Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(as). Orders,Religionhtnthat Drefs:that may moft make it their own, and fecure it to them/dyes., Take the Popifh Clergiemen : hold what you will, if you . hold not the Supremacy and Vicariot of the Pope, all the refit of your Religion is not worth a rush. Come to the RefirmedEpifcopal Clergy: as to the Popes Snprem acy they difclaim it : but if you acknowledge not E- pifcopalGovernment ; if youfwear not Canonical Obedience to your Ordinary,if youfubmit not to the Liturgie,andCeremo- nies, andVeftmests, and Mufick ufed in the Church, you are at belt a Schifmatick. Again, come to the Presbyterian Clergy, they will tell you Epifcopal Government is Romifh and Superflitious, and their Ceremonies and Ufages Antichriftian Ufurpations; but ifyoumean to be of a warrantable Religion, you mutt fubmit to the Presbyterian Government as truly Apoflo- lical. Come to thelndependent,he declaims againft both the for- mer, and tells you that the true Conformity to Apoftolical Order is in the Congregational way. Take the Anabaptifl, and he tells you all the formerare vain and irreligious, unlefs you will be rebaptizedand lifted in their Church. Again, in Points of Dofírine, as well as Difcipline, it is moft plainthat Tenents are profefied or decryed for diftin- l'tion ofParties : witnefs the Conteft between the Arminian Party and the Calviniflical Party, which are only ufed as Methods on either fide, to attra& Profelytes, and diftinguifh Parties: And in thefe and the like diftin&ions of Parties and Profelfions the Superftru&ions and Additions are in a manner incorporatedand grafted into Religion, and in ef- fe& give the only Denomination to it, according to theva- rious Intereftsand Affe&ions ofParties ; when in truth, the main buLlnefsof thefe and the like Additions and Super- ftru&ions,