Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Andin the Power of his might. 43 4+440.44+04,04.44044441144.10440, CHAP. V. Wherein is anfivered a grand ObjeUlon, that fome difronfolate fouler may rail againfi the former Difrourfe. Bur,faith fome difconfolate Chriftian, I have 'prayed again Objett. and again for ftrength againft fuch a corruption, and to this day my hands are weak, and thefe Eons of Zerviah are fo ftrong, that I am ready to fay, all the Preachers do but flatter me, that do poure their oyle ofcomfort upon my head, and tell me I final! at hitget the Conqueft of thefe mine enemies, fee that joyful day wherein with David, I (ball fang to the Lord for delivering me out of the hands of all mine enemies. I have prayed for ftrength for fuch a duty,and finde it come offas weak- ly and dead-heartedly as before. If God be with me by his mighty power to helpme, why then is all this befailen me ? Firfl, look once again,poor heart,into thyown bofom,and fee An in), le whether thou findeft not fome ftrength fent into thee, which thou dial over-look before ; this may be, yea, is very ordinary in this cafe, whenGod anfwers our prayer-not in the letter, or when the thing it felfe is fent, but itcomes in at the back door, while we are expecting it at thefore ; and truly thus the friend thou art looking for, may be in thine houfe and thou notknow it. )Gs not this thy cafe, poor foul ? thou haft been praying for ftrength a- gainft fuch a tuft, and now thouwouldeft have God prefentlyput forth his power to knock it on the head, and lay it for dead, that it fhould never ftir more in thy boforne : isnot this the doore thou haft flood looking for God to come in at, and no fight or newes of thyGod his coming that way ? thy corruptionyet firs, it may be is more troublefom then before ; now thou askeft,where is the ftrengthpromifed to thy relief ? let me intreat thee before G 2 thou