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The Contents. Chap; 2. OfSatans foibtilty to sn4neg;..s ternptationZ-vh;rtTte: veral ftratagems ufed by him todeceive the Chrifiian, are laid down. P8 Chap. 3,. Of Satanslabtilty M making choice ingrEtnents fit for his trerne, to carry on his tempting deligne. /0. 1 o3 Chap.4. This Point ofSatansfisbeilty as a tempter tofin, isbriefly applied. Chap.5. Ofthe fsebtilty. ofSatan, as a trembler andan accurer for fin, *here manyofhis wiles andpolicies to difpiet the Saintsfpirier are do(covered. P.114. Chag 6. AbriefApplication ofSatansfubtilty, as a. :rambler and accufer for (inne. p.125 Chap.7. Direelions to fortifie the Cloriiiian againfl the affamlt andwiles of Satan as a troubler.. p.128 Chap. 8. Ofthe Saints victory over their fubtil enemy, and whence it is that creaturesfo overr#atelo't fbould be able to liana againli Satans miles, P138 Chap.9. An account if given bow, the All Wife God cloth out-wit the devil in his temptingSaints tolin , wherein are laid doWn the ends Satan propounds, andhow be eprevented in them all, pith the gracious Ole that Godputsto thefe his temptations. p.142 Chap. W. The Applicationof the Point tn two branches. p.1 52 VERSE I2. For we avreftle not againft fleili and bloOdr Chap.I. SHewing the Chriflians life here to be a continual ore"- ling withfin and Satanrand howfew are true wrf: lers,, iss alto how they Amidmanage their coMb.dte.i:v Chap.z, what a meant by fie.A ana blood, and how the Chrillian, cloth not, andhow hedoth wreflle againg 'tbe fame. '171 Chap.3. Satans Principality, bow he came to befuck a 74ince, and. how we may know Whether we be under him u our Prince or istot. 1820 Chap.4. Thegreat power Satanhatb,not only over the elementry andlingtivepart of the World, but intelletival alfo, thefaulet of men. 196 Chap.5. - Ofthe time when, theplace Where and the fob:it'll; whom Satan rules, 208 Chap.