Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

CHRISTIAN SIN Compleat Armour, Java Or, a ,i/nE07,--nwni 5',5' TREATISE OF THE Saints War againft the Devil, whereina Difcovery is made of that grand enemyof God and his People, in his Policies, Power, Seat of his Empire, Wickedneffe, andchief de- fign he bath againft the Saints, A Maciazinopenci: FROM Whence the Chriflian is furnifbed with.Spiritual Armes for the battel, help't on with his Armour, and taught the ufe of his Weapon, together with the happy Ale of the whole Warre. he Firft Part. By William Goma, Minifter of the Golpel at Lavenbanv reipriffititttr, LLIMUND CALAMY. L 0N:D 0 N, Printed for 7,cepb Smith, at theBible in co,nhill, near the Royaa Exchange. 1615.