Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

ARAMARAMAAR44141R144it434' -.),I1S VVEET AND: -,...40. Soule-.Perfwading INDVCEMENT S Leading unto CHRIST. DEDVCED, 3* . i.From the Confideration of Mans Mifery, Empfineffe, . Bafeneffe,and Difhonour without Char{}. 2. From the Meditation of the Comforts attending the Souks receivingofCH R I s T. 3. From the Apprehenfion of the Joy and Excellency of Chrifis living in Man : The whole fingularly fwcet- .- ning theMeditationof Chrilt to the SoukofMan. 4 Hoe every one that thirfleth come to thewaters, and he that bath nomoney, 34 comeye buy ,and eat, yea come buy wine and milke without moneyondwith., oat price : Wherefore doeye Fßendyour moneyfor that which ie not bread, andyoar labourjar that which farisfiethnot I s A.í4.1,2. Tramme,andwe will runafter thee,the king-bat h brought me intohis chan- bers,wewill be glad and relayer in thee, we will remember thy love more en wine, C A II T.1.4. .1 BERN. SERM.43. in CANT. . Aridus efts omnis anime cibasi ft nonoleo ifto tnfunditur, infipus eftfi nonhoc fate cot ditur, fi fcrihu, nonfapit mihi nli ledcro ibi L. fefnm,fi diiputes,autconferas, nonfapit mihi nifl fonuerit ihi2efur . 34- I LONVON,.. N. 4 printed by C.M.for roba Bartlet at the Signe of the Gilt-Cup ucar: A Saint Aufíias-Gate. M DI X X X II. -1t; *******W**9VVVVV* 4)4VV* ByAlexander gro e, Miniffer of CHRI s T.