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mommikamilmmisminisimeimuidecommezeme, againn the wiles of the that the fenfe is not perceived without great oblervation,) till their heads have turned round, and they at laft (not ab!e to un- tie the difficulties,) have fallen down into delpairing thoughts and words of their own condition, crying out, 0 they have fin- ned againft knowledge of the truth, and therefore no mercy re- mains for them ; who if they would hal e refrefhed their under- ftandings by looking off thefe places, (whole en raving is too curious to be long pored on by a weak eye.) they might have found that in other Scriptures plainly expreft, which would have enabled them, as through a glaffe, more fafely to have view- ed thefe ? Therefore, Chrifiian, keepe the Plaines ; thou mayeft be lure 'cis thine enemy that gives thee Inch ftones to - break thy teeth, when thy condition calls rather for bread and Wine, fuch Scriptures, I mean, as are most apt to nourifh thy faith, and cheere thy drooping fpirit. When thou meeteft fuch plain scriptures which fpeak to thy cafe, go over where it is fordable, and do not venture beyond thy depth. Art thou a.. fraid becaufe thou hall finned fince the knowledge of the truth, and therefore no facrifice remains for thee? See D.:mid and Pe- ters cafe, how it patterns thine, and left upon record that their recovery may be a Key in thine hand to open fuch places as thefe ; mayeft thou not fafely conclude from thefe, this is not their meaning, that none can be faved that fin after knowledge Indeed in both thole places, it is neither meant of the falls of fuch as ever had true grace, nor of a falling away in fome parti- cular as of fin, but ofa total univerfal falling away from the. i Faith, (the doctrine of it as well as feeming praCtice of it.). Nov if the root of the matter were ever in thee, other Scriptures will firft comfort thee againft thofe particular apoftafies into which thou haft relapfed, by fweet prornifes inviting filch to return, and Precedents of Saints, whohave had peace fpoken to them after fuch folly, and alfo theywill fatisfie thee againft the other , by giving full fecurity to thy faith, that thy littlegrace (hall not die, being immortal, though not in its proper effence, becaufe but a creature, yet by Covenant, as it is a childe of Promife. Thirdly, Dark Providences. From thefe Satan difputes againft Gods love to, and grace in a fouler.' Fiat, hegot a comrniflion to plunder Job of his temporal estate, and bereave him of his chit- S dcm, is