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Be firong in the Lord. renewing ftrength from heaven every moment, which David knew, and therefore when his heart was in as holy a frame as e- ver he felt it, and his people by their free-will-offering declared the fame : yet even then he prayer, that Godwould keep thisfor ever in the imagination ofthe thoughts of the heart of his people, and eftablifh their hearts to him, i Chron. 29. 18, He adored the mercy that made themwilling, and thenhe implores his further grace to ftrengthen them, and tie a knot, that thefe precious, pearles newly ftrung on their hearts, might not flp off. The Chriftian, when fulleft of divine communications, is but a glaffe without a foot, he cannot fland, or hold what he bath received any longer, then God holds him in his ftrong hand. Therefore Chrift, when bound for heaven, and ready to take his leave of his children, befpeaks his Fathers care of them in his abfence ; .Father,keep them ; as jibehad laid, they mutt not be left alone, John 17., they are poor fhiftleffe children, that can neither 'land nor go without help ; theywill lofe the grace Ihavegiven them, and fall into thole temptations. which t kept them from while I was with them, if they be out of thy eye or armes but one moment ; and therefore, Feitherkep them. Again, Confider the Chriftian , as addrefling himfelf to any duty ofGods worship, fill his ftrength is in the Lord ; Would he pray ? where will he finde materials for his prayer ? alas, he I knows not what to prayfor as he ought. Let him alone, and he will Ram. 2; foon pray himfelf into rome temptation or other, and cry for that which were cruelty in God to give; and therefore God puts words in our mouthes ; Take words withyou, and fay, Hof, 14. 2. Well, now he bathwords putinto his mouth ; alas, they will freeze in his very lips, if he barb not fome heart-heating af- fedions to thaw the tap : and where fhall this'fire be had ? not a (park to be found on hisown hearth; except it be fome ftrange fire ofnatural defires, whichwill not ferve : whence then muff the fire come to thaw the icenefre of the heart, but from hea- ven ? The Spirit, he muff ftretch himfelf upon the foul, (as the Prophet on the childe) and then the foule will, come to Come, kindly warmth, and heavenly heat in his affe&ions; the Spirit muff groane, and then the foul will groane, he helps us to thefe fighs acid groans, which turne the failes of prayer. He diffolves theheart, and then it burns out of the heart by groans, of the lips,