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144 That ye maybe able tofland out againft this deftroyer ? Podhad not cook fuch pains to bit. fit hi, body, had he not found Satan knocking at that door. 3E Thirdly, God ufeth thefe temptations for the advancing of the whole woik ofgrace in the heart. One fpot occafions the whole garment to be wafhed. David overcome with one finne, renewes hi repentance for all, Pfd. 5 r. A good husbandwhen he teeth it rain in at one place, fends for the Workman to look o- ver all the houfe. This indeed differenceth a fincere heart from an hypocrite, whole repentance is partial, loft in one plot, and hard in another. 7146141 cries out of his treafon, but not a word of his thievery and hypocrifie. The hole was no wider in his confcience then where the bullet went in, whereas true forrow for one, breaks the heart into fhivers for others alfo. a. SECT. II. Secondly, Satanby tempting one Saint bath a mifchievous de- lign againft others, either by encouraging them to fin by the ex- ample of filch a one, or difcouraging them in their holy cattle by the fcandal lie bath given ; but God here befooles him, Firft, making the tnifcarrriages of fuch a feafonable caveat to others to look to their ftanding. Doeft thou fee a meek Motes provok't to anger, what watch and ward haft thou need keep o- ver thy unruly heart?though loud winds do tomehurt by blowing down here a lookLyle, and there a turret, (which was falling be- fore,) yet the common good furmounts the private damage of fome few ; thefe beingas a broom in Gods hand to (weep and cleanfe the aire : fo though Come (that are wicked) areby Gods righteous judgement for the fame hardened into further abomi- nations by the Saints falls, yet the good which fincere foules re- ceive by having their formality and fecurity in a further de- gree purged doth abundantly countervaile the other, who are4hut fent a little faller, whither they were going be- fore. Secondly, God makes his Saints falls an argument for comfort to diftreffed confciences, This bath been, and is as a feather, (when