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Holy Obflr"'Pations. A ro God as that which arifes from good actions.Happyis that man, that can ufeeitberhisgoodw<ll, or his evill. 8o. There is no differooce betwixt anger and madneffe,bur continuance : for, raging anger is a lhort madnelfe. What dfe arguos the lhaking ofthe hands and lips, p>lenelfe, or redneffe, or r welling ofthe face, glaring oftheeyes, ll:all!mering of the tongue, llampingwith the feet, unllead;: motions of rh~ whole body, ralb actions which w.:remember not to have done, dillracted andw1ld fpeechos ~and madneffe againe is nothing but a continued rage, yea fome ~_I~adneffe rageth not : fuch amild madnelfe is more tolerable, than frequent and funous anger. h. . Thofe that would keepe ll:are,mull keepe aloofe off;efpecially iftheirqualities be B not anfwerable in height to their place. For many great perfons are like a wetwrought picture upona courfe clotl1;which af.1rre offfl1ewes faire,but neer-hand the roundnelfe ofthe rhreed marres the good workmanfl1ip.ConcealmenLofgifis,after forneone commended act, is the be~ way to acfmh·atioll, "3M fecret honour: but he thatwoulaprofit,mull: vent himfdfe ofi,and liberally,,and fhew what he is,without all private regard. As therefore, many times,honour followes modelly unlooktfor; fo, contrarily, a man may fhew no leffe pridein lilence and obfcuritic, than others, which fpeak andwrit for glory. And that other pride is fo much the worfe, as it is more uAprofitable : for whereas thofe which put forth their gifts, benefit others whiles they feekethemfelves; thefeare fo wholly devoted to themfelvos, that their fecrecy doth nogoodto others. 8:. C , ~ye has a mans delights :llld caros are in health, fuch are both his thoughts and f~ches co.mmonly OA his death:bed: the proud mant~lks ofhis faire fmos,the ~!utton ofhis d11hes,the wanton of hiS beallhnefs,the rehg10us man ofheavenly thmgs. The tongue will hardly leave that to which the heart is inured. Ifwee would have good motions to vifit us while we are fick, wee mull lend forrhem familiarly in o~r health. 83. . He is a rareman, that hath not fome kind ofmadneffe raigning in him:One a doll madneffe ofmelancholy,another a conceited madneffe ofpride;anomer a fuperll:irious madnelfeof falfe devotion; a fourth ofambition,or coveroufneffe;afifi,the furious madnelfe ofanger; a lixt,the laughing madneffe ofextreme mirth; a feventh, a drunken madneffe;an eight,ofoutragious luft;a ninth,thelearned madneffe ofcuriolitie; a tenth, the worft madneffe of prophaneneffe and Atheifme. Ir is as hard ro D reckon up all kinds ofmadnelfes,asofdifpolitions.Some aremare noted and punilhed than others;fo that, themad-man inone kindas much condemnes another,as the fober man condemnos him. Onely that man is both good,and wife, and happie,dlat is free from all kinds ofphrcDiie. 84. There befome honefterrours,where-with I never found that God was offended. That an husband fhould thinkc his owneWife comely, although ill-favoured inthe eyes ofothers: That aman fhould thinkmore meanly ofhis ownegood parts, than ofweaker in others:To give charitable(though miftaken)conllructionsofdoubtfull actions and per!ons (which are the effel'ls ofnatural! affC:Clion,humility,lovc) were never cenfured byGod: Herein alone we erre, ifwe erre not. 85· • E No marvell iftheworldling cfcape earthly aflliC\ion>. God carrells hlm not be. caufe he loves him nor.He is bafe borne and begor.God will nor doe himrhe fa~ our towhip him. Theworld aflliCls him not,becaufe he loves him:for eachman is indulgent to his owne.God ufcs not the rod where he meanes to ufethe fword.The Pillory or fcourge is for thofe malefactors which fhall efcape execution. 86. Weak ftomacks which cannot digelllargemeals,feed oft and little:For our foul<S, that whichwe want in meafure, we mull: fupply in frequecce. Wee cm never fully N 3 enough