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Holy 0 bfer"Jiatiolfi. enough comprehend in our thoughts the joyes ofheaven, the meritorious fuffi:- A rings ofChri(l, the rcrrours ofthe fecond death: therefore wee mu(\ meditate of them often. 87. The f.1me thoughtsdoe commonly meet us in the fame places; as if we had left them there till pur return<. For that the mind doth fecretly frame to it felfe memorative heads, whereby it recallseafilythe fameconceits. It is be(l to imploy our mind there, where it is moCllixed. Our devonon is fo dull,tt cannot ha1•e too many advanragos. 88. I tind but one example in all Scripture, of any bodily cure which our Saviour wrought by degrees :only rh~ blind man, 1~hofe _weak faith craved help by others, not by himfelf,faw men fir(\ hke trees,thenmrhetr true lhape.All other miraculous B cures ofChrill were done at once,and perfeCt at fir(\. Contrarily, I find but one example ofafoule fully healed(that is)fanCtifiedand gl<>rified,both in a day; all other bydegreesand ltifure. Thc.Cleps of grace are fofi: and lhort. Thofe externall mi. racles 11e wrought immediately by himfelfe; and therefore noman·ell ifthey were abfolute like their Author. The miraculous work ofour Regeneration he work& together with us: He giveth itdficacie; we give itimperfcetioa. FINIS.