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againfi the wiles of the devil. 14r. linockit together i) wifer in his fimple ones, then Satan in his 4. ahitopbels and Sanbadlatf. and truly God choofeth on purpofe to defeat the policies oehell and earth by thefe, that he may put fuch to greater fhame, iCor.1 I.How is the great Scholar afba-- teed to be baffled by a plainCountrey- mans argument? thus God calls forth yob to wreftle with Satan and his Seconds, (for fuch his three friends fhewed themfelves in taking the devils part) and Pure he is not able to hold up the cudgels againft the fencing-Mafter, who is beaten by one of the fcholars. God fits laughing while hell and earth fir plotting, Prat 2.4. He difappoitsteth the devices of the crafty, he breaketh their ftudied thoughts and plots, as the words import, job S. az. in one moment pulling down the labours of many yeares policy. In- deed as great men keep wilde beasts for game and fport, (as the fox, the boare, &c ) fo doth God Satan and his intiruments, to manifeft his wifdom in the taking of them. It is obferved, that the very hunting of come beafis affords not only pleafure to theHunter, but alfo more fweetneffe to the eater. Indeed God by difplaying of his wifdome in thepurfuit of the Saints enemies doth fuperadde a: fweet relifli to their delivtrances at laft. He brake the beads ofLeviathan in pieces, and gave him to be meat to bis people. After he had hunted 'Pharaoh out ofall his formes and burrowes, now he breaks the very braines of all his plots, and ferves him up tohis people, with the garnifhment wifdom and power about.. CHAP;)