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` Dependance on ¿'hr%l. up early, and put away our finnes betimes Let us not flee') and ffumber like the foolifh Virgins, with empty Lamps ; but let us batten our foules out of fin to Chrift, as the Angels hafted Lot out of Sodome : Let us Z confider our wayes, and turne to the teftimonies of the Lord: Let us make hafte and not delay, as the .erring traveller hafte- neth to his right path : Let us remember our Creator in the dayes of our youth, and feeke him while he may be found ; and as a Ahimaaz ran as foone as ,oab gave him a com- millîon, fo let us labour to be as ready to obey, as Chrift to command ; fpeedy obedience doth much honour andcam- mend mans lervice. 5. Io Chrift: let us fibjed our felves freely, not mercinarily as hirelings, but freely as friends lerving Chrift for Chrift himfelfe, intending Chrift and his glory above our felves, in all our fervices, moving to Chrift fully and freely , as the rivers to the Ocean. As ,Rachels beauty induced yacob to twice (even yeares fervice : fo let Chrifts beauties, the apprehenfion we have ofChrifts per- fe%ions worke and draw us to a free and ready fervicc of Chrift in all difficulties ; Chrift abhorres all bafeneffe, all by and firtifter refpec4s in mens fervices : He that ferves not Chriftfor Chrift himfelfe, ferves not Chrift but himfelfe. 6. To Chrift let us fubje&fledfaflly, as the wife to thehus- band untill death, ke.eping the commandement alWayes unto the end, abiding with Chrift, as Ittai with David, in life and in death : Perfveranee with Chrifts Jefus crownes mans fervice, He that continuethto theend[hall bePaved. A fecond duty which the fhlnefle of Chrifts authority and divine abilities doth preífe upon us is a dutyof Depen_ Vance. Chrift is no withered reed, no fandy foundation, no weake, poore, and empty perfon, but one endowed with all power and authority, with all abilities; therefore depend upon him, cleave to him, when you are in dark- neffe and have no light : `' 7"rus`l in the name, in the power, truth, faithfulnefe, and alfuffci,ncy of the Lord ; Chrift irt C hiding place from the Wind, and a covert from the tempet, as rivers of waters in a dry place, as the [hadoW of a great rocke, in a Weary land. Chrift is a comforter in all forrowes, L a helper 97 t PC.rI, r:9.6o, a z Sane, i S. s. Free. 6.Stedfaft. z.OfDépen- dance. b Ifa So.Io. c IC,r.gz.z