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6.A vc:hemC"Ilt l.::nforcemtnt ofourpc:tii 7 Ac"ctrcfull \ C-.~nlilcnct of olnaining,,hat Wthavtnqut. fitd :nd tnfor_ ,..d. The ~rt o(Vivine 1\.fediwion. A CHAP. XXXIII. AFter Petition /hall follow the Enforcement ofour requdl, from argument and importunate obfecration; wherein we mull take heed of complementing in -. • tcrmes with God, as knowiog thll hewill not be mocked by any falhionable forme offuit, but rcquir<th holy and feeling intrcatic. How gTAcio~fiJ liajJ th•• proclaimed 11 tht ,.orld, that Jllho.tver Jf4RIS wifdomt,JbaO Mkt itsfthu,which neither de.itft nor •pbraidejl! OLord, I want htavtnlJ wi{edomt, 11 conceive arig/,t ~fhtd'fJtn; 1 w~tnt it, And 44kt itofthu; givt me to tUkt it i»PA1Jtiy, anJ givemeaamllng u thJ pr~mifi abundanti]. Th0t1 fuft it it nojlrangtfavour th., 1 btgof thtt:noothtr thtn th41 which thlu haft richly btjlowtd •p•n aUthJ valiAnt Mart]rs,Cm- B ftf!irs,Servants.fr.,•the beginning: wh• ntvtr could havefocheerefoUJ tsnbractd dwh andtormtnt,i(thr~•gh tht middtJI•fthtirjlamts andpaine thty had not fun thtir Crow11 ofglory. T ht poor< T httft 111 tht crof{t had no fo•mr cravtd tlry remtmbrantt when tkou ""''flu thy Kinglomt,thm thou promifidjl "tAke him with thtt inll he.vtn, Prtftnct W/14 bttler to him thtn rtmemhrAn&t.JthiiJ,now thou Art in thy Kingd~ml,lAm 111 tArth; rememher tbitu •t~,.IYthJ {trvAnt, Andltt my foNitinconctit, in •Jfeclion,iR ;,nvtrfotion, ht this d•y andf~r tvtrwsth thtt in PAradi{t.I[u,mu Jflaikctbin 1vaintjbad•w,aDd dif qui<ttth him{tlfinVAiTJt.-tbty art pitttfuRplta{ims he t•joytth,,.hilt he j~rgtttth thtt;l •m IU vaim,mdt mt mo1t wife : 0 lrt rne fit heAvtn, And I know, 1 jlu10 mver envy, nw foil•"' thtm.My timts ATtinthint hAnd: I ~tm no better then my f~tthtrs,•flr~tngtrontArth. As 1 f}tAk ofthtm.fltht wtxiJ<Atbisg<ncwion fb•/J (jeakofmt .u ..<that wM. My lift C is ahubblt,Aj;,mk,•fbad•w,•thought.-1 kns,.,it il •• •hiding in this thor1Jff1fare : oh fofftr me notfo mad, M JPhilt 1 faffi on tht '"'J, 1 fb••ld forget the end. 11 is that othtr lift thAt I m•fl trufl to; with thtt it u that 1 fbaO continNt:Oh ltt mt not btfofoolijb,aoo fittie m7 [<lfeon wh•tl m•flleavt,1nd to ntglelf ettrnitit. T have(ttne ••••gh •frhu tArth, •ndytt I lweit w mo<h.o ltt mefit htavtn•nothcrwhi/e,•nd lovt it folf»Wh mtrtthe• tht torth,h] h•,. "'"'h thtthings thm art nllrt wor~hy to bt loved. oh God, [,.ke downe M thy wretched Pilgri,, and teach me 11 uokt OJ llthtt, 1nd 10 {tt thy good~~tjft in the Landoftht living. Thou thAt b•ughttjJ heavm for mt, g•idtmethithtr;lndfor tht price that it e~ft thtt,for thJ mm itsfake,in {}ightofa/1 ttnWions, mlightm thou "'1 foult,di. rtf.l it , crowne it. CHAP. XXXIV. 4 Frerthis Enj.,.ctflltnt, doth follow Confidence; wher<in the foule, after many Adouhtfull and unquiet bickerings , gathcr<th up her forces, and chcerefully rowzeth up it fdfc; and like one of Davids Worthies, breakerh rhorow a whole Armie c,fdoubts, aad fetehcth comforrtrom theW<Iloflifc,which, though in fom~ Jatttr,ycr in ali is a fure rew~rd from God offin((re Mc:diration. D Yea,bt thou b•!d,o my (o• le,anddot not mmly crave,but challenge thu f•vour ofGod, .u thatwbichbe owtth thtt; he owtthit th<t,btcauft heha~h promijtdit,and b7 his mercy hath made hr& gift,his debt; Faithfull is he that harh pwmikd, which will alfo doe it. H ath he nit grven thttnlto~ly hu handin tht fwul hoptsefthtG•Jitl,but his (taltalfi In E the Sacrameorsn ea,ht{itlts promift,hand.ftalt,hathht not gi'Vtn thu • (urt earntfi•JthJ {ithJ4tion,in (lme wtAkt,btJt truegr11cts!rtt mre, hath ht not given thtt,btjidts Earoefi, poffifionl~~>hi/e ht that il the Truth and Litc.faith,He that bdceveth harh evcrlafting life,and hath paffed from death to hte.Canjl th•u not then becontt~ttocafl thy ftifi upon thubltJJ•d iffue;lfG•dbtmmifoll,Iamglorio"';lhavt thu a/ready,oh,.ylifeiG•du faitlifull, and I d~e bel<tvt : whojha/1fipar•tt mejromtht lwt ofChrijllfr•m my r;/or1 rrith Chrif/? who fl,./1 puOme out ofmr hea'Vtn?Gottothm, andmur11ttothy rtjl o my JOule;make ujtofthllt htavtn ~herein thouart) ~tnd ht hapP'J. l Thus we have foond, that our Meditation, like thewind, gathercth ftreagth in proceeding! and as naturoll bodtes, the neererrhey come ro rhdr places, move with morecderitie; fo dorh the foulein this courfe ofMeditation,to the unfpeakeable benefit of it felfr. CH A•·