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againfi the wiles of thedevil. 1 47 in his primitive glory, with an acceffe ofmore then everman had at firft, fo that the meaneft Lilly in Chrifts field, exceeds Adam in all his native Royalty. And as Satan fped in his firft tempta- tion, fo he is hill on the toting hand : what got he by all his paines upon 706, but to let that holy man know at !aft how dear- ly God loved him ? When he foiled Peter fo thamefully, do we not finde Chrift owning Peter with as much love as ever? Pete:- mutt be the only difciple, to whom by name the Joyful newes of his refurre&ion is fent: Go tell my difciptes and Peter. As if Chrift had faid, Be fure let his fad heart be comforted with this newel, that he may know I am friends with him for all his late cow-1 ardife. Ent cloth not this feem to countenancefin, and make Chriilians eti heedleffe, whether they fall into temptation or no ? if God do thus Aedohis love to his Saints after their falls and feller, why fhosild we be fofhy offin, vPlo;ch endsfo well at lafl? Two things will prevent the danger of fuch an infe- Anpv, rence. Firft, we muff diulinguifh between a foules being foiled a. through his own infirmity, and his enemies fubtilty and power over-matching him ; and another, who through a falfe heart dothvoluntarily proftrate himfelf to the tuft of Satan ; though a General will thew little pity to a fouldier that fliould traiterouf- ly throw down his armes, and run to theenemy, yet if another in fighting receives a wound and be worfted, it will be no dif- honour for him to expreffe his pity and love, no, though he fhould fend him out of the field in his own coach, lay him in his own bed, and appoint him his own Chirurgion. God doth not encourage wickedneffe in his Saints, but pities weakneffe. even when theSaint's fall into a fin in its nature prefumptuous, they donot commit it fo prefumptuoufly as others ; there is a part true to God in their bofomes,though over-voted. Motes fpakeun- advitedly, but the devil had his infiruments to provokehim,quite againft the good mans temper. David numbers the people, but tee how the devil dogg'd and hunted him, till at laft he got the better, I Chron. 2 t. I . Satan flood sip andprovoked David tonum- ber Ifrael. How bravely did 706 repel Satans darts? no wonder if in fuch a (bower Come one fhould get between the joyntsof his armour. And for Peter, we know (goodman) with what a loyal U 2 heart,