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\ The Epijlle 'Dedicatory. ·-- ~---nor perhaps more variety of difcourfe : for here {hall your I · Majefty finde Morality, hke a good handma1d, wmtmg on Divinity; and Divinity, like fome great Lady, every day in feverall dreffes ; Speculation interchanged with experience ; Pofitive Theology with Polemical!; Textual! with difcurfory ·Popular withScholafticall. . I ~an not di!femble my joy to have done this little good : And ifit be the comfort, and honour ofyour unworthy fervane, chat the God of heaven bath vouchlafcd to ufe his hand in the lea!l: fervice ofhis Church; How can it be but yourCrown and rejoycing,that the {;·une God bath fet apart yeur Maj~fty, as aglorious in!l:riunent offuch an univerfall good to the whole Chri!l:ian VV orld~· It was amad conceit 1 of that old Herefiarch, which might ju£l:ly take his name from madneffe ;That an hugeGiant bears up the earth with his lhoulder; which he changes every thirteeth yeare, for eafe; and with the removall caufes an Earthquake. Ifby the device he had mea.nt onely an Embleme of Kings (as our ancient Mychologi!l:s under theirSaint qeorge, and [hrijlopher, have defcribed the Chriftian Souldier, and good Paftor) he had not done amiffe;for furely, the burthen ofthe wholeworld lies on the lhoulders ofSoveraign Authority; and it is no marvel! ifthe Earth quake in the change. .As Kings are to the VVorld,fo are good Kings to the Church: None can be {o blinde, or envious, as not to grant, that the whole Church ofGodupon earth, refts her felfe principally (next to her flay above) upon your Maje!l:ies Royall fupportat.ion ; You may truly fay with 'David, EgoJuflineo columnaujm. VVhat wonder is it then, ifour tongues and pens bleffe you; ifwe beambitious ofall occafions,that may tef:tifie our cheerfull gratulations of this happineffe to your Highneffe, and ours inyou: VVhich, our humble prayers unto him by whomKings raigne, !hall labour to .continue, till both the Earth and Heavens be truly changed. The unll!orthiejl ojjour Majejlierfltvantr, Jos. HALl.