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7'he Art ofViw~e Meditation. 109 A am his:Wherefore hearkm,o my [oT~le,andconjidtr andincline thineeare,fo~get alfo thint ow»t pceplt,andthy fothtrs houft, (thy fuppoftdhomt ofthM ,..,ld; foJhaU tht King havt plcajitrt in thybtauty;for ht Mtht Lord,and ,.orjhip thou htm. CHAP. XXVI. THe very Namts and Tttlu of the matter conlidered, yeeld no fmallllote to 9.ThcTit1u our Meditarion: which being commonly foimpofed,thattheyfecretly corn- and N ame-s of the thing con~ prehend the nature ofthe thing which they reprefent, are not unworthy of fidcrtd. our difcourfe. what nud1fetkt thofertftmblances, whm tht very namtoflifl implicth[weetn/!: to men on tdrth, even to them which confijfe to Jive n!ithfomt dJfcontentment? S11re :y the B light Mattafant thing,andit Mgood to thetytstofee the Sun:ytt ••hen Temporal! Maddtdto Li c, I know not how thu addltton detrafltthfomethmg, anddothgreatly abate tht pltaforr ofLife;jor thoft which joy to thinl: ofLife_,gritvt to thinl:t it but Temporal!~ vtxing is tht tndofthat whojemtttnuanct was dtltghtfull.But "'"""hen thtre u an ad ,_ tion (above 'J'imt) ofEttrnity, it maketh lift fo much mort j ..mas it is mlfjllajling; and lajlmgmfinitely,_what can itJ/v' lejfo than anit.nitt con~entment ? oh dying andfoljt lrfl, which ""11JOY htrt, an 'foarce afhadow an counttrfltt ofthat other ! What u more tpumed tha?Jglo,7. ? which is fo preciow to mtn offiirit, that itmaku tlmnprodtgaflof thtir bloud, pr.u oftheir >VOtmds,cartlejfo ofthtmftl<Jts:andytt(alas)ho., ptnt, andhow fading is thMglory, tjftnedwithfuch dangm anddeath ? hardly afttr all rrophtes and monuments, either knonme to the ntxt Sttt, orJitrvivinghim that dicthfor it : It is true glory to tri11mph in heavrn, whtfe iJ nlither tmJZ norforgetjidntjfo. C ' What is mortdtart to ih than our Countrty?w ich thtworth/, andfaithfuU Patriots ofall timts havt •t/}tflcdabove thtir part~•ts ,thtir childrtn,their tVts;counting iron~ happy to live in it,andto dyefor it. The bant,t manpintsfor tht want ofit: tht travel. er dtgtj/eth all thmdioufuejfo ofhis way,allt eforrowes ofani// journz,in theonly hoptofhomc; forgetting allhisforrttint miftriu, whtn hefit!tth his owmfmo e. Whcreu our Cormtr[. but above? Thenct thou ramejl, 0 my fot~ie; thithtrthouartgoing,ina foort,butwtary pi - grimAgt. o miftrablt men,ifwe account our[elves at home in our pilgrim,ge ; if mour jtJttrnty,"''long not for home! Doeftthorlfee men fo in love with thlir native !zte, that evm whrn it is All deformed with the defol~ttionsofrvArre, 11nd turned imo rude u.1ps) or I· ,.hilt it istvtn nowflaming with thtjirt ofcivillbroilts, thty covctyttJlill to live in it, prtflrring it to allothtr plam ofmortptaetandpicafort? Jnd {halt thou, .ftting nothmg bu'J,""and b/1!}/"'ffi at homt,Tlothingb11t tro11blt abrDad, conttnt tlry ftlfl with a foim D wi oft7 "'/!:~<~ion ? Ifheavt• wtrt thy layle, thoucot.!dtft ~utthinkc ofit t~ncomfortably. 0 ,. at a!Jiflion canbt worthy offoch an home! CHAP. XXVII. L Allly, if wee can recall any pregnant Tejlimonits ofScript~rt concerning our Io.Confid.of Theme, thofc 0Jall fidy conclude tlus part ofour Medttauon. OfScripture. fit tefiimonks for that in thefe mattersofGod, none but divineautbotity can command af. of Scrrpturt', fent,and fettle the confcience.Vvitneffes ofholy men may letve for colours· but the concerningour Theme. ground mull beonly from God. ' Thmit u([aith tht:Jirit ofGod,,.hich cannotdeceivt thu)that all ttarts foal/ bewiped E fromour.eyes;thrrt p, l be no moredeath,nor forrow~ nor czing, neither jhafllhtrc~e d»J more pame : yea, there fhaO not only be ap endofforrowcs, tit an abundant rccompence fvr, theforrowuofour Lift; ashe that was rapt up into the tlnrdHeaven, ttnd there Jaw what Cllflno;be fioken,/}tal:tth yet thm ofwhat hefow: I count,thatthe affiittions ofthisJ,rcfemnme are not worthyofthe glory which !hall beOJewed to us: It was{htwt unID htm ,.haJ_fho•ldhmajitrbtJhtwtd unto JU;a•dht fow,rhat ifaUtht >VorldJirll ofmift- I rtts wm lardm oneba!lanee,& tht ltaj/glory ofhtaven in anothtr, thojt,.ot~ld bt m<iipa- I rabiy ltght-Jt#(4S that dtvmt Fathtr)that ont daytsfllrcity abDv t, wtrt worth athoufond ymts tormtnt bt!ow; what thtncar; bttmatchtd..ith tht tltrnity of ftch j•yes? oh how l i L grtat '