Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

IIZ Ground,folyAndevillof negle5fing the CoFell. verfaries. Such as came not to the Arke, the placeand in- ftrument of prcfervation in the deluge, were drowned in the waters : filch as refufe the miniftery of the Gofpell, the inftrument of the foules prefervation , are fwallowed in -the deluge of Gods vengeance ; Corab, Dathan, and 116iram refuting to come up at Moles call, the (earth ope- fNum.i6, ned her mouth and fwallowed them ; the earth will prove the occafion and inftrument of their ruine , who through their earthly mindednef e defpife the Gofpell , and Height the call of Gods Minihers inviting them : Such men are Grounds of blind, and fee not the worth of the Gofpell, dead in linne, negleaing the and ale not the fweetnefle of Chrift in the Gofpell, un- miniftery finfidle of -their owne mifery , and know not the neceffity of' Chrift ; as of a Phyfician to heale them ; as of a ran- fomer to redeeme them ; and as of' a fountaine to wafh and cleanfe them : Such men are felfe-conceited, felt -admi- rers, puffed up with an opinion of their owne fulneflè,and confider not the need they have of Chrift , his Minihers, and Gofpell ; as of a guide to direst them, as of a jewel' to adorne them, as of a pearle to enrich them, and as ofa living fpring to fill them. Such as have leaft fenceoftheir owne mifery and emptineffe, are the greateft defpifers and undervalaers of the meanes of their eternal' happineffe : And fach as are moft exalted with anopinion oftheir owne wifedome, doe ever prove the molt fooli(h of all others ; neither doth man ever declare greater folly and madne(fe, then in f Bighting the Gofpell and worke of' Gods Mini- Folly and evils Reis ; for every filch man is blind, and will not be guided, h:reuf. leproícs, and will not be cleanfed , in thraldame, and will not be freed, empty, and will not be filled, nakd, and will not be cloathed, condemned, and will not receive a pardon were ft is tendred : Such men refufe Gods fWeetes`i mer- cies, and expofe themfelves to Gods bittereft curfes ; they cart alide the. Scales and pledges. of Gods greateft loving kindneffe, and thruft themfelves upon Gods fevereft judge- ments, and God will at Taft be farre from them , in the -witl3drawment of the light of' his countenance, who are now far fromhim, by their abfence from his ordinances,God will