Hale - BR120 H364 1684

d"(t!`; r The Judgment of the late LORD CHIEF JUSTICE t ateMtti Ipatt, Of the Nature of TRUE RELIGION, THE CAUSES of its CORRUPTION,. And the Churches Calamity, by Mens ADDITIONS and VIOLENCES: With the defired Cure. In three Difcourfes,written by himfelf at feveral times. Humbly Dedicated to the Honourable Judges and Learned Law- yers, who knew and honoured the Author, becaufe in their true Sentiments of Religion, and its Depravations, and the Cure, the wellfare of England, under his Majefty, as well as their own, is eminently concerned. By the faithful Publifher, RICHARD BAXTER. To which is annexed the Judgment of Sir Francis Bacon Lord Verdian; St.Albans, and Chancellour of England: And fome- what of Dr. Ifaack, Barrows ou the fame fubjec`l. Mat. 5.9. Blefred are the Peace-424ers ; for theyfhall be called the Children of God. Rom. 14. 17, 18. The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteoufnefs and peace, and joy in the holy ghofl. For he that in thefe things ferveth Chrifl, is ac. ceptable to God, and approved of men. LONDON, Printed for B. Simmons at the three Cocks near the Weft-end of S. Paul's Church. a 684. f o