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Iaa mqde'edattl e.xçrllene hyc:Minifera. Noahs Dove With an Olive branch , quieting him that is toffed upon the deluge of trouble , turning his perplexity into peace, his fore into confidence, andhis forrow into fvaeet rejoycings. Cod abundantly deçlares his difpenfa- tion of bleflings by his Minders, through the rçmovallof evils by their labours The Cofpell is the cho f ft inliru- ment averting evill ; foule and fhamefùll, .perplexing and mortall are the plagues and miferies refting upon them, that neither enjoy nor regard the labours of (nods tiers. That.' 3. In regard of' the6lefedfíate andcondition vnccrei,1to Cod. D nb la. puts man by the labours of hts Minillers. 1he &late of man !Nit s ofMin - under the Gofpell, making -a true ufe of the doftrines and fiers pu[ iato a inflruFtions of Gods meflengers is an efiate of b'ei1ings : conditionof 6. The Lleaing of old was upon Mount Geraxi, , theblelling EQ. f iencia is now upon the Gofpell He that ftvingly entertaines_ the Gofpell, enjoyes a moil bleffed condition a condition of divine and heavenly.veifedore,. Cods Minifters feed himwith knowledge and underftanding , and make himwife unto z.ofsandifi- falvation a condition òf hollnefe and fanaification, the miniftery of the word' doth wath him, like water, and pu- i 3.of Frcedorne rifle him like fire a condition of liberty and fieedome,. ;M®fes freed Ifrael from Pharaohs bondage, Gods Minifter . frees the foules of his children from the fervitude ofSatan, the world, and their owne corruption ; the word maltes them free ; from ignorance in their underftandings , from perverfeneffe in their wits, from vanity in their thoughts, from infidelity, fervile fèare, worldly love, and carnali joy in their aúétions ; the word makes them free , to know God, as the cleare eye is free to fee the Sunne, to receive. Chrift as the firong and open hand , is free to receive a gift ; to love Chrift, as the bride bath an open and en- larged heart to love the bridegroome, to attend Gods Or dinances, to run the way of Gods Commandements, ashe whofe feet and ankle-bones received flrength by the mini- x A . fiery of Peter, was free to X Jtand and leap, and walke and 3.7, enter into the Temple, and free to move and come to. God 4 Of Exalta- by faith, and love, and joy, as the rivers are free to move rion. and