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Befirong in the Lord. - 17 SECT. i. The fiat Reafon may be taken from the nature of the Saints Rea and their grace , both are creatures, they and their grace alloa now lamp eft de ere creatura. 'Tis in the very nature of thecrea- ture, to depend onGod its Maker, both for being and operati- on. Can you conceive an accident tobe our of its iubjeda white- nefte out of the wall, or force other fubjeet ? 'cis as impoflible that the creature fliould be, or aa without ftrength from God : ; This, tobe,aet inand of himfelf,is fo incommunicablea property of the Deity, that he cannot impart it to his creature: God t:3, and there it none beiIdes him: when God made theworld, it is faid indeedhe ended his work, that is, of Creation : he made no new ffieciet and kindes of creatures more;' but to this day he bath not ended his work of Providence ; Hitherto my Father worker& faith Chrift, John. 5. 17. that is, inpreferving and em- powering what he bath made-with ftrength tobe and aet and therefore he is laid to hold our fault in life. Works of Art, which man makes, when finifh't may ftand fame tine without the Workmans help, as the houfe, when the carpenter that made it is dead ; but Gods works both of natare and grace are never of his hand, and therefore as the 12 arher is laid towork hitherto for the prefervationof the wf!.`rks of nature, fo the Son, to whom is committed the work of Redemption, he tells us he worked., alio, Neither ended ht his work, whenhe role again, any otherways then his Farber did in the work ofCreation. God I made an end of making, fo Chrift madean end of purchafing mercy, grace and glory forbelievers by once dying; and as God relied at theend of the Creation,. fo he, when he had wrought .eternal Redemption, and by him/elfpurged our fin;, fatedawn on the right hand of the Majefiy on High, 1-leb..1. 3. But he ceafeth not to work by his inrerceffion with God for us, and by his Spi- a-it in us for God, wherebyhe upholds his Saints, their graces, and comforts in life, without which they would run to ruine. Thus we fee as grace is a creature, the Chriffian depends on God for his ftrength. But further, Secondly, the Chriflians grace is not only a creature, but a weak