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x66 For we wreflle. rod, and him that bath appointed it? Seewhat courfe God refolva on,v. 13. Therefore will 1 make theefickin ftnitina of thee. As ifhe had faid, my other Phyfick I fee was tooweak, it did not work or turne your ftomack, but I will prepare a potion that filet makeyou tickat heart. Secondly, It reproves thole who Teem to wreftle againfl fin, 2. but not according to the Word of Command that Chrifl gives. There is a Law in wrefiling which muff be oblerv'd, 2 Tim. 2. S. lf a man atio.firivefor Maileries , yet is he not croft edexcept he firive lawfully. He alludes to the Romane games, to which there were Judges appointed to fee that no foule play were of- fered contrary to the Law for wreffling ; the prize being deni- ed to Inch, though they did foile their adverfary, which the A.- poffle improves to make the Chriftian careful in his war, as be- ing under a ftrieter Law and Difcipline, that requires not only valour to fight, but obedience to fight, by order and according to the Word of Command : Now few do this that go for great Wrefflers. Firft, fome while they wreffle againft one fin, embrace ano ther; and in this cafe 'cis not the perfon wreffles againfl tin, but one fin wreftles with another, and 'tis no wonder to fee thieves fall out when they come to divide the fpoil ; Lulls are divers, lit. 3. 3, and 'cis hard to pleafe many Mailers, efpecially when their commends are fo contrary ; when pride bids lay on in bra- very, 'avah out in entertainment ; coveroufnefre bids lay up, whenmalicebids revenge; carnal policy faith,conceal thywrath, though not forgive. When lull fends to his whores, hypocrifie pulls him back for tame of the world. Now is he Gods Cham- pion that refills one fin at the command of another, it may be a worfe. Secondly, Come wrefile, but they are prell into the field, not Voluntiers, their flavifh fcare fcares them at prefent from their lull ; fo that the Combate is rather betwixt their Confcience and Will, then them and their luft Give me fuch a fin faith Will; No, faith confcience, it will fcall'd, and throwes it away. A man may love the wine though he is loath to have his lips burnt. Hypocrites themfelves are afraid to borne. In fuch Combates the Will at Taff prevails, either by bribing theunderflanding to pre- fent the lull it defires in a more pleating dreffe, (thatconfcience may