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x_38. That ye may be able to 'land $0441.1,-.:44901.-Niolqi.:01421,444:1^,V4:141-41,14., C H A P. VIII. Of the Saints viElory over their fubtite enemy, and whence it is that creatures fo over- match't fhonld be able to fland asainfi Satans wiles. THe fecond Branch of the Apoftles Argument followes, to excite them the more vigouroufly to their acmes ; and that is from the pollibility, yea, certainty of (landing againfi this fub. tile enemie, if thus arm'd, That ye may be a tle toRand againft the RileJ of the devil. So that this gives the Apofiles argument its due temperament : for h.e meant not to (care them into a cow- ardly flight, or fallen defpaire of vidorv, when he tells them their enemy is fo lubtile and politick : but to excite them to a vi- gourous refill-once, from the allured hope of flrength to fiand barrel, and viOorioufly after it ' which two conceive are corn, prehended in that phrafe, handing againft the wiles of Saran, Sometimes tofiand implies a fightingpotiure ; fo, verre t 4 Some- times a conquering poilure, yob 19, 25. I know that my Redeem- er &Tit), and that he fhallfland at the latter day rots the earth. That earth which was the field, where all the bloody barrels were fought betwixt him and Satan, on it (hail he (land, when not an enemy (hail dare to fhew his bead. So that taking both there in : the Obiervation is, Saran with all his wits and wiles (hall never vanquiiii a foule arm'd with true grace ; nay,he that bath this armour ofGod on, Than vanquilh him. Look into theWord, you (hall not finde a Saint, but bath been in the lift with him, lifted and winnowed more or ;elk by this enemy, yet at tall we finde them all coming offwith anhonourable vidory as in David, 7ob, 'Peter, Paul, who