Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Self -prizing. 135 dements of men, they will fee Chrift in a glaffe of their owne framing, learne Chrift in a fchooleoftheir owne ere- ding , and draw the waters of fálvation out of a cifterne of their owne digging ; doubtleffe they are a very frnall number that have learned the leflön of felf-denyall, queffi- onleffe thrift bath fpirituall and heavenly dominion in the foules of few men. Very full of bate refpefts and purpofes are thehearts ofmany that profeffe Iefus thrift : The Pro- phet fpeaks of a day, Wherein h feven women fhould ralZe hold h Ifa.4 of one mean, Paying we will eat our owne bread, and wears. our owne apparel!, onely let for be called by thy name to take aWay our reproach. There is a day now, wherein feven, a very great number, take hold of one man Chrift, by an out- ward profeffion ; but they will eat their owne bread, and weare their owne appareil, they will find their owneplea- fares, walke in their owne wayes, keep themfelves appa- relled with the old man , they will not deny themfelves, they will not put away their old things, and make all things new, they will only be called by the name ofthrift to take away their reproach, of being reputed Atheifts and Infidels among men. Many men that profeffe themfelves Chriftians doe fhamefully deny the Lord Iefus, and are far from the denyall of themfelves, their owne counfels and affrftions. CHAP, V4 IF you demand whence it is, and how it comes to paffe that men are fo backward in denying themfelves and their owne ends, and in fubjefting themfelves and all that they have unto Chrift. I anfwer of this there are feven grounds z , (`/fans svervaloting of kianfelfe. Man is very prone to thinke Seven grounds of backvvare RC ire in felf- deniall. i,Sclf-prising.