Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Be firong in the Lord. 19 Saints should haveall their ability for every flep they take in the way to heaven, will loon appear. Firft, this Way of communicating flrength to Saints gives a r. double accent to Gods love and mercy. Firft, it diflills a fweetneffe into all the believer bath or doth, when he findes anycomfort in his bofome, any enlargement of heart in duty, any fupport under temptations : To confider whence came all thefe, what friend fends them in ? they come not frommy own cifterne, or any creatures ? 0 'cis my God that bath been here, and Icfc this fweet perfume of comfort behinde him in my boforne, my God, that bath- (unawares to me ) fill'd my failes with the gales of his Spirit, and brought meoff the flats of my own deadneffe, where I lay a ground, 0 'cis his fweet Spirit that held my head, flayed my heart in fuch an afffiaion and temptation, or elfe I had gone away in a fainting fit of un- belief. How can this choofebut endear God to a gracious foul? his fuccours coming fo immediately from heaven, which would, be loft, if the Chriftian bad any flrength to help himfelfe, (though this flock of ftrength came at firft fromGod) Which, think you, fpeaks more love and condefcent ; for a Prince to give a penfion toa Favourite, on which he may live by his owne care, or for this Prince to take the chief care upon himfelf, and come from day to day' to this mans houfe, and look into his Cupboard, and fee what provifion he hath,what expence he is at, and fo conflaritly to provide for the man from, time to time .? Poffibly fome proud fpirit, that likes to be his own man, or loves his manes better then his Prince, would prefer the former, but one that is ambitious to have the heart and love of his Prince, wouid be ravifh'c with the latter. Thus God doth with his Saints, the great God comes and looks into their Cupboard, and fees how they are laid in, and fends in accordingly, as he findes them. rour heavexty Father knoirei you have need of thefe things, and yogi fball have them. He knows you need ftrength to pray, hear, fuffer for him, and in ipfa bora dabitur, Secondly, this way of Gods dealing with his Saints, addes to the fuln,effe and (lability of their ftrength. Were the flock in our own hands, we fhould loon prove broken Merchants. God knows we are but leaking veffels, when fulleft, we could not hold it long ; and therefore to make all fare, he fets us under the D 2, thorn.