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Tbe .happy mau. LIB. I. hands,r<ares. H" k"'ps ever rhebc:Cl company,rhe God ofSpirits, and rhe Spir~sof A rhar God ; whom he tnrerr,inescominually in an awfull familiarir:y,nor being hindrcl ,~it her with too tnueh light,or with noneat all.His coilfcience and hi<~ hand are friends, and (what Oovm foeverr<!mpt him) will nor fall our.' That divine pan·goes ever uprightly and freely, nor Clooping under theburden of a. willing finne, nor ferrered withrhe-gioves ofunjuC! fcmpks. Hee lvonld nor, if he could,run away from himfelfe,or from God;nor caring fromwhom he lies hidlfo,hemay lookerhefttwo in the foce.Cenfures 3lld applaufd!'.lre paffengers to him,nor gueC!s;his eareis their rhorow-f.lre, nor their harbour 1 l1<t harh learned to fetch botfi his counfdl, and his fenr"nce from hislowne brefl. He doth nor ray weight upon his owne lhoulders, as one rh:u: loves rowrment himfdfe wirh the honour ofmuch irnploimenr, bur as he makas work his game,fo dorb o·e.not liC! to·make himfdfworke. His Clrifeiseverro redeeri1e,aiid not eo fpend thdrn.Iris his trade to doe good;and to rhinke ofir,his re- B crearion.Ht lmh hiurdsenow for himfelfand others,which'areever Clrerched forth for beneficrnce,not for need. He walks cheerofully in thewayrhat God bath chalked,and never wilhes it more wide,or morefmooth. Thofe verytentationswhereby he isfoilcl,Clrengthen him; hecomesforrhcrowned, and rriumphingoutofrht fpiriruall Battels,and thofe fears that he harh,make him beaurifull.His foule is every day dilated to receive that God, in whomhe is; and bath attained to love himfdfe fo~.Goil;and God fo~liis owne.fake. His ey~ ffickfo fuC! in hea~en,that no earthly obJeCt can remove them; yea hiS whole felfe IS there before hiS ume, and fees with Stwen,and heares with Paul_,andcnjoyes with L•zar(fl,the glory that he fl1all have· and takos poffel1ion before-handofhis roome amonaft theSainrs:and thefe heaven: ly comenrmenrs have fo taken hitn up, that now he looks downe difpleafedly E" rhoearrh,as the Region ofhisforrow and banilhmenr;yet joying more in hope an c troubled with the f~nft ofevils, hee holds_itno_great matter to live, and1 hi~gre~~ Cl · bufines to d1e; and IS fo well acquamtedwuh hiS laC! gueC!,tbat he feares no unkind. . neffe from him : neither makes he any o;her ofdying, than of ~alking homewhen OOIS abroad,or ofgomg to bed whenhe1s weary oftheday. He IS wdl provided for both worlds,and IS fure ofpeace here,ofglory hereafter; and therefore hath a light he?rt,and a cheerfull face.All his fellow-creatures rejoyce 1to ferve him1 his betters, th<>Angels,love to obferve h1m: God h1mfdfe takes pleafure ro converfe wi1h him and harhSainted him afor" his death, and in his deathcrownedhim. ' l!r ·' . ., • J lnl111 L ,FIN 1 s. r .. _ ! i I .,;'