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r.f1 s,9. [aat.:a. aCro. a9 s. 'Ih Job9.4. Ifa.54 TheEpiille to theReader, againft Chrift, and make Chrift their enemy, anha wing armed Chrift again/t them, all the world cannot preferve them; but now they are dafifel in peeces ,, Potters veffell by an iron rod, now Chrift-like a Rocke fais upon them andgrindes them unto duft : Conjuncji_ on with Chrifts enemies is the wort of all wayes and manes fir refuge; Shouldeff thouhelpe the ungodly, and lovethem that hate the Lord r (laid the Prophet tothatgoodIcing Ichofhaphat) therefore is wrath upon theefrom before the Lord. 4. Confider how combination with the adverfaries of Chrift and his cafefor temporali prefrvation, hath e- vermoreacro í}í'e and curie attending it; enterprizes a gainft the Lord lefts have in all ages provedd f all to their undertakers, Who (faith Icb) did ever harden himfelfeagainf#the Almighty and profper. Nowea- pon (faith the Lord) that is formed againft thee fh ffl profper, and every tongue thatfhall rife agaid{ thee in judgement thou fhalr condemn. They who call the three children into the fiery fornace burnt themfelvcs. Pharaoh peri/bed in the very waters into w¿ich he fore'dthe Ifraelites : there is nothingbut an esepellation ofcrofs'es andcurfes to that man that doth oppcfrChrifl: the fountaineofall blegings. 5. Confider, when the Church is weal. eft and the combination flrongeflagainft it, then God is alwaies neareft to ir, and moil ready to fhew his power in the prefervationof it. The Churches deepest rnifery is Gods choifeft opportunity ; the Lords people never fee and en- joy more of Gods prefence'then in the fiery fornace : God takes occafion by his Churches drftrefes at once to manifeff his porter, wifdome, jufice, truth andgoodnes. 6.Con-