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.Advancement óf Chriffs ÿ'o.qell andKingdonne d¿fared. 59 to endeavour the welfare, promotion, andadvancement ofChrif%, his fpirituall kingdome and goi»ll. David and ° all the houfe ¡o z of' ifrael jóyned together hi creding and fettingup the Arke in the Tabernacle, Kings and Sub:jee}s, Matters and fer- vents, parents and children, the peopleofeverycalling and condition fhould unite their forces, their hearts-and hands, their counfels and tongues, their affAions and endeavours to fet up Chrift, -to advance his Golpeil; to'hormurand en- large his kingdome : his was fhadowed in the building of the Temple ; to -the -kiilding thereof concurred Solo- mon and his fervant, Hyram of Tyrrds, and the Sydoiiians, P a Iiicìb,6. who did hew the timber for it ; to the building of the. Church of Chriff, to the fetting up of Chri:fìt and his Gof. pelt, there fhould be an univerfall, unanimous , full and fweet concurrence ofmen ofail nations, of Kings and füb- jec`fs, of' Lords and fervents, ofMinifcers and people, every man in the place and calling wherein Cod bath fet him, according to the gift and endowment which God bath beftowed on him., mutt concurre in his prayers and endeavours, to advance the honour and kingdome of Chrift jdus. This was elfo figured in the neighbouring Kings payment of tribute unto Solomon, defiring his friend- fhip, and by variety of gifts and profnts making their peace with him. All people coma-wig from all the Kings of the. earth to heave his wifedome ; the wholeas in asha- dow, prelì,. nifying mens payment of the fpiritualltribute, of feere and reverence, fäìth and obedience, love and thank- unto Chritt ; their entring into a Covenant, of peace with Chrìff, their feeking of the love and friendihip of Chrff, their attendance upon thé Gofpell to heare and learne C hrifts wifedome, their dedication of themfelves and their fubilance to the fer vice of Chrift, their fpirituall fiifjec`ticn unto Chrift, and their holy and gracious endea- yours to make the name of Chrift glorious. This was fore- told by the falmiff, 4 they that dwell in theWilderneffe fhall q Pr 1.'z,g. how befcre hin, and his enemies /Ball liche the daft, they fhall humble then f lues under the mighty hand of Chrift, they shall acknowledge and receive him as their Lord, they all