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A 'The drt of'Divine Mediwion. CHAP. XXXV. THe C•ncltiflon remainetb: wberdn we mull advifc (like as Phyfitians doe in their fweats and exercife) that we ceafe not over-fuddenly, but leave off by little and little. The mind may not be fuffmd to fall head. long from tlm height, bur mull alfo defcend by de~r<es. The fitll wbereof,after our Confidmre,iball bean hearty Gratol.rion,and thankfgiving. For, as man naturally cannot be miferabl<, but he mull complaine, and crave remedy; forbe good heart cannot find it fclfe happy, <and Dot be thankfull: and this cbankfulneffe which it feelcth and exprefferh, maketh it yet more good, and effect. eth itmore. B What foaU Ithtndst totbttfsr thu mtr<y,o t~IH Saviour ofmrn?What fhordd I r'j'dtr to "'1 Lord,for all hubt#tjits? A[,u! what< ad tivt tlm, whi<b is nil thine own bef8rt f oh that I e~u/d give thtt h•t aUthine! Thou givt{llnt to drinks •f this cop •ffolvamn: I,iU thtrtfort tAkt tht <•p pffalvation~ and ~U"f•~ tht ':51-•jth Lord: Pras(t thot• tht L~rd, 0 my foult;and 40 that ts wrthinmt,praijtbtJ hoiJ namr. An jil'fct htrt tboN htginntft thint heaven, beginbtrt •lfo th•t joyfoO fo8! •f tbanktgiving, whirh thmth•• foalt flng ,.rtf•tttl], aruintvtr t11d. CHAP. XXXVI. AFfrer this Thanksgiving,lhall follow afaithful! recommendation of our fdves C to God ; whmin the foule doth cbeerefully give up it fdfe, and repofe it felfe wholly upon herMaker 3Dd Redeemer 1 committing her fclfe to him in ali her wayes, fubmitting her felfe to him in all his wayes, defiring in allrhiogs to g!orifie him, aod ro walke wonhy of her high and glorious calling. Both which latter fuall be done(as I have ever found)with much life and comfon, if forthe full concluGon,we fhalllift up our heartand voyce to God,in fingiDg wrne rerficlt ofDavids divine Pfalmes, 3Dfwerableto our difpoGtion,and matter; whereby the heart clofes up it felfe with much fwoetnelfe and contentment. This coucfe ofMeditation thus heanily obferved, let him that prattifeth it, tell me whether he find not that his foule,whicb at the beginningofthis exorcife did but creepe and grovel! upon earth, doe DOt now in the conclufioD foare aloft in Heaven; D and being before aloofe off, doe not now find it felfe ncete to God, yea with him and in him. CKAP. XXXVII. THus have I endevoured (Right Wodhipfull Sir) ~ccording to my flender faculty, to prefcribea method ofMeditation: not upon fo 1\riCl tearmes ofnecdliry, that whofoevcrgoeth not my way,erreth.Divers paths lead oft-times to the fame end, and every man abouoderh in his owne fenfe. If experience and cu· llome hath made another forme familiar to any man, I forbid it not :as chat learned Farherfaid of his Tranllation, Ltt him •Ji hi< ownt, not &181tmnt mint. If any man be E to chufe, and begin, let him prallicemine, till be meet with a better Maller : Ifanother courfe may be better,I am lure this is good.Neither is ic to be fuffered that like as fa~tallicall men, while_t~ey doubt what falhioned fure they lhould wea:e, pur on nothtng ; fo, that we Chnll1ans fhould negi<CI the matter of this worthy bufinelfe while We nicely lland upon the forme thereof. Wherein give me leave to comolain~ with jull forcow and fhame, that ifthere be any Chrillian duty, whofe omiffion is notorioully fhamefull and prejudicial! to the foules of Profeffors, it is this ofMeditation.This is the veryend God hath give~ us our foul<s for: we mif-fpend we ufe.rbem not thus. How la!Dentable IS u,tbat we[~ employ them, as ifour ty ofd1fcourfc ferved fornothmg but our eanhly provlfion! as ifour rca(onable and Chrillian mindswere appointed forthe flaves and drudges of this body ooely to be the Caters and CookesofourAppetite ~ ' L 1 The Sa:ondly,\'lith R.c:commcnd.a... tionofour foulcs and Go4. Ao Epilogue.