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:f.E.: t ",,.`f,"! - I3e firong. 7 the corrupt cuftomes of the world. The Chriflian melt not be of fiach a complying nature, to cut the coat of his Profeffion according to the fafhion of the times, or the humour of the company he falls into, like that Courtier, whobeing ask't how he could keep his preferment in fuch changing times, which one while had a Prince for Popery, another while againfl Popery anfwered!ne was efalice,non ex pierCO OP he was not a flub- - bornoa e, but bendingoffer, that could yield to the win,AeiNo, the Chtaftian muff ffand fixt to his principles, and not change his habit,but frtely thewwhatCountry- man he is by his holy con- fiancy in the triatteNow,what an odium, what fnares, what dan- gers doth this fingularity expofe the Chriflian tonome will hoot and mock him, as one in a Spanifb fafhion would be laugh's at- in your fireets. Thus Michal floured 'David. Indeed the world counts the Chriftian for his fingularity of life the only foole which C have thought gave the firft occafion to that nick-name, wherebymen commonly expreffe a filly man or a fool : Such a one ',fay they) is a meet Abraham, that is, in the worlds account a foole, . But why an Abraham ? becaufe'Abreham did that whichcarnal reafon (the worlds idol) laughs at as meere folly ; he left a prefent eflate in his fathers houfe, to go he know not whither, to receive an inheritdnce he knew not when, And tru- ly luch fooles all the Saints are branded for, by the wife world. Tonknoro the man andhis communication, laid yebss to his compa- nions, a,king what that mad fehow came for, who was no other then a Prophet; 2 King' 9. I t. Now this requires courage to ciefpife the Chine, which the Chriflian muff expert to mete wiehl for his fingolarity, Shame is that which proud nature molt didaines, to avoid which many durft not confeffe ChrifiJob. openly ; many lofe heaven, letcaufe they are alharned to go in a footes coat thither. Again, as force will mock, fo others will pet fecute to death, meetly for this non conformity in the C'hri- ttians prircples and pratztices to them.This was the trap laid for the three children ; they mull dance after Nebachadn, tzar' pipe, oebnrne. This was the plot laid to enfnare Daniel, who walk-'t fo unbiameably, that his yet:, enemies gave hem this teftiniony, thatehe had no taut, but his fingularity in his Religion Dan.6 'Tis a great honour to a Chriflian, yea, to Religion it Idle, when all their enemies can fay, they areprecife, and wilt; not, do, 7. i 39 ....;e:e.reeeee