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166 Floneu ringof Cbrif} mani honour. 9:Mans ma. 9. Manmak!ngk hù greateft honour to honour Chrif}, kixg it his ho. that denyes himfelfe, is s .fo inflamed rnith love to Chrifi, that poor to honor as a wife reputes it her choifffl matrimoniali honour to ctnii3. advance her husbands honour, to be according toSolomons ft' 4. phrafc,a f croWnc to her husband, by her fabje-Lion under him, by her choife, fober, and pious carriage towards him, by her fidelity to him, and by her induftry and labour For him : fo the man that denyes himfelfe, reputes it his higheft honour to honour Chrift, to be a crowne to Chrift his fpiritaall husband, by his graci.ots under Chrift, by his holy walking towards Chrift, by his godly f` g. labour and induftry for Chrift 2. He that denyes himfelfe, hath his heart par into fuck a holy and humble frame, made fo gracioufly fabj it unto Chrift , and is fo itrongly and fully devoted to the fcrvice of Chri' , that as a good fer- vant takes it as his prime glory, to honour his Mailer, to advance his Mailers credit and profit : fo he that denyes himfelfe, like the good fervant of Chrift, taketh it for a tRom.6.11, fpeciall honour to ferve Chrift,to have Ehisfruit unto holineffe, Gal, r. so. to pleafe Chrifl, and not himfelfe or others. 3. He that denyes 3, himfelfe, is fo fo (enfible of, fo experienced in the vanity, enap_ tinelfe, bafeneffe, and fngitiveneffe of the honour that comes' from men ; fo out of love and liking with, and fo low prizing and ePteeming the applaufe and praifc amen, that he accounts all other honour as no honour, to that which arifeth from the honouring of' Chrift. He efteemes it a grea- ter honour to ferve Chrift in true holinefhe, in the lotwefl and poorefl condition, then to command nations, and rule kingdom: s, remaining a flranger to Chrifts Scepter and fervice ; for he that in thefe things (faith the Apoflle) in 1u Rom. 14. ,g, holincife and true righteoufucfle ,, ferveth Cdrift úacceptable to rod and approved of men, Gods acceptation, and good mens teftimony is a crowne ofmuch honour to them that ferve the Lord Jefiis in true righteoufneiTh. 4. He that denyes himfelfe is fo vorote ht out of himfelfe, fo taken oû' from himfelfè, from minding, intending, and Peekinghim- (elfe, that he reputes all his labour loft, if it doth not bring tome glory to Chrift, it is in his eye an arrow be- low