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Ia2 11110111111101.111 Holinefepro rates allunderCrifi. And happy of all living perlons that lives the life of grace and holineffe, CHAP. Nil. kiEcondly this is propofed negatively, yet not I. I live in deed, and yet I live not, in refpeft of originali. The life which I live is not of nature , but ofgrace , not of my felfe but of 'Chrift : In refped of the rule which guides my life, though I live in the flefh, yet I live not after the flefh, I am not led by my lulls, but by theSpirit;of Chrift, live not after my owne fancy, but according to the will [of Chrift, in refped of the meanes by which Hive, I live not, by the fchafe of humane traditions, felfe-devifes, car- nail doctrines, and inventions of men, or fiperflitiOus ob- fervations, but I live by the wheat ofChrifis doctrine, the z fnceremile of Gods word, this is the fraffe and fray ofmy life : In refped of the end or terme to which I live, I live not to my felfe, I feeke not , I exalt not, I magnifie not my felfe, I propofe not mine owne ends ;, but I live to thrill, I intend, propofe, and exalt Chrift, I flrive to be all that I am unto Chrift : In refpect of the opinion, and apprehenfion which I have of my felfe, I live not as mine owne Lord and Mafter, but I carry my felfe as a crucified man, firffering nothing in me to exalt it felfe againfr Chrift but I proftrate all at the feet of Chrift, I make all to voile land bow to Chrift, that Chrift may live and reigne in me; !coke upon my felfe as the dude of únners, and the bafeft off' creatures , as unworthy of the leafy of Chrifis mercies, 11 deny my felfe, I allow no place within me, to mine owne wifedome and reafon, to my owne will and afießi- ons, to mine owne fancy and delires ; T !coke on thefe as empty lamps that have no light, as on fade guidesand trea- cherous 1