Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

: . :THE MYSTERY; ..* OF -. ISELFENYALL:3 T, THE CESSATION. OFt, Mans living to himfelfe: THE INCT_lOAT ION OF CHRIsrs living inC..(4». Difcourfing of the neceffity, utility, and comfort of34. mans profirating himfelfe, and all that ishis tinder Chrift : Difcovering thedanger ofSelf-fèeking,Selfadmiration, and Self-exaltation,and alfo opening the Myftery, Comfort, and Excellency of Chrift living i.r Man. The whole conducing to the working of Man out .( bim¡elfe into CHRIST. 3-0" if'hofoeverIv ill rave his lifePall lofe it,andwhofocver trill lofe hit lifefor 30. my fakeJbll find it, Mat.t6.tí. 714 that are Cbrifts batte crucified the firmwith the affeíliont and lulu, .*E Gal. 5.2,4. 34 ByAtex4nder Grof j"e, B. D.Minifter of theGofpell,and Paftor of Brid ord near Exon inDevers(hire. .LONDON, Printedby G. c.,91. for,7ohnBarnet, at the Signe of the Gilt Cup near Saint Auftias Gate. t 6 4 t. ` ` *fi° + **V V ?c"