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.. -- - I-,C-H_A_R--,-. :::-:-::-:-:---:-:-:::::-:Cf:-:-he-::-.Fi--=-aP, 7 'f'.J_m--:-a_n_•• --=-~--:-:---;;"--:-:-i 163 A rhc careofhis fpiriruall P"hyfirian,from whom hee receii'CS Cordials anfwerable to his compbinr. HtiSia fevere.exacror ofdifcipline,firft uporthitnfdfe, on whoj:n hee impoTes more than one Lenr; rhen,upon others, as one that vowed to bee revenged on finne whercfoever be finds it; and though bur one bath offended him, yet his deteftarion i~ univerf:lll. He is his owne raske-mafter for devotion; and ifChrillianiry have any worke moredifficulr,or perillous thanorher,rhat he enjoynes himfdfe,and refolves.conrenrmem:.<lvtn in mirc:u:riage. It is nomarvell ifrhc acquaintance ofhis wildex times knoW him nor; for hee is quire another from himfelfe; and ifhis mind could have had any imermiflion of dwelling within h_is brell, ir_couldnorhave knowne this was rhc Iodgmg : Norhmg but an out-fide 1s thefame lt was, and that alrred more.with Regenharion,rhan with age. None bur he can relilh the promifes ofthe Gofpel; which he finds fo fweer, rhar_he c~mplaines nor,hisrhirft afterrhem B is unfatiable; and now rharhe harh fotmd hiS Savtour he hugs hun fo faft,and holds him fo deare,rhat he feetes !'orwhen hislife !s fctcht away fro~ him,for his martyrdome. Thelatrer parr ofhtShfe IS fo led,as tfhe defired to unhve bts youth; and his !aft Tell:unenr isfull ofrdliturions,and legacies ofpiery.In fumme,he bath fo lived and died,as that Satan harh no fuch match,finne bath no fuch enemy, God harh no fuchfervant as he. ~lll~lll~lAlllllll~llllll~~lllllllllllA!AAll£Alllll lie iJ a1z Happyman, THat bath learn'd to read himfelfemorethan :t!l books; and bath fo taken om C rhis ldfon,rhat he can never forger it; Thar knows the world, and caresnot for ir;Tl)ar aftermany rraverfes ofrhoughrs,is grown to know what he may rruft ro, and llarids now equally armed for :t!l events. That harh got the maftery at home, fo as he can cro!fe his will without amuriny,and fo pleafe ir, ~hat he makes it not a \vanron: That in i:af!:hly things wilhes no more than nature;in fpirlruall is ever gtadoufiy ambitious: Thatfor his condition,ftands on his owne feer,nor needing to !caneupon the great; and can fo frame his thoughts ro his eftare, that when heharh leatl,hecannot waor,becaufe he is as flee from defire,as fupertluiry : That bath fcafonably broken the liead-llrong reftirteJfe of profperiry, and can now menage it at pleafure: Uponwhom,all fma!lercro!fes light as haile-ftones upon a roofe; and for the greater calamities, he can rake them as tributes oflife, and tokens oflove; and if his lhip be toffed,yer he is fure his Anchor is faft. Ifall theworld were his,he could D be noother than he is; no whit gladder ofhimfelfe, no whit higher in his carriage, bequfe he knowes, conrenrmenrlies nor in the things he bath, bur in themind that valueschem. The P.owersofhis refolution can eithermultiP!y, or fubl\raa at pleafur<.He can make hrs cottageaMannor,or aPalace when he lllls;& his home-clofe a large dominion; his ftaind-cloth, Arras; his eanh, plare,and can Cee ftatc in the ar: rendance ofone fervant; as one that bath learned,a mans jlr<arnelfe or bafenefs is in himfdfe 1 and in this he may even conreft with the proud, that bee thinks his owne the beft. Or, ifhe muft be outwardly gre~r, hee can burrurneth~ other end ofrhe glaffe,"!'dmakehis ~atd yManora IO\vand ftrait Corrage;aad in all his coil!y furniture,he can fee,nor nchne!fe, but ufe; hce can fee droffe in the bell nicrall, and earth rhorow the bell cloches; and in all his croup, heecan fee himfelfe his own.e fervant. He iiyes quietly at _home~ our. ofthe noife of the world, an~ loves ro enjoy hirttfdfe E alwates,and fomenm~s lusjnend,& bath as full fcopeto hts rhoaghrs as ro his eies. H~ walks ever even, in the mid-~vay betwixt hopes and feares, rct9lv~d to feare nothing but God,tohope for nodung bur rharwluchbemullhave. He liarh awife and V<rtllousmind ina ferviceablc body,which that better parr affetlsas 3 prefent fervat and afuture companion; fo cherithing his flelh, as one that would fcornero bee all flelh. He harh noenemies,nor for charall love him,burbej:aufche knowes ro make a gaine ofmalice. He is not fo ingaged eo any earthly thinS, char theytwo cannot parr. oneven rearmes; there is neither laughter in their meertng, nor in rheiriliaking of , hands,