Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

178 Not with flefb and blood. of as thole who Ihufifed with Chrift, john tz .42. owning him in private when they durft not confefle him openly, for they lo- ved the praife of men ; David faith, the mouth of the Wicked is an open Sepulchre ; and in this grave bath many a Saints name been buried ; but if this flefhly defire were mortified, thou would'ft not paffe to be judg'd by man, and fo of all carnal affe. (!tions. Somemeat you obferve is aguifh ; if thou fetteft thy heart on any thing that is carnal, wife, childe, eftate, &c. thee will incline thee to a bate feare of man, who may be Gods mef- fenger to afflift thee in thefe. Secondly, fet faith againft fiefh. Faith fixellt the heart, and a Fixed heart is not readily afraid. Phyficians tell us we are ne- ver fo fubjett to receive infe6tion as when the fpirits are low, and therefore the antidotes they give are all cordials : When the fpirit is low through unbelief, every threatening from man makes fad impreffion. Let thy faith take but a deep draught of thePromifes, and thy couragewill rife. Fourthly, comfort thy felf, Chriflian, with this, that as thou art ficfh, fo thy heavenlyFather knows it, and confiders thee for it. Firft, in point of afIli6tion, Pfal. 103. 14. He knoweth our frame, he remembreth that We are but duff. Not like Tome un skilful Emperick, who hash but one receipt for all, firong or weak, young or old, but as a wife Phyfician confiders his Patient, and then writes his bill : men and devils are but Gods Apothe- caries, they make not our phyfick, but give what God prefcribes. Salaam loved &flaky fee well enough, but could not go an hairs breadth beyond Gods Commiffion. Indeed God is not fo choice with the wicked, Ifa. 27.7. Hath he fmitte4 him, as he !mote thefe thatfmote him? In a Saints cup the poifon of the af- fli&on is corrected, not fo in the wickeds, and therefore what is medicine to the one is ruine to the other. Secondly, induty; he knowsyou are butflefh, and thereforepi. ties and accepts thyweak fervice, yea, he makes apologies for thee The Spirit is Willing, faith Chrift , but the fielh is Weak: Thirdly, in temptarionslhe confiders thou art flefh, and pro- portions the temptation to fo weak a nature: 'tiscall'cl elaCi1-th a'Yer'l ZOOS* filch a temptation as is common to mans, a mode, rate: