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CHRISTIAN SIN Compleat Armour, Java Or, a ,i/nE07,--nwni 5',5' TREATISE OF THE Saints War againft the Devil, whereina Difcovery is made of that grand enemyof God and his People, in his Policies, Power, Seat of his Empire, Wickedneffe, andchief de- fign he bath againft the Saints, A Maciazinopenci: FROM Whence the Chriflian is furnifbed with.Spiritual Armes for the battel, help't on with his Armour, and taught the ufe of his Weapon, together with the happy Ale of the whole Warre. he Firft Part. By William Goma, Minifter of the Golpel at Lavenbanv reipriffititttr, LLIMUND CALAMY. L 0N:D 0 N, Printed for 7,cepb Smith, at theBible in co,nhill, near the Royaa Exchange. 1615.

A tomy Dearly Beloved Friends and Neighbonrr, the Inhabitants of L A VENHAM. .M Dear Friends, °lemonfaith, The defire of a man is hts kinde- `I nee, and a poor man is better then a liar,) Prov. /19. 22. If youbeof his minde, I dare promife thefe Notes, (which I here de- vote toyour fervice) a kinde acceptance adt your hands. Youwill finde me to be the poor man , by the mite I prefent you with but thehearty defire of your e- ternal happineffe fromwhich it comes) will(I hope) clear me from being the liar. I never could be fo ferviceable toyou, as many lylinifters are to their people, having been withyou in much weakneffe, and fill it is the good plea- fureof God, I fhould be flaked down to a fliort tedderof ftrength and other abilities; I have reafon therefore, (that I may, thoughnot recompence that want, yet ex- preffemydeep fence thereof) to croud the more love into the little I cando foryou. And truly my heart is enlar- ged toyou, and toGod for you. If any thing makes me loath to be gone into another world, (which my drop- . ping houfe bids meabovemany prepare for) it is not the Leaf to think I {hall leaveno more of you walking in the way to eternal life, and you who are on your way thither, in no clofer Gape-I-order for your mutual help and COM- fort in yourjourney : yea while I amamong you, little d bms 'A 3 you

The Epifile DecP-4tary. . you think how much of your poor Minifters lifelies at your mercy. If I fhould meafure my lifeby the joy of it, (as indeed who doth not ?) Then in Tome uprighmeffe le can faywith Paul, I live as I fee any of you Band fait in the Lord, and die as I fee others ft ind fait in their fins, not tobe moved with all the entreaties of the Gofpel which have wooed you.. Andwhy (mydear friends) (Mould not the lifeofyour foules be muchmore precious in your own fight then mine ? But I forbear, I wouldnot willingly be thoughr,as Come husbands are, to bekinder to you abroad before ftrangers, then'Iam at home. What I prefent you with in this Treadle, is a difh from your own table, and fo (I hope) will godown the better, You cannot defpife it (though the fare be mean) except youwill blame your felves who chofe the Cook, Jeaiti not be earneft with others, to beftovv fo much time as to readover there plain Sermons, left it fhould be to their loffe it were but to call them from gathering (heaves in the more fruitful laboursof°then toglean a few eares,and- thole but thin alto inmine; with you, mypeople, may be a little bold. Phyficians fay., the mothers milk' though not foweightyas anothers, if no noxious-humour be rafted in it, becaufe natural, is more proper for the childe then a ftrangers. And,I think, it wouldnot 'bean errour, if I fhould fay it held in the milk which the Minifter gives to his flock. Apeople confciencioufly lying at the breafts of their ownMinifter,(if themilk he gives be whole- forne) may expert thebleffing of God for their nourifh merit, though it has not fomuch lufcioufneffe topleafe the curious tafter as come others. Well, whatever thefe Ser- mons were, foine of thole few fpiritswhich you found' in bearing, will be miffing in the reading of them. It is as ufie to paint fire with the heat, as with pen and ink to corn°

The EMI le Dedicatory. commit that to-paper, which occurres inpreaching. There is as much differencebetween a Sermon in the Pulpit, and printed in a book, as between milk in the warme breaft, and in afucking bottle, yet what it lofeth in the lively tafte, is recompenced by the convenience of it. The book may be at hand when the Preacher cannot; and tru- ly, that's the chief:end of printing, that as thebottle and fpoon is ufed when the mother is Fick or out of the way; fo the book, to quiet the Chriftian and flayhis flomack in the abfence of the Ordinance. He that readeth Sermons and good bookes at home toPave his paints of going to bear, is a dietto his foul in a religious habit confii Its for his eafe,but not for his profit;he eats cold meat whenhe mayhave hot:Hehazards the lofing the benefit ofbothby contemning ofone.If theSpoufecould have had her belo- ved at home,fhe needed notto have courted the ftreets and waitedon the publick. 0what need we offer facriledge for facrifice, robGod of oneduty topay him another e: Hebath laid our work in better order, one wheele would not interfere with another, if we did more regularly . A chief part of D4vids Arithmetick of numbring our dayes, lies in that which we call divifion,as to caft the ac- count of this our fhort life fo, as to divide the little whole femme thereofinto the feveral portions of time due for theperforming of every duty in. An Inftrument is not in tune, except it haveall theftrings, and thofe will not make good mufick, if the Mufician bath not wifdome to caufe every itring to fpeak in its due time ' . The Chrifli- an isnot in tune, except he takes in all the duties of his place and calling, neitherwill the performance of them be harmonious :inGods eare, if every one be not done in its, proper feafon, 0 my friends, labour not only todo theduty ofyour place, but that duty in its own place alio. Heart

The Epifile De4ictstory. Heare when you fhould hear. Know your time for elofet,'- andI.ime for fhop: and when your retiring coi a few minutes now and then fpent in taking a repetition of what formerly youheard, fhall not (I hope) another day be reckoned with your loft time. The Subject of the Trea tile is folemn, rfWar between the Saint and Satan, and that fo bloody a one, that the cruelleft which ever was fought by men, will be found but fport and childes play to this. Alas, what is the killing ofbodies to deftroying of follies,: 'Tis a fad meditation indeed,to think howmany thou lands have been fent to he grave in a few late yeares among us by the fword of man 5 But far more aftoni(h- ing, to confider howmany of thole maybe fent tohell by the fwordof Gods wrath. 'Tis a spiritual war you (hall reade of, and that not a hiftory of what. was fought many ages paft and is now over , but of what now if°, doing. the Tragedy is at prefent aeting, and that not at the furtheft end of the world, but what concernes thee and every one that reades it. The Rage whereon this war is fought is e- verymans own foul. Here is no Neuter in this war, the whole world is engaged in, the quarrel, either for God ae gainft Satan, or for Satan againft God: It a great queftion Come yeares paft, Who are you for e The not giving a good account to which bath coil many a life. 0 , my: dear friends, think Colemnly what anfwer you meane to give to God and confcience , when they in a dying houre (hall ask everyone of you, Who art thou for t; 'Tis' an incomparable mercy, that you are yet where youmay choofe your iide : It will not be ever fo, may be not a day to anend. If once in another world,' you mull then Rand toyour colours, yet you :nay run from the Devils, quarters, ° and be taken into Chrifts pay. The Drum- beats in the. Gape]. for Voluntiers. 0, theLordmake you

The Epijile Pedicaloiy. willing in the day ofhis power. I know you all would be: on the fureft fide. 0what can you be lure of, while under the devils Enfigne, but damnation ? The curie of Gods cleays to him and all that takes part with him,O let not the little plunder & fpoil of finful pleafures and pelf,bewitch you ftill to follow his Camp. What is that fouldier bet- ter for his booty he gets in a fight, who before he can get offwith it, is himfelf thin upon the place (fo many have been ferved in thefe wars, if reports be true.) 'Tis,that thou muft certainly look for. The piece is charg'd, and aime taken at thy breaft, which will be thy eternal death if thou gerfifteft Gods threatenings will go off at tail' and thenwhere art thou where, but in hell, where thy wedge of gold'and Babylonifhgarment, thy wages of un- righteoufnefie Will do thee little ftead:" 0 Neighbours, I am loath to leave you in the way where Gods bullets, Elie ; but I muft have a word for you my Chriflian, friends, who have efpoufed Chrifts quarrel, and are in the field againft Satan. My heart is towards you, whohave thus willingly offered your (elves among the Lords peo- ple to his help againft the mighty.. He can deftroy him without you but he takes your love as kindly as if he could not. God bath lent me (as pp did David) with this little prefent to you and the reft of my Brethren thit are in his Camp. May it bebut to the strengthening of your hearts and hands in fighting the Lords battels, and I fhall blefle God that put it intomy heart thus tovifit- you. 0 hold on, dear friends, in your Chriftianwarfare, let none take the crown from you. Whet your courage at the throne of grace , fromwhence all your recruits of foule- ftrength come. Send faith oft up the bill of the Prornife, to fee andbring you the certain newes of Chrifts coming toyou, yea, for you, and Allred viftorywith him. Readc- the exploits, which Chrifts Worthies by faithhave done,anc, l

The Eplifik Dedicatory. and in their Conquefts reade your own, for in them he fpake withus, as the Prophet of acob. Be thankful for every via-toryyou get, and let not the houlingwilderneffe, yet before you,put the long of yourpraifes for temptati- ons pall out of tune, yet rejoyce with trembling, as thole who are Rill in your enemies countrey, and muff keep by the fvvord what you get by the fvvord Befire you flyind in clofe order among your felves 5 Thefe times give us too many fad examples offuch, who firft fell from communi- on with their Brethren, and then into the devourers hand ; ftraglers are loon fnapit ; you will finde you are fafeft in a body. Take heed ofa private fpirit ; let not on- ly your particular fafety, but of the whole Army of Saints be in your eye and care, efpecially that company inwhich you march, (Congregation I mean;) that fouldier which can fee anenemy in fight with his brethren, and not help them he makes it but the moreeafie for the enemy to flay himfelfat laft ; Say not therefore, AmImybrothers Keep- er Godwould riot keep him that cared not to keep his brother. Watch over one another, not toplay the Cri- ticks on your brothers failings, and triumph when he halts, but to help him up if he falls, or ifpoffible, to keep him from falling by a timely refcue, as Abyhdi came to. Davids fcccour. Keepyour rank and1'le. We fee what ad- vantage Satan hath got in there bole times, fince we have learnt to fight him out of order, and the private fouldier, (Chriftian I mean) bath taken the officers work out of his hands. Hardenyourfelves againfl the fcandals, which the cowardieand treacheiy offalfe brethren bathgive* you. He is the right fouldier that is not clifcouraged by thole that run from, or that are (lain in the battel ; but Rill preffeth on to viCtory, thoughhe goes to it over thebacks of others that are killed upon the place. Ina word, Difintangle yaw hearts whatyou C411 from the love of, and difiraclipg cares

The Epifile Dedicatory. cares for this prefent world. No man that tvarreth intangleth himfelfwith the afaires of this life, that he may pleafe hirrr 7:Fim7.4 who hatb cho.fin him to be a fouldier; 2Tim. 2, 4. , It it be- hoves any to have their Will ready made, and their worldly interefls fet at come nay, then finely the fouldier: ifany fouldier, 'then the Chriftian. Get but once your hearts mortified to the world, and care rolled upon God, for name, &ate, and relations here, and then you are fit to march whereever Chrift will lead you. ri'e want of this bath made many run home to lave their own private flake there, when they fhouldhave been in the field for Chrift. And now, my Chriflian friends, marchon, not in the con7 fidence ofyour Armour, but in the power of his might, who hath promifed fhortly to fubdue Satan under your feet. I have done, only I mutt crave pardonofyou, for rending thispart ofthe Treadle from the other, which nei- ther my little flrengthor leisure would 'fuller me to grafp at once. But NS' having firft put forth its hand in preaching,can 'make no great breach upon that,. though it get the (tart a little in printing. Let me therefore, dear friends, (if God than make thisimperfet birthany way ferviceable to your faith)) humbly clefire, that you would as continue to Drive at the throne of grace for a Melling onmy poor,Miniflery amongyou fo alfo lift up a prayer, that ft rength may be given, toCring forth what of this yet is undeliver'd. I do not fend you thither where I intend not to meet you, but full del re erace to be found faithful in Driving withyou, and for you, that amongft thofe who finde any fpiritual ad- vantage from my weak labours, you to whom they are . chiefly devoted maynot receive the leaft. Lavenham, an. 1 , 1 6 5 5, So prAyeth your affeftionate, though unworthy Miniffer, Wil..L5fAiviCuRNALL;.

The Contents. ilaisttelleziAtttn ctaai The CONTENTS ofthe CHAPTERS. V.E R S E to. Be {hong in the Lord, 8tc. F Chrqian Courage and Refolution,wher- fore necefary ,and how obtained. page 4 Chap. z, Of the Saints firength, where it lies, andwherefore laid up in God. P.' 3. Chap.3. of oglirg cur frith on the Sl- mighty Power of god. P.23 Chap-.4. Ofailing ourfaith on the Almighty Power of God, as en- gagedfor our help. p.28 Chap.5. An anfeeer to agrand objerlion that forme dirconfolate fouls may voile agesixii the former difcourfe. P.43 VERSE Take to you the whole Armour of God, Chapa SHeweth that the Chrifilers and grace left foul is a Mile Without e..frmosir,and therein hie mifery. P. Chap.% The Armour We tote againfi Satan, maili be divine in the Miitation,fuch only as Godappoints. p,6 r Chap.3. This Armour man not only be divine by innitution, but Cenflitution alto. p,67 Chap.4. Of the entireneffe of ourfurniture, it mull be the whole Armour ofGod. p.7z pails. Of the ufe ofour rpirittial Armour,or the exercife ofgrace, Chap. L. That ye maybe able to nand againft the wiles oftheDevil, Chapa. OFboo; fohtilty, chmie the MOP CiVan tatiothr feitfons fottemptiog,, p,93 Chap.

The Contents. Chap; 2. OfSatans foibtilty to sn4neg;..s ternptationZ-vh;rtTte: veral ftratagems ufed by him todeceive the Chrifiian, are laid down. P8 Chap. 3,. Of Satanslabtilty M making choice ingrEtnents fit for his trerne, to carry on his tempting deligne. /0. 1 o3 Chap.4. This Point ofSatansfisbeilty as a tempter tofin, isbriefly applied. Chap.5. Ofthe fsebtilty. ofSatan, as a trembler andan accurer for fin, *here manyofhis wiles andpolicies to difpiet the Saintsfpirier are do(covered. P.114. Chag 6. AbriefApplication ofSatansfubtilty, as a. :rambler and accufer for (inne. p.125 Chap.7. Direelions to fortifie the Cloriiiian againfl the affamlt andwiles of Satan as a troubler.. p.128 Chap. 8. Ofthe Saints victory over their fubtil enemy, and whence it is that creaturesfo overr#atelo't fbould be able to liana againli Satans miles, P138 Chap.9. An account if given bow, the All Wife God cloth out-wit the devil in his temptingSaints tolin , wherein are laid doWn the ends Satan propounds, andhow be eprevented in them all, pith the gracious Ole that Godputsto thefe his temptations. p.142 Chap. W. The Applicationof the Point tn two branches. p.1 52 VERSE I2. For we avreftle not againft fleili and bloOdr Chap.I. SHewing the Chriflians life here to be a continual ore"- ling withfin and Satanrand howfew are true wrf: lers,, iss alto how they Amidmanage their coMb.dte.i:v Chap.z, what a meant by fie.A ana blood, and how the Chrillian, cloth not, andhow hedoth wreflle againg 'tbe fame. '171 Chap.3. Satans Principality, bow he came to befuck a 74ince, and. how we may know Whether we be under him u our Prince or istot. 1820 Chap.4. Thegreat power Satanhatb,not only over the elementry andlingtivepart of the World, but intelletival alfo, thefaulet of men. 196 Chap.5. - Ofthe time when, theplace Where and the fob:it'll; whom Satan rules, 208 Chap.

The Cowow. Chap.6. Of the fpirstssality of the devils nature, . and their extreme wicke:driefe , z5o Chap. 7. of Satan; plot to defile the Chrifliant fpirit withheart- s. 259 Chap. 8.. How Satan labours to corrupt theChriflians mindewith erroisr. 267 Chap.9. Of pride of gifts, andhow Satan tempts the Chriflian thereto. 27; Ch ap. I 0. Ofpride ofGrace. 2g5 Chap.' a. Ofpride of Priviledges. 299 Opp i z. What theprize is, which believers wrefile againfl thefe Principalities, PoWersandfpirittial wickednefesfor, 306 Chap*I36 An Exhortation tothe purfriit of heaven and heavenly things. 32,E VERSE 13. Wherefore take to you the whole Armour ofGod &cc, "Ti reafon why the Apofile renews the fame Exhorta- J,. tion,as alto what trolls Minifiersare often topreach, to their people. 330 Chap.z. The belt ofSaintsfubjell to decline in grace, andWloy we are to endeavour a recovery ofdecays ingrace. 3 3 4 Chap.3. A cautionary direction from what we may not, as alto fromwhat we may judge our graces to be ina declination. 3 37 Chap.4. Aword ofcounfelfor the recoveryofdeclininggrace. 343 Chap.5. what is meant by the evil day. 349 Chap.& The dayofaffliaion is evil, and in what refpeas, as alio unavoidable,andwhy ro bepreparedfen 3sz

4+:44 .144,144+.04,104441;::,124,4,00+.4144-44, ERRATA. Reader, Though all the miflakes in printing be not here prefented to thee, yet thefe thou wilt finde to be the moll unhappy in per. verting the fenfe, therefore thou art &fired for thy better pro. greffe to corred them. PAge 9. line I 7 .the lightfone, blot out the, p. 5.blot out are 1,02.1,27. for baray r. bap/3.. p.13.1,17. for int-on-ratios, r. eftoMatt( n. p.41.1 25. for encourage r. difoourage.p.163.1. 5, for rack r. rot.p.168,1.3. for i,eft r. wolf. ib. 1.8. r, called not them ,S.C.c .F.194. 1.z, blot out it re pa93. I. 7. for Ive r, "rem p. 201.1.1I. forp ifiMer r. prifOot. p. 4, 1. 25. for j wellcioufly y.2q. 5. r.florefcentem.p. 220.1. 25, r.burrow.p.26 _ cifitpany r.carap. I. z.for doublet. tbo.eefold.p.3o6,1,1aft, t. iire97/,a7ray,p,3 c8,1, z 31 , l,*a, for imported r, iftterpreted,p,33 ; 3.for by .p.356.1.17. for the loft wedge r. the greatefi wedge.p.36 5,1.3 5 .for a fliell r. 1Vliftakes in the pointing. page So. line 4. after then blot out , and after thus write : p .149.1.33, af ter worth make a full flop . p. 315. 1.13. afterof write ibid, after God blot out. t.g+PPOfttli4 +Oct+3110.44-14000+ 11, - ... .. , .

TREATISE Of the whole Armour °f God. THE INTRODUCTION. EPHE SI ANS 6. to. Finally, my Brethren-be firong in theLord, and in thepower ofhis might. alitwas now in bonds, yet not fo clofekept as to be denied pen and paper : God (it feernes) gave him tome favour in the fight of his ene- mies: Patel was Neres prifoner ;Nero was much more God's. And while God had work for Fail, hefound him friends both inCourt and prifon. Let perfecutors fend the Saints to prifon, God can pro- vide a Keeper for their turn. But how doth this great Apoffle fpend his time in prifon ? not in publifhing invetlives againif thofe, (though the wort?: of men) who had laid him in;a piece of zeal which the holy fuffer- ers of thofe times were little acquainted with: °Nor in politick counfels how he might winde himfelf out ofhis trouble, by fordid flattery of, or finful compliance with the great ones of,the times. Some would have ufed any pick-lock to have opened a Wrap B to

2 Be firol. to their liberty, and not fcrupled, (fo elcape they thight) whe- ther they got out at the door or window : But this holy man was not fo fond of liberty or life, as to purchafe them with the leaft hazard to the Golpel. He knew too much of another world, tobid fo high for the enjoying of tnis, and therefore be is at a point what his enemies can do with him, well knowing he could go to heaven whether they would or no ; No, the great care which layupon him was for the Churches of drift : as a faithful Steward he labours to fet this Houle of God in order before his departure. We reade of no difpatches fent to Court to procure his hinny, but many ra the Chung es to help them to iland fail in the liberty wherewith ( hr fthad made them free. There is no Inch way to be even with the devil and his inflru. rnents for all their fpite againft us, as by doing what good we can, wherever we become,The d vii tild as good have let Pah/a- lone; for he no fooner comes into prhon. but befalls a preach- ing, at which the gates of Satans piton the open, and poor fin Hers come forth. Happy for ontjimpu that Pad was fent to Jade ;Cod had an errand for Paul to do to him and others, which the devil never drearn'c of. Nay he doi h not only preach in prifon, but that he may do the devil all the mifchief he can, he fends his Epifiles to the Churches; that rafting b;sspirit in his lions, and reading his faith, now ready to he offs, ed. up, they might much more be confirmed, amongst which E- phefto was nor leaft inhis thoughts, as you may perceive by his abode with them= two yeares together, 411s to I e. as alio by his. fending for the Elders of this Church as fa r as t..24retref, in his left journey to 7reffi/eny, Aar; 20. re. to take his farewel of them, as never to fee their face in this world more. And fute- ly the fad impreficton which that heart-breaking departure left upon the 1irits of thefe Elders; yea, the whole Chu ch, (by them acquainted with this mournful newes ) h.ight fhr t p Rata, now in prdon: to write unto this Church, a at ha vieg fomech of spirit, yea, of the pint or the Gofpel left in their hands: to converfc with, they might more patierah, h-,k.e the newes of his,deash. In the former part of this Fp We he foares high in the my., fkries of fa Eh In the latter, ,ccordieg to his ulual method ht deicends to Apilication ;; where we fincleldnicontrading ail. chore.. . .. . ... -

. . Be firong. that truths, as beams together in a powerful exhortation, the more to enkindle their hearts, and powerfully perfwade them to walk worthy of their vocation, chap, 4. r. whidi then is done, when the Chrillians life is tranfparent, that the grace of the Go- fpel Gaines forth in the power of holineffe on every fide, and from all his relations, as a candle in a Cryflal glaffe,not in a dark Lanthorn, lightfome one way, and dark another: and therefore he runs over the feveral relations of Husband, Wife, 1),re:1u, Children, Matter and Servants, and preffeth the fame in all thefe. Now having Get every one in his proper place, about his par- ticular duty : as a wife General after he bath ranged his Army, and drawn them forth into rank and tile : he makes this follow- ing fpeech at the head of this Ephefian Camp, all in martial phrafe, as bell fuiting the ChriGians calling, which is a conti- nued warfare with the world, and the Prince of the world. The fpeech it feif contains twe, parts ; Firft, a fhort, but fweet and powerful encouragement, ver. JO. - Secondly, the other part is fpent in feveral direClions, for their managing this war the more fuccesfully, with fome mo- tives here and there fprinkied among them. To begin with the firth i.Theword of encouragement to battel. With this he be- gins his fpeech ; Final 1y,my brethren, be firong in the Lard : the beff way indeed to prepare them for the following direetions. A foul deeply poffeft with fear, and diffpirited with flrong im- preffions of danger, is in no poflure for counfel. As we fee in an Army when put to the run with fome fudden alarm, and ap- prehenfions of danger ; 'Lis hard rallying them into order while the fcare and feare is over ; therefore the ApoGle firft raifeth up their fpirits , 73e fironyr, is the Lord: as if he fhould fay, perhaps force drooping foules finde their hearts faile them, while they fee their enemies fo firong, and they fo weak ; fo nu- merous, and they fo few ; fo well appointed, and they fo naked and unarmed : fo skilful and expert at armes, but they green and raw fouldiers;Let not thefe or any other thoughts difmay you,bue with undaunted courage march on, and befirong in the Lord; on whofe performance lies the ftreffe of the battel, andnot on your B 2, skim

Be firong, skill or ftrength : It is not the leaft of a Minifters care, and skill in dividing the Word, fo topreffe the Chriftians duty, as not to oppreffe hisSpirit with the weight of it, by laying it on the creatures ownMoulders, and not on the Lords ftrength, as here our Apoftle teachethus. xn In this verfe; Firft, here is a familiar Compellation ; Alybre- thren. 2. Secondly, here is the exhortation; Be .firong. Thirdly, here is a cautionary direction annexed to the exhor. tation ; In the Lord. Fourthly, here is an encouraging amplification of the diretii. on ; Andis the pottier of hit might, or in his mighty power. 44.0t100444+:^4400411404,4400++00+04, CHAP. 1. OfChriflian Courage andRefolution, wherefore ne. ceffary,: andhow obtained, E (hall wave the Compellation, and begin with the Ex- hortation : Beflrong, that is, be of good courage, fo commonly tiled in Scripture-phrafe ; 2 Cbron. 32.7. Re ftrong and couragiotu. So, !fa. 3$ ; 4. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be ftrong: or, unite all the powers of your fouls, and mufter upyour wholeforce, you will have ufe of all you can make or get. From whence the Point is this. Val. The Chriftian ofall men needs courage and refolution. Indeed there is nothing hedoth as a Chriftian, or can do, but is an aft of valour : A cowardly fpirit is beneath the loweft duty of a Chriftian 7ofh.1 . 7. Be thou strong and very couragiotts, that thou' : what ? ftand in battel againft thofe warlike Nations ? No, But that thou ?swell obferve to do according to all the Law, tvkich Mofe.t my fervant commanded thee. It requires more prow- effe and greatneffe of fpirit to obeyGod faithfully, then to com- mand an Army of men, to be a Chriftian then to be a Captain. What feems Idle, then for a Chriftian to pray ? yet this cannot be performed aright, without a Princely Spirit ; As Poi; is faid

Be firong. tobehavehimfelf like a Prince, when he did but pray : for which he came out of the field Gods Bannarite. Indeed if you call that prayer, which acarnal perfon performes, nothingmore poor and daftard-like. Such a one is as great a (hanger to this enter- prife, as the craven fouldier is to the exploits of a valiant Chief- tain. TheChriftian in prayercomes up clofe to God, with an humble boldneffe of faith, and takes hold of him, wrefties with him, yea, will not let him go without a blefling, and all this in } the face of his own fins, and divine juftice, which let flie upon him from the fiery mouth of the Law; while the others boldnefs in prayer is but the childe, either of ignorance in his minde, or hardneffe in his heart; whereby not feeling his fins, and not knowing his danger, he rufhes upon duty with a blinde confi- dence, which foon quails, when confcience awakes and gives him thealartm, that his fins are upon him, as the Philiflines on Sam- - fon ; alas, then in a fright the poor-fpirited wretch thro.wes downhis weapon, flies the pretence of God with guilty esidam, and dares not look him on the face, Indeed there is no duty in a Chriftians whole courfeof walking with God, or a&ing for God, but is lined with many difficulties, which (hoot like enc.! ivies through the hedges at the Chriftian, whileft he is march- ing toward Heaven : fo that he is put to difpute every inch of ground as he goes. They are only a few noblefpirited fouler; (who dare take Heaven by force) that are fit for this calling. For the further proof of this Point, fee tome few pieces of fer- vice that every Chriftian engageth in. Firft, the Chriflian is to proclaim and profecute an irrecon- cileable war againft his bofome. fins ; thofe fins which have layep neareft his heart, muft now be trampled under his feet So Da- vid, 1 have kept my Pelf from my inigrity ; Now what courage and refolution cloth this require ? you think Abraham was tri- ed to purpofe, when called to take his fon, his fan ifaae, his on- Gen, zz, ly fanwhom he loved, and offerhitn up with his own hands, and noother, yet what was that to this ? Soul,take thy luft, thy on ly lull, which is the childe of thy deareft love, thy ifaac, the fin which hath called molt joy and laughter ' from which thou m haft pro ted thy felf the greateft return of pleafure or profit: as ever thoulookeft to fee my face with comfort, lay hands on it, and offer it up : poure out the blood of it before. me, run B 3 the.

Be firong. the facrificing knife of mortification into the very heart of it, and this freely, joyfully, (for it is no pleafing facrifice that is offered with a countenance caft.down,) and all this now, before thou haft one embrace more from it. Truly this is a hard chap- ter, flefb and blood cannot bear this laying_; our lull will not lie lo patiently on the Altar, as Ifaac, or as a Lambe that is brought to thefliughter, which is dumb, but will roar and fbreek, yea, even (hake and rend the heart with their hideous out-cries. Alho is able to expreffe the confl,ds, the wreftlings, the convul- fions of Spirit the.Chriflian feels, before he can bring his heart to this work ? or who can fully fet forth the Art, the Rhetorical infinuations, which filch a lufl will plead with for its life? one while Satan will extenuate and mince the matter, It is but a little one, 0 fpare it, and thy foule fball live for all that : An- other while he flatters the foul with the ferrecyof it, Thou mayeft keep me and thy credit alto.; I will not be fan abroad in thy company to fbame thee among thy neighbours : (hut me up in the molt retired room thou haft in thy heart, from thehear- ing of others (if thou wilt,) only let me now and then have the wanton embraces of thy thoughts and affeections in fecret; if that cannot be granted,then Satanvdill feem only to defile execu- tion may be flayed a while,as 7epbtkol's daughter of her fatl,ei ;Let udg. 17 me alone a monthor two,and then do torts? arcordiq to that which bath .2,;37. Proceeded one of thy mouth: well knowing few fuch reprieved tuns, but at laft obtain their full pardon ; yea, recover their fa; your with the foule. Now what refolution doth it require to break through fuch violence and importunity, and notwithfiand- ing all this, to do preterit execution: Here the valiant Sword- men of the world, have (hewed themfelves nicer cowards, who have come out of the field with victorious banners, and then li- ved, yea, died flaves to a bale tuft at home. As one could fay of a great Romane Captain, (who as he rode in his triumphant Chariot through Rome, had his eye never off a Courtizan that 4PWAIk't along the flreet ) Behold, how this goodlyCaptain that conquered fuch potent Armies, is himfelf conquered by one filly woman. z. Secondly, the Chrillian is to walk fingularly, not after the worlds guise. Rom. 12. 2. we are commanded not to be con- formed to this world, that is, not to accommodate our felves to the

:f.E.: t ",,.`f,"! - I3e firong. 7 the corrupt cuftomes of the world. The Chriflian melt not be of fiach a complying nature, to cut the coat of his Profeffion according to the fafhion of the times, or the humour of the company he falls into, like that Courtier, whobeing ask't how he could keep his preferment in fuch changing times, which one while had a Prince for Popery, another while againfl Popery anfwered!ne was efalice,non ex pierCO OP he was not a flub- - bornoa e, but bendingoffer, that could yield to the win,AeiNo, the Chtaftian muff ffand fixt to his principles, and not change his habit,but frtely thewwhatCountry- man he is by his holy con- fiancy in the triatteNow,what an odium, what fnares, what dan- gers doth this fingularity expofe the Chriflian tonome will hoot and mock him, as one in a Spanifb fafhion would be laugh's at- in your fireets. Thus Michal floured 'David. Indeed the world counts the Chriftian for his fingularity of life the only foole which C have thought gave the firft occafion to that nick-name, wherebymen commonly expreffe a filly man or a fool : Such a one ',fay they) is a meet Abraham, that is, in the worlds account a foole, . But why an Abraham ? becaufe'Abreham did that whichcarnal reafon (the worlds idol) laughs at as meere folly ; he left a prefent eflate in his fathers houfe, to go he know not whither, to receive an inheritdnce he knew not when, And tru- ly luch fooles all the Saints are branded for, by the wife world. Tonknoro the man andhis communication, laid yebss to his compa- nions, a,king what that mad fehow came for, who was no other then a Prophet; 2 King' 9. I t. Now this requires courage to ciefpife the Chine, which the Chriflian muff expert to mete wiehl for his fingolarity, Shame is that which proud nature molt didaines, to avoid which many durft not confeffe ChrifiJob. openly ; many lofe heaven, letcaufe they are alharned to go in a footes coat thither. Again, as force will mock, fo others will pet fecute to death, meetly for this non conformity in the C'hri- ttians prircples and pratztices to them.This was the trap laid for the three children ; they mull dance after Nebachadn, tzar' pipe, oebnrne. This was the plot laid to enfnare Daniel, who walk-'t fo unbiameably, that his yet:, enemies gave hem this teftiniony, thatehe had no taut, but his fingularity in his Religion Dan.6 'Tis a great honour to a Chriflian, yea, to Religion it Idle, when all their enemies can fay, they areprecife, and wilt; not, do, 7. i 39 ....;e:e.reeeee

Be iftong. do as we do. Now in fuch a cafe as this, when the Chriflian muff turn or burne leave praying, or become a prey to the cruel teeth of bloody men ; how many politick retreats, and felf-preferving diftinCtions would a cowardly unrefolved heart invent ? TheChriftian, that bath fogreat oppofition had need be well lock't into the (addleof his Profeffion, or elfe he will be foondifmounted. 3; Thirdly, the Chriflian muff keep on his way to heaven in the midft ofall the fcandals that are call. upon thewayes of God, by the Apoftafie and foul falls of falfe Profeffors. There were ever fuch in the Church, who by their fad mifcarriages in judgement and practice, have laid a floneof offence in the way of Profef- fion, at which weak Chriftians are ready to make a ftand, (as 2 Sam. z. they at the bloody body of Afahel,) not knowing whether they zz may venture any further in their Profeffion. Seeing fuch(whofe gifts they fo much admired) lie before them, wallowing in the bloodof their flaine Profeffion of zealous Profeffors toprove, perhaps, fiery perfecutors ; of ftriti Performers ofreligious du- ties, irreligious Atheifts: nomore like the men they were tome yeares part, then thevale of Sodom, (now a bog and quagmire) is, towhat it was, when for fruitfulneffe compared to the garden of the Lord. We had need have a holy refolution to bear up again(} fuch difcouragements, and not to faint: as jofhtiah, who lived to fee the whole Camp of Ifrael (a very few excepted) re- volting,and in their hearts turning back to Egypt, and yet with an undaunted Spirit maintained his integrity, yea, refolved though not a man betide would bearehim company,yet he would ferve the Lord. Fourthly, the Chriftian mull truft in a withdrawing God, so,v to. Let him that walks in darkneffe, and fees no light, truft in the Nameof the Lord, andflay uponhis God. This requires aholy boldneffe of faith indeed to venture into Gods pretence, as El/her intoAktfhmerms, when no Emile is to be feen on his face, no golden fcepter of thepromife perceived by the Ionic, as held forth to embolden it tocome near, then to preffe in with this noble refolution ; If I perifb, Iperifh. Nay more, to truft not job:3.15, only in a witbdrawing,but a killingGod; not when his love is hid, but when his wrath breakes forth : Now for a foule to make its approaches to God by a recumbency of faith, whileGod 'formes to C

Be firong. to fire upon it, and (hoot his frownes like envenomed arrowes into it. This is hard work, and will trie the Chriftians mettal to purpofe. Yet fuch a mafculine fpirit we finde in that poore woman of CanJan, who takes up the bullets Chrift fbot at her, and with an humble boldneffe offaith fends them back again in her prayer. Fifthly, the believer is to perfevere in his Chriftian courfe to the end of his life, his. work and his life muff go off the fiage together. This addes weight to every other difficulty of the Chriftians calling : We have known many who have gone into the field, and liked the work of a fouldier for a battel or two, but loon have had enough, and come running home again, but few can bear it as a conftant trade. Many are loon engaged in holy duties, eafily perfwaded to take up a Profeffion of Religi- on, and as eafily perfwaded to lay it down ; like the new Moon, which fbines a little in the firft part of the night, but is down before half the night be gone ; -ate lightfome Profeffors in their youth, whofe old age is wrapt up in thick darkneffe of fin and wicked nefre; 0 this perfevering is a hard word I this ta- kingup the croffe daily, this praying alwayes, this watchingnight and day, and never laying afide our clothes and armour, I mean indulging our felves to remitand unbend in our holy wait- ingon God, and walking with God ; this fends many forrow- fui away from Chtiff, yet this is the Saints duty, to make Reli- gion his everyday work, without any vacation from one end of theyeare to the other. Thefe few inftances are enough to thew what need the Chriffian path of refolution. The application follower. This gives us then a reafon why there are fo many Profefrors, fe and fo few Chriflians indeed ; fomany that run, and fo few ob- tain ; fo many go into the field againft Satan, and fo few come out Conquerours ; becaufe all have a defire to be happy, but few have courage and refolution to grapple with the difficulties,that meet them in the way to their happineffe. All yrael came joy- fully out of Egypt under AdofeJ his conduet, yea, and a mixed miltitude with them, but when their bellieswere a little pinched withhunger, and their greedy defires of a prefent Canaandefer- red, yea, in (lead of peace and plenty, war and penury, they (like white-liver'd fouldiers) are ready to flie horn their colours, and

IE to Be firong. and make a difhonourable retreat into Egypt. Thus the great- eft part of thofe who profeffe the Gofpel, when they come to pufhofpike, to be tried what they will do, deny, endure for Chrift, grow lick oftheir enterprife : alas, their hearts fail them, they are like the waters of Bethlehem ; but if they mull difpute their 'mirage with fo many enemies, they will even content them- felves with their own Ciftern, and leave heaven to others that will venture more for it. 0 how many part with Chrift at this croffe-way! like .Orpah they go a furlong or two with Chrift, while he goes to take them off from their worldly hopes, and bids them prepare for hardfhip, and then they fairly kiffe and leave him, loath indeed to lofe heaven, but more loth to buy it arfodear a rate. Like fome green heads, that childifhty make choice of fome fweet trade (Each as is the Confe6tioners) from a liquorifh tooth theyhave to the junkets it affords, but meet- ing with foure fauce of labour and toile that goes with them, they give in, and are weary of their fervice ; the fweet bait of Rel gion hath drawn many to nibble at it, who are offended with the hard fervice it calls to; It requires another fpirit then the world can give or receive to follow Chrift v1/42.. Let this thenexhort you, Chriftians, to labour for this holy re- folution and proweffe,which info needful for your Chriftian Pro- feffion, that without it you cannot be what you profeffe. The fearful are in the forelorne of thofe that march for hell, Rev. 2 r. the violent and valiant are they, which take heaven by force : Cowards never wan heaven, Say not, thou haft royal blood run- ning in thy veins, and art begotten of G;d, except thou canft prove thy pedigree by this heroick fpirit, to dare to-be holy in fpite of men and devils. The Eagle tries her youngones by the Sun, Chrift tries his children by their courage, that dare look on the face of death and danger for his fake, Mark 8. 34, 35. 0 how uncomly a fight isit;a bold firmer and a fearful Saint ;one, refolved to be wicked, and a Chriftian wavering in his holy courfe ; to fee guilt put innocency to flight, and hell keep the field, impudently braving it with difplayed banners of open profaneneffe ; and Saints to hide their colours for fhame, or run from them for feare, who fhould rather wrap themfelves in them, and die upon the place, then thus betray the glorious NameofGod, which is called uponby them to the fcorne of the

Be firong. uncirctimcifed. Take heart therefore,0ye Saints,and be ftrong: your caufe is good, God himfelf efpoufeth your quarrel, who bath appointed you his own Son, General of the field, called The Captain ofour falvation . He than lead you on with courage, Htb. and bring you offwith honour. He lived and died for you, he Will live and die with you : for mercy and tenderneffe to his foul- diers, none like him 7-7,,tjan,'tis faid, rent his clothes to binde up his fouldierswounds;Chrift poured out his blood as balm to heal his Saints wounds, teares of his flail to binde them up. For proweffe, none to compare with him : he never turn'd his head from danger : no, not when hells malice and heavens juftice ap- peared in field againft him ; Knotting all that Amid come upon him, wentforth andlaid, Whom feekye? John 18. 4. For fucceffe infuperable ; he never loft battel even when he loft his life : he wan the field, carrying the fpoiles thereof in the triumphant chariot of his Afcenfion to heaven with him : where he makes an open thew of them to the unfpeakable joy of. Saints and An- gels. You march in the midft of gallant fpirits, your fellow- fouldiers, every one the Son of a Prince : Behold, force (endu- ring with you here below a great fight of afflidions and tempta- tions,) take heaven by ftorme and force : Others you may fee after many affaults, repulfes and rallyings of their faith and pa- tience, got upon thewalls ofheaven Conquerours ; fromWhence they So, as it were, lookdown, and call you their fellow-bre- thren on earth, to march up the hill after them, crying aloud, Fall on, and the city is your own, as now it is ours ; who for a few dayes conflict, are now crowned with heavens glory, one moments enjoyment ofwhich hath dried up all our teares, heal- ed all our wounds, and made us forget the tharpneffe of the fight, with the joy of our prefent victory. In a word,Chrifti- ans, God and Angels are Spedatours, obferving how you quit Tour(elves like children of the molt High ; every exploit your ,faith doth againft fin and Satan, caufeth a thout in heaven ; while youvaliantly proftrate this temptation, fcale that diffi - culty, regain the other ground you even now loft, out of your enemies hands. Your deare Saviour, (who ftands by with a re- ferve for your relief at a pinch) his very heart leaps within him for joy, to fee the proof ofyour love to him, and zeal for him in all your combates ; and will not forget all the faithful feivice C 2 you

I2 Be firong, youhave done in his warson earth : but when thou comeft out ofthe field, will receive thee with the like joy, as he was enter- tained himfelf at his return to heaven ofhis Father, Now, C 116- flian, if thou meanefl thus couragioufly to bear up again;{ all oppofition, in thy march to heaven, as thou fhouldefl do well, to raife thy fpirit with fuch generous and foul ennobling thoughts, fo in an efpecial manner look thy principles be well fixt, or elle thy heart will be unflable, and an unflable heart is weak as water, it cannot excel in courage. TWQ things are re- quired to fixour principles. Fiat, an eftablifhed judgement in the truth of God. He that knows not well what or whom he fights for, may loon be per- fwaded to change his fide, or at leaft Itand Neuter ; fuch may be found that go for Profeffours, that can hardly give an ac- count what they hope for, or whom they hope in ; yet Chrifli- ans they muff be thought, though they run before they know their errand : or if they have fome principles they goupon they are fo unfetled, that every winde blowes them down, like loofa tyles from the houfe top. Blinde zeale is foon put to a fhameful retreat, while holy refolution, built on fall principles, lifts up . its head, like a rock in the micift of the waves. Thofe that knolt their Goel,thall6. efirongs and do exploits, `Dan, i T. 32, The An- gel told panic/who were the men that would ftand to their tackling, and bear up for God in that houre, both of temptati- on and perfecution, which fhould be brought upon them by srintiockw; not all the Jewes, fome of them fhould be corrupt byflatteries ,others feared by threats out of theirProfeffion, only a few offixed principles, who knew their God whorn they served, and were grounded in their Religion, . there fhould be firong,and do exploits, that iF, to flatteries they fhould be incor- ruptible, and to power and forceunconquerable, Secondly, a sincere aime at the right end in our Profeffion. - . Let a man be never fo knowing in the things ofChrifl, if his aime be not right in his Profeffion, that mans principles will hang bole, he'll not venture much or far for Chrift,, no more, no further then he can fave his own flake. A hypocrite may thew fome mettal at hand, fome courage fora fpurt in conquer- ing fome difficulties, but he'll Phew bitnfelf a jade at length. He that bath a falfe end in his Profeffion, will loon come to an end ,

Befirms in the Lord. end of hisProfeftion,when he is pinch's on that toe where his corn is : I meane, called to deny that his naughty heart aimed at all this while, now his heart failes him, be can go no further. 0 take heed of this fquint eye to our profit, pleafure, honour. or any thingbeneath Chrift and heaven ; for they will take away your heart, as the Prophet faith of wine anelltoinen, that is, our love, and ifour love be taken away, there will be little courage left for Chrift. How couragious was 7ehti at-firft, and he tells the world it is zeale for God: but why doth his heart Nile him then, before halfhis work be done ?, his heart was never right fet, that very thing that ftired up Es zeal at firft, at laft quench't and cow'cl it, and that was his ambition ; his defire ofa Kingdom Imade him zealous agai nfl Ahabs houfe, to cut off them (who might in time juffle himbetides the throne) which done, and he quietly fetled, he dare not go through-ftitchwith Gods work, left he should lofe what begot by provoking the people with al(.4e thorough:Atformation. Like fome fouldiers, when once they meet with a rich booty at the !racking of fome town , are fpoil'd for fighting ever after. i'ctt1+174.414100444401,1+114) CH AP. I I. Ofthe Saintffirengtb, where it lies, andwherefore laidup in God. He fecond Branch of the words followed], which contains 1 a cautionary direction. Having exhorted the Saints at E. ',helm, and in them all believers to a holy refolution and courage in their warfare ; left this fhould be miflaken, and beget in them an opinion of their own ftrength for the battel, the A- poille leads them out ofthemfelves for this ftrength, even to the Lord ; 73eftrong in the Lord, From whence obferve, That the Chriftiansftrength lies in the Lord, not in himfelf. The firength of the General in other hates lies in his troops; he ages, as a great Commander once aid to his fouldiers, upon C 3 , their 017.filie 72 ...... -

14 Beftrong in the Lord. their wings; if their feathers be clipt, their power broken, he is loft.; but in the Army of Saints, the flrength of every Saint, yea, of the whole hofte ofSaints lies in the Lord of hoftes. God can overcome his enemies without their hands, but they cannot fo much as defend themfelves without his arme. It is one of Gods names, Theflrength ofIfrael, I Sam. Is. 19. He was the flrength of Davids heart, without him this valiant Worthy (that could, when held up in his armes, defie him that defied an whole Ar- my) behaves himielfftrangely for feare, at a word or two that sdrop'c from the Philiftines mouth. He was the flrength of his bands, He taught his fingers tofight, and fo be is the ftrength of all his Saints in their war againft fin and Satan. Some propound a quellion, whether there be a fin committed in the world, in which Satan bath not a part ? but if the queftion were,whether there be any holy aftion performed without the fpecial affift- ance of God concurring ? that is refolved, ?Anis. 5. without me youcan do nothing. Thinking flrength ofGod, a (or. 3. 5. Na that we are fufficient of our felves, to think any thing 41 ofour felves, but our fujficiency is of God. We Apoffles, we Saints that have habitual grace, yet this lies like water at the bottome of a Well, which will not afcend with all our pumping, till God poure inhis exciting grace, and then it comes. To will is more that to thirk, to exert our will into aftion, more then both; tilde are ofGod, Phil. Z. 1 3. it is god that worketh in you to Will, and to do of his good pleaftsre. He makes the heart new, and having made it fit for heavenly motion, letting every wheele (as it were) in its right place, thenhe windes it up by his afte- ating grace, and lets it ongoing, the thoughts to fir, the will to move, and make towards the holy object prefented ; yet here the chariot is let, and cannot afcend the hill ofaftion, till God puts his Moulder to the wheele, Rom. 7. To will is prefent with me, but how toperforme that Which is good 1 finde not. God is at thebottome of the ladder, and at the top alio, the Author and Finifher, yea, helping and lifting the foule at every round, in his afcent to any holy anion. Well, now the Chriftian is let on work, how longwill he keep clofe to it ? Alas, poor foul, no longer then he is held up by the fame hand, that impowered him at Ertl. He. hath loonwrought out the flrength received, and therefore to maintain the tenureof a holy courfe. there muff be renew- . . .

Be firong in the Lord. renewing ftrength from heaven every moment, which David knew, and therefore when his heart was in as holy a frame as e- ver he felt it, and his people by their free-will-offering declared the fame : yet even then he prayer, that Godwould keep thisfor ever in the imagination ofthe thoughts of the heart of his people, and eftablifh their hearts to him, i Chron. 29. 18, He adored the mercy that made themwilling, and thenhe implores his further grace to ftrengthen them, and tie a knot, that thefe precious, pearles newly ftrung on their hearts, might not flp off. The Chriftian, when fulleft of divine communications, is but a glaffe without a foot, he cannot fland, or hold what he bath received any longer, then God holds him in his ftrong hand. Therefore Chrift, when bound for heaven, and ready to take his leave of his children, befpeaks his Fathers care of them in his abfence ; .Father,keep them ; as jibehad laid, they mutt not be left alone, John 17., they are poor fhiftleffe children, that can neither 'land nor go without help ; theywill lofe the grace Ihavegiven them, and fall into thole temptations. which t kept them from while I was with them, if they be out of thy eye or armes but one moment ; and therefore, Feitherkep them. Again, Confider the Chriftian , as addrefling himfelf to any duty ofGods worship, fill his ftrength is in the Lord ; Would he pray ? where will he finde materials for his prayer ? alas, he I knows not what to prayfor as he ought. Let him alone, and he will Ram. 2; foon pray himfelf into rome temptation or other, and cry for that which were cruelty in God to give; and therefore God puts words in our mouthes ; Take words withyou, and fay, Hof, 14. 2. Well, now he bathwords putinto his mouth ; alas, they will freeze in his very lips, if he barb not fome heart-heating af- fedions to thaw the tap : and where fhall this'fire be had ? not a (park to be found on hisown hearth; except it be fome ftrange fire ofnatural defires, whichwill not ferve : whence then muff the fire come to thaw the icenefre of the heart, but from hea- ven ? The Spirit, he muff ftretch himfelf upon the foul, (as the Prophet on the childe) and then the foule will, come to Come, kindly warmth, and heavenly heat in his affe&ions; the Spirit muff groane, and then the foul will groane, he helps us to thefe fighs acid groans, which turne the failes of prayer. He diffolves theheart, and then it burns out of the heart by groans, of the lips,