Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Ó Conteflation 4Qainß Si,,. denyalt.: He that lath a continual( godly forrow for his firme is not wider the dominion offinne ;,true repentance argues an infallible denyall of corrupt and carnal( aft:- 0113. .l3ólg > cntc By abc ont rwwioru,_ and confiant e arion a ain the [pion wain F f` lulls. ' IHfs which rem-line within him. He that feeles theSpirit, the o GaLg.ty, regenerate part. 0 ft'riving againft the fle'h ; as Reyeckah Felt 9acob ttriving againft kjaH in her wombs : He that tights. Exod.t7, againft his lusts, as yo./h,Mh againft the e..invalktes; hethat snakes warre against his corruptions, as- the houfe of David' againft the houfe of Saul, and prevailes- arid. increaf;th his strength, as the houfe of David did, may afcertaine him- felfeof freedome from the Lordfhip,and powerofhis corrup- 1 tions : He that warres againft finnemakes no provifion for finne, any more then a man Both for the enemy againft whom he wages, warre : He that Warres a good. warfare againft Satan, the world, and his owne lulls, bolding faith and ,good confcience;is a beffed conquerour,hath won thecon- queit, though much aifaulted by Satan, and his owne cor- ruptions : It is not mans being affaulted by his lulls, but mans ycelding to his lofts, which argues abfence of'felf denyall ....Humiliation 4 By swans- humbling himfelfefor hie want of humility, and for want of tendernefie, and foftneffe of heart freely confe ling thepride, humility. felflove, and high thoughts which he difcerneth in him- felfe, tliaming, and loathing himfelfe. for the obltinacy, haughtineffe, and deceitfulneffe of.his heart; as Davidcon.. fidering and feeling the pride and rebellion of t.ibfalon, 2 ISaai.rs1a. F went Weeping with his head covered andhis feet bare: So-inan . that feeles theprideand rebellion of his heart, muff mourne, humble, and abate hinsfelie before the Lord for it; the hy- pocrite is proud of his humility,. the fincere man is abafed' and afhanied for the remainders of pride which he difcer- neth in himfelfe : The fiate:of him that isexalted with his gifts is very dangerous ;, theRate ofhim that is made vile in his.owne.eyes with the fenceofhis corruptions, ishope- full and: gracious. It is a blefl'ed argument of felfdenyall, when the fence ofa nuns. fee= felt=love,and lurking cor- ruption ,. San) ;,i.