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Pf.48.z,3,4 Heft 9.2. Jofh..s.r. TheEpileto theReader. Meth Chrift fufferìng, mall with dreadful! berreur and amaZement at left behold Chrift triumphing, Lafily, Confider, There is more Majefty, terronr and security too, in the pretence and confortfhìp of a few good men then in the prefence of a great number of profane men : There is a manifeflatron of God in them, whichmakes the hearts of their enemies to fhake, as they who came to apprehend Chrift f ll back_ ward at the very beholding of Chrift. Gods'powerful! and bled prefenceamong his people, the efficacy oftheir prayers, the power ofgodlineffe apparent in their lives, the very perfmafion which wicked men have oftheir in- tegrity, oftheir intimacyand communion with God, and of Gods taking part with them, lath make theirpre fnee dreadful! to the eye and apprehenfion of profane men thus the Pfalmift, Beautifull for fcituation, the joy of thewhole Earth is Mount Syon, on the fides of the North theCity ofthegreat King. God is knowne in her Palaces for a Refuge : for l ©e the Kings were af-' fembled, they paired by together, they taw and fo they marvelled, they were troubled and haftedaway, fearetooke hold upon them there, and paine as ofa woman intravell. LAnd in the layer of Hefter the feareofthe /ewes fell upon all people : vind in the layes of lofhua, fuch a feare felluponthe profane Na-, tions that their hearts melted,neither was there fpirit in themany more, becaufe of the children of ¡fuel. The enduring ofaffliction with Gods people, is better, more honourable, more comfortable, more (afeandprofitable then the enjoyment ofthepleafures offinfir afeafn. 5. Pray for the peace of Ierufalem, far thefafety, unity, tranquility of the Church of Chrift. Pray for the