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no The Jlre of1Ji"Pine Medieation. treat :hertfore is this thy :oodne(fi,oLord,wh!ch tho1~ haft/aid N! for them thatjfar thu, A •nddone 111hemthattrujl in thee,brfore the Jons ofmen! CHAP. XXVIII. Of our Cecond THe mofi difficult ond knotty pm of Meditati~n thus linifhed, there remainpmofMccli- erh tharwhich is both more lively, and more eolieunroagood heot~ro bo t.ttion:wh1ch wrought olrogether by the affeClions:which ifour difcourfes reach not umo, is in thc:ttfcd.ions. they prove vaine and to no purpofe. _That wluch followerh therefore, 1s the very foule ofMeditation,wheretoall thot IS pall ferverh but as an mllrumenr. A man tS a man by his underllanding part:but he is aChrillianby his will and :lffeClions. Seeing therefore,that all our former labour ofthe brain is only to affeCl the hearr,after that Wherein is re-- rhe mind hath rhus traverfed the point propofed through all the heads ofreafon, it B quircd.lTa{h: fl1all endevour to find in rhe firll place fame feeling touch, and fweet relifl11n that :ln(\ rellifh of whichit bath thus chewed;which fruit through the bldlingofGod,will voluntarily · w!J:ttwclla\'C thought upon. follow uponaferious Meditation. David faith, ob tajle,antlfie how fwm the Lord is. InMeditationwe doe both fee,and talle; but we fee beforewe talle: light, is ofthe underftanding:tafie,ofthe affeClion;ncither can we fee,buc,we mull talle; we Clnnot know lfioht butwe mull needs be affeCted. Let the healt therefore fir!l conceive and feeleini; felf the Jivectm./Je or hitternejfi ofthe matter meditated: which is never done,without fome paflion ~ norexprdfed,without fome heanl, exclamation. oh hlrffidtJlattojihe Saints! 0glory not to heexpre([id,evmhy t ofi whirh M< glorifted.' o inc~m!rthtnjibttf:lvAtion! W/Jiftfzvour hath this earth t~ thtt? Who can regardtiJt world>th11t eletvtth t ~eel Who can think ofthee,and notbtrttvifoedwith wonder trnddt~ fire? Who canhoptfOr thtt,ttnd not rejoyce l Who cank11orv thu,,md not he frvt~Ro,ed Jl c with •dmiration at the mmy ofhimthat heflowtth thee? 0 hkffidnefi IVDriJ.J ofChri 1 blood to p11rchaji thee ! Worthy ofthe comin11all[ongs ofSaints and LA•£"' to celebrate thee! Howfb81tld I magnijiethee! How fl!Otild I i••gfor thte! HGw fh•" d I hatt all thi; worldforthee! CHA P. XXIX. Stconcily, a A Fterthis T•jlefl1all follow a Complaint, wherein the heart bewailethtoitfdf ~~':)~~~~~r his own poverty, dulneffe, and imperfeClion; chiding and abalingit felfe in wantsaud un· refpea ofhis wants and indifpolition: wherein H11mzliati•n rruly goeth betowudndfc. fore glory.For the morewe are call downe in our conceit,thehigher !hall God lifi: us up at the end ofthis excrcife,in fpirituall rejoycing. D But alM,whert is my love?Where is my longin£?Whtrtart th~u,o ";lfoul? Whdt hea. vimf!e hathovertaken thu?How hath the world ewitchedanJpojfrj[t thu,thAtthou art become fo carelt([i ofzhine home,fofrnjilrffi offiiritt~a!ldelights,folnd 11p•n thefevanittts? Dojl thM doubt r()htthtr t!Jtre be an heaven? or whether thotJ 11ve a God, andaSa- '"Jiour tl~ert? o for h~ from thee thi& AtheiJme.:forbefiom thee the /~thought (}f. this de- !ferate zmpiety.Woc were thee,ifthoJJ htleevedflnot .· But, 0 thiu o little F11ith,doj! thou heieevc there i;ha{pine([i, andha;pimffifor thee, and dcjirtjl it not, and delighttj! not in it? Ala<,hOivwea · andunhcleevmg is thy heleefi! HDw cold andfaint arethydefim ~ TtU mc,whatjuchgoodlycnttrtammmt hlljl thou met rritha/1 hcrt on earth, thatwMworthy to wit!Jdra1v the_c from~hcfl heavenly j?oes ?What pleafor~ in ite-r;trgave thuconttntmentf "wbat raujeofdtjltkefndejl th011 a •ve? oh no,myfoule, it 11 omz thy mt,rahledroujipejfe,omly thy f:u"~"'l : 'T~eworld, the world hatiJ ht{ot~td thu, 'Jttth H» one thee with E cnrdefocffi.A M,ift 1 delzght be focold,,vhat dtjfmncc zs therein thee from an ign~ram H.e4then,that doubts ofanothcrlije :lta,from an Eptcurethatdenies it~ Art thou a chriJltan,or .ut thounone _? lfth011be n> ,.tthou profijfejl, away with thi; dull andjinfrleffi worldlmeffi; all>aJ tvtth thM tarthly t~nchmfit!ntjfr;t.,ake offat 14th is profane a.dgodltffiJicunty ,that haththuslong•vtighedthee d•wn rom mo11nting up to th] joyes•. Lookt I up tNhJ God, and to thy Cronme, and foy wtth co;Jjidmce, 0 Lord, I havewait~d for thy f.1lvation. CHAP.