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Put on thewhole Armour ofGod. 77 while we are comforting the Saints, and preaching their privi ledges ; but in the mean time let the ignorant be ignorant Dill, and the profane profane Rill, for want of a companionate cha- rity to their foules, which would excite,us to the reproving and exhortingof them, that they might alio be brought in to the way of life, as well as the Saints encouraged, who are walking therein. We are rewards to provide bread for the Lords houfe ; thegreateft part of our hearers cannot, mull not have the childrens bread, and fhall we therefore give themno por- tion at all ? Chrifts charity pitied the multitude, to whom in his publike preaching he made fpecial application, as in that famous Sermon, moll part of which is (gent in rowfing up the fleepy confciences of the hypocritical Pharifees, by thole thun- derclaps of woes and curfes, fo often denounced againft them, .4/14t. 23. Again, how great advantage hath Satan from the want of this charity in our families ? Is it not obferv'd, haw little care is taken by protecting Governours of fuchSocieties, for the inftrueting their youth ? Nay,'cis a principle which fome have drunk in, that 'tis not their duty. 0 where is their charity in the mean time, when they, can fee Satan come within their own walls, and let him drive a childe, a fervant in their ignorance and profaneneffe tohell, and not fo much as fally out upon this enemyby a wordofreproof or inftruetion, to re- lax theft filly fouls out of the murtherers hand ? We mull leave-, them to their liberty forfooth, and that is as faire play as we can give the devil ; give but corrupt nature enough of this rope, and it will. foon &angle the very principles of God and Religion in, their tender yeares. SECT. III. Thirdly, the entireneffe of the Saints armour may be taken not only forevery part and piece of the Saints furniture, but for the compleatneffe and perfection of every piece. As the Chriftian is to endeavour after every grace, fo is he to preffe af- ter the advance and increafe of every grace, even to perfeetion felf; as he is to adde to his faith vertue, fo he is to adde faith L 3 to