mighty operation in the Gofpcll ever makes the foule joyfull : It is faid of the Gentiles hearing Saint maul to cite that prophecye ofour Saviour, I have fet thee to be al light of the gentiles, that thou Jbouldet be for fálvation to the ends of' the world , that they Were glad and glorified the Wordof the Lord ; they were glad, as a man that fits in dark- neffe is glad of a light, as a man that is arrefled is glad of a I furety to pay his debt ,. as a man that is mortally ficke is glad of a Phyltian to .heale his difeafe , as a man that is condemned is glad to heare of his comming thatbrings him a pardon; very fweet and ftrong is that foules joy and gladneffe which hath a lively tafte of the eomforts and be- nefits fpringing from tile comming ofChrift in the Gol- pell : They were not onely glad, but they alfo glorified the word of god , by underftanding .it as a word of wifedome, by beleeving it as-a word of truth, by obeyk It as a word of power, by loving it as 'a word 'of goodnefÍe, and by de- lighting in it as a word of .furpaflìng and comfortable fweet- neffe ; the foule that looks on Chrift with joyful] appre-' henfions is very aetive, and ready to glorifie Chrift by faith and obedience. Zacheus was-very, induftrious to fee Chrift very Au,?. Gzadeat fant7ua quanta' î, reoipíet rationem, gau f"deat peccator,j ¡ quoniam íavi- ry tamp ad veniá, i g,audeat,&c. s Luk. ;6,6,

Clodrevealed in Chrifi,- 9 joyfh!ll in his entertainment of Chrift, he made hafte, and Gaudiurn pioricl, came downe,and received him joyfulÿ, Queftionleffe every foule to ¡PIE ea, ¡ th.antruly delires to know Chrift, receives Chrift coniming tijae /1QUdere+ in the Gofpell with much thanksgiving and rejoycing. Thus de te;pr ®prerte,' it is,and thus it muft be. ipfa eft,' non, Iii regard of the cleare and comfortable revelation of God in altera Aug. Chrift. God is truly and favinglyknowne, only in and throw h 5.Ground$ his fein,God indeed is obfcurely& darkly known in hiskworkr, hereof as a God ofpowerkin his rovidence, as a Godofauthorit LRev.l3t4o p n , Y oEGod. wifedome,& order;in his common mercies,as a Godofboun- hRum.c.iy.zo ty,and in hispunifhments and judgements as a God ofjuftice; but in Chrift opened&preached in theGofpell,God isknown with a clear; a comfirtable,and faving.knowledge,asa father ofgrace and fingular mercy and loving kindnes:Inl7ndah(faith i pfl.7s,a. the Pfalmifl)isGodknown,& hisname 14 great in Ifrael;in Iudah, in his Church , where his Word andOrdinances are, where Chrift is preached , and the myftery of mans fàlvation is opened, there God is knowne truly without errour, perfpi- cuoufly without obfcurities, and f tving) without uncertain- ties; there lie is knowne as a King in his Courts, for the glory and beauty which he there manifefleth ; as a teacher in his ièhoole, for the wifedome and knowledge which he there difpenfeth ; as a dweller in his houfe, for the holy orders he there prefcribeth , and gracious rule and domi- nion he thereereoIeth, and beareth in the foules of his fer- vants as a bridegroeme in the banqueting houfe, for the fpi- rituals dainties he there maketh, fir thecleare and open ma- nifeflations of himfelfe , and love and comforts bee there riniftrerh to his fpirituall friends and guefts, and ',know ù great in 7fraeli': Ilis -power, wifedome, truth, love, and goodneffe is much magnified , and very glorious in their apprehenfons whoknow him in Chrift Jefus. Mans know- ledge of Cod., out of the Lord Jefus is nothing elfe but blindneffe, nothing but miferable and uncomfortable igno- rance ; for no man (faith Chrift) knoWes the Father 6nt the ni Mat.I I.17 `S,onne , andhe to whom the Sohne 13 ill reveale him. Chriftois the lively -image of the rather , and Cod is knowne in Chrift as a father is knowne in his fonnes face The foule C of

of man is full of helli(h darkneffe, that is not taught of : Cer.4,6. Chrift Jefus : For as the Apoftle faith, the light of the knowledge of the glory of Clod is given in the face of lefnr Chrift : The knowledge of the glory of Gods wifedoine in themyftery of mans redemption, the knowledge of the gloryof Gods power in diffolving the works of' Satan, the knowledge of the glory of Gods ju4tice in fatisfying him- felfe for mans fuse by Chrifts differing, the knowledge of the glory of Gods mercy in forgiving mans tranfgreflion, the knowledge of the glory of Gods both-1 ffe iu fanetifymg mans foule, and-the knowledge of the glory of Gods love inreconciling man unto.himfelfe, all this knowledgeof the gloryof God is given in the face ofJefus Chrift , it is all manifefted and made knowne in and through Chrift, ofall Chritian fcholkrs he is the choife(c that knowes molt of God in Chrift, and becaufe this knowledge is given in the fàce of Chrift, we fhpuld receive Chrift comming in. the Gofuell with very great rejoycing ; for as the light is fweet, and it is a pleafant thing to the eye to behold the o Prov.6 to. Sunne : fo this wildome ° when it entreth into the heart, and this knowledge ie pleafant to the foxee, in regard of fpirituall :.Spiritual! li- liberty and feedome brought to the foule of man by the corn- berry, mingof Chrifi in hie qofpell and fpirituall kingdonee. Chrift is o Johes,3z,3 6. the worker,and the ° Gofuell the inftrument of mans free- dome : Chrift comming in the Gofuell brings liberty from ignorance, as the Sunne brings liberty from darknef Chrift comming into Capernaurn, the Evangelift faith, the P people that fate in darkneffe faw a great light , and to, them that fate in the region and íhadow of death light is P Mar..4.t6, fprung up : By this Chrift brings liberty from death in I°1. i.44. fine, as by his voice he railed Lazarus, and fet him free q Ioh, 5. :5, from the grave : fo the dead in finne q heare the voice of the Sonne of God in the Gofuell and live, by this Chriftbrings t Sam.ay. liberty from Satan, as David by his ftaffe and Stone over- z Cor Io 4. threw the great Cjoliah, and brought liberty to Ifrael : fo Lukto doth Christ by hisGofpell oft downe the ftrong holds of nne, and make Satan fall like lightening from heaven, nd frees the foul`s ofGods chofen : Hereby Chrift brings liberty

Liberty by Chri,`t, i a liberty from uneleannefe : As Jordan freed Naaman from s Kin.S. his leprofìe, fo doth Chrift byhis word rfantlifieand cleanfe r lots.1 7.17. the foules of all Weevers ; Hereby Chrift brings liberty from the t'rath of God, and curfe of.the Law, as a furety paying the debt brings liberty to the principali from the prifon, the arreft and fentence of the Judge. Chrift prea- ched in the Gofpell, is the end of the law for righteoufne f fe to all that beleeve in him. As we therefore rejoyce in the light which frees us from darkneife, in the Phyfitian which frees us from difeafes, in the ranfomer which frees us from bondage, in the fürety which frees us from the Serjeants, that they doe not arreft us, from the prifon that it doth not hold us : fo fhould wee rejoyce in the comming of Chrift , bringing manifold , fweet , and comfortable free- dome to us. The Prophet having declared how God bad ,given Chrift for a { Covenant of the people, for a mediator s the people, to effablifh the earth, the cleft living on the earth, to cattle to inherit the defelate heritages, to reftore them 9 to that heavenly inheritance, out of which they were caft by their finne and Satan ; and tofay to the prifoners gee forth , to look them that were bound with'the fetters of their corruption, and captivated by Satan, addeth this as a duty of the people, and a fruit of that freedome which Chrift bath brought unto them. Sing O Heaven, andbejoy- r3 full Oh Earth, breaks. forth into finging O Mountain, for godbath comforted hà people, and wilt have mercy upon his affitled. And thusPh ip preaching Chrift in Samaria, and the devils departing out of many that were poflèffed by them, it is faid there was e great joy in that City: fix- t Aet.8.7,8. rituali freedome from the power of Satan, and our ovine corruption tninifters matter of much and very fweet rejoy- cing. In regard of that heavenl and bleffed vitiory Whichweob- 3Heavenly Mineby the comming of Chq in the rofpell ; the Priefts foun- vi@or» ding the ranimes-hornes, the u wals of Jericho fell, and uloih,6.20. the Ifraelites obtained the vìftory : Gods Minifters crying aloud, and lifting up their voyces like a trumpet. in the preaching ofthe Gofpell, the holds of fin arew cafi doWne, C 2 and

12 , Viaory by Chrif#. and the foules of men are made vi&orious, according tq ; that of the Apoftle, the weapons of our warfare are not carnali but fpirituall, and mighty through God to the ca. i I Sana.5.4. fling downe of ftrong holds. When the 405 was erefted Dagon fell. When : Chrift is erected, exalted, and let up 1 among the, people: in the miniftery of the,Gofpell, then the Devitt fads from his poffèflion, then Pinne fats from its do- minion, and then the world fais from the roomeand fway it had in the hearts of the people; the fouldier is made vi- dorions by his. weapon, the Chriftian by the Gofpell,the x Epb.6. s7. word .being the x f word of the Spirit , that inflrument -by which the Spirit fhewes his power in .making thé fade of man a glorious conquerour. Why doth the Prophet(fbea- king in the perfon of Chrift)_fay, the Lord had made his ' y [ta.,o, z. mouth a rJharpfrrord, and a polillied (haft, but to thew the energy and working of his docîrine, in piercing the heart, in wounding flume, as a fword and fhaft doth the body of'' the enemy in the day of battell :. The right ufe ofthis wea- pon ever gives man victory. over his corruption. What is 2 itev.6," ¡ the z white-horfe mentioned by Saint Iohn, but. the Prim1-'. I tive Church being white and bright for the purity and per. I fusion ofdoarine and difcipline ; the Apoflles like a horfe I fwiftly running, propagated the faith of Chrift through the world. Who is .alpe, rider there fpoken of, but ChriR who is exalted, and carried 'in fpirituall triumph by the Mi- niftery ofhis Word : What is his sow, but his Word, the Law and Gofpell , with which lite wounds the hearts of his eleft,that he may heale and enliven their ; The hearts of the reprobate to terrifie and deftroy them, according to that a. Pfal 4! of the Pfalmift, Thine a arrowes are Jharp in the hearts of the .Ksnxs enemies whereby the people ,fall, sander thee. And. how ' went Chfift forth conquering and to conquer ? he went forth eonquering, overcornming finne. by, his death and paffion, andovercomming death, ,heu;, Satan, and, the world, by his Refurretlion , and bee goeth forth to conquer, converting his chofen, and convincing his enemies, by the preaching of the Gofpell, and in this vic}ory there is matter of great joy. ; it is greater joy to a Christian to fee the Dcvill and iis;

Teace by Chrifi. , 13 his owne luOEOVercome, and calf downe, then to Ifrael, to fee `Pharaoh and the Egyptians lye drowned before them in the waters ; this gives them occafion in a holy and tri- umphant manner to fay, the Lord bath triumphedglorioufly, the horfe and the rider loath he throwne downe together : He cannot but rejoyce in Chrifts comming that partakes ofthe victory comming by him. Heatrely In regard of the fpirituall and heavenly peace hence ',wiling ; a. ce to the foule : Glorias comming to the foules of men in the Y`° Gofpell, is like the comming of: the Dove to Noah, with an Olive branch in her mouth, certifying the foule of the abatement, and removall of Gods wrath, of the fppeedy de- parture of the deluge of prefent fbrrowes , and the happy returne, and re-appearance of fpirituall and heavenly com- forts. Here Chrilc as a bright and fhining Senne, difpels the clouds of furrow from the foule. Here, Chriec as a valiant Captaine, removes the liege, which the infernali Princes Iof lo,G. lay againft the foules of his ferlants, as 7ofhnah drove the Amoritifk- Princes from the Clibeonites : Here Chrift as a zhyfitian heales the wounded confciences, and binds up the broken hearts of his children , as he fometime healed the difafd woman whom no Phyfitian could cure: :Here Chrift as an abfolute Commander appeafeth the inward ftormy troubles of the heart , as by his voice he appeafed the ftormy tempeft and gave a calme to his Difciples : Mac.e.s6. Here Chrift as a King of mercies alTares the foules of' men of the pardon of their Pinnes, and gives" them the fence of his love, and fo fils them with feet and bleffed peace ; therefore Chrift is [tiled a Senne of b Righte®ufneffe appea- ring With healing in los ,Oings ; in the wings of his ordi- nances without, and in the wings of his grace within, and it was prophecyed of him that he Gould e preach good c IIa.6t.i. tidings to the meat, bind up the broken-hearted, proclaims liberty to the captive , and open the prifon to them that are bound to comfort all that mourne, and God hath cre- ated the fruit of the lips to be a peace, to be the inftrument a Ifa,i7.19. of peace , and the Gofpell is called the Gofpell of peace, for the, Author of it, the God of peace, for the Subjei of it, b IYIa1.4.x.