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TheEpiffle to theReader, a liberals harvejt returneth to every man thatfowesplenti_ frlly to it. Chrifts bloud is infinitely more precious then thy gold. He gave his blood for thee, and how canjt thou with-hold thy mony from him. Depart ra- ther with all thy fubfiance, then that one member o Chtift perif] for the want ofit. It is not maasriches, but mansbounty to Chrifts members that honours man; it is not the prefence, but thewell dingofthy abilities which will give thee comfortin the hotareoftby laf anddreadful! Summons. 7. Be confiant intheknowledge,faith, love, feare and profeffion of Chrift. Be not in the matter of Gods wor htp andthy falvation likeaReedJhaken with thewind. Be not carried tooandfrowith everyvaine and empty Do-1 elrine like a Ship without anAnker. Be not toftd up and ?Doane with everygufi andwaveofafflrciion;take not thy leave of Chrift as Orpah didof Naomi for any diflrefe that Bothbefall theChurchor cattle o fChrift ; doe not leave the Sun `ora Gloe- worme, thefavour ofGodfor the love of men ; doe not change the virkefor Dagon, thewheat for chafe theDodrine of Chrift for the tradtion ofAnti- chrrft, pure. Religion for fordedand flaviÏh Superflition. Forfake not the bridegroomsof thy kalefor a Harlot, theme Lord lefus for the creature; perfidioufneffeto Chrift is the Jhame ofallíhames toaChri/liar..; Godaridman,friend and foeabhorre hi;n thatproves unfaithful) to the Princeof his falvation : It ww,s thePayingof the FatherofConftantine thegreat, occafioned byforce ófhithoufloldsfecri(icing to Idolsupon a Cosmandement which hegavefar tryalsfake, Fos Regi fuo nunquam fideles fore, qui Deo infideles ex itifent. He that will be fall toGodwill never be true to manfor confience fake. Ile that breakethfaith with God