Hale - BR120 H364 1684

Many great P.hi/cians that have much obferved TheCon- ftitutions ofMans Body, have figured to themfelves No- tions of theSoul conformable to theRefults of their Obier- vatiansinthe Body. And as thus in thefe forts of men, fo again men- of Me. taphyjcal andNotional Brains and Education, as the School- men, they have conformed Religion and their Notions concerning itto Metapóyficks : and indeed have made that which is and ought to be the common Principle for the actuatingof allmen, yea even, of the meaneft Capacities,to be a meer Colle&ion of Subtilties, far more abftrufe than the moft intricate and fublimated Humane Learning what- foever. Again, take a Polititian, orState,:-man, and he thall molt eafily conform Religion to State Policy, and make it in deed a molt excellentand incomparable Engine for it, and nothingelfe. And ifwe narrowly look upon the Method and Syftem of Rel gion as it is formed by the Romifh Hierarchy, it is a,moft exquifite piece of Humane Policy, and every thing therein fuited with molt exquifite Art and Prudence for the fupportof the Grandure and Intereft of that State : This hath mingled with the Chriftian Religion the Papes Infal- libility and Supremacy; his Power of Pardoning and Dzf- penling, his Keys ofHeaven and.Hell, his Purgatory and In- dulgences, and Images, and Adorations of them, his Re- liques, and Pilgrimages, and canonizing ofSaints, anda thou- fand fuch, kind of fluff molt incomparably fitted to mens Pailions and Mkbons; and fo to fupport that moil artificial and methodical Fabrick of thePopifh State : for indeed it is no other. And if we look intoother Kingdoms and Places, we than eafily find that Religion is fo ftated and ordered as may bell: csánd lace to the peace, order, wealth, and amplitude of .; every,