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N Hypocriteisthe worlHindeofPlayer, by fo much as he atls the better part; which bathahvaystwci faces,oft·times rwo hearts: That can compofe his forehead to fadndfe and gravity, (while he bids his heatt be wanton and cJrde(fe within,) and (in the meane time ) laughs within himfdfe, to think how fmoothly he bath ~ozened the beholder;In wbofe fi!tnc face are written the charatlm of Religion, which his tongue and geftures pwnounce, but his hands recant. That hath a c!tan faco and garment, with a foule loule: whofe mouth belies his heart,and his fingers bdie hismouth. Walking he turnes inro the ~rear Church, and falutes one ?ft~e pilbrs on one knee, God whiCh at home he cares not for, wh1le hiS· eyeis fixed on fome window, on fome paffeng<r, and his heart l:nowes not wliether his lips goe. He rifes,and looking about with admiracion, complaiaeson our frozen charity,commends the ancieoc.At Church he will ever litwhete he may be feen belt, and in the middeft of the Sermon puis out his tables in hafte, as ifhe feared to lofe that note;when he writes either his foi'!JOtten errand , or nothing: then he turnes his Bible with a noife, tofeekan omitteaqUhtation; and folds the leafe, as if he had found it;and askes aloud the namoof the Preacher,and repeats it, whom he publikdy falutes,thanl:s,praifes,invites,enrertaines with tedious good counfell, with good difD courfe, ifit had come from an handler mouth. He can command teares when he fpeaks ofhis yomh; indeed becaufeit is paft, not becaufe it was linfull : himfdfe is now better,but the times are worfe.Ail other finoes he reckons up wirh deteftation, while he loves and hides h1s darling in his bofomr, All his fpecch (erorns to himfdf, and every occurrentdrawes in a llory ro his own praife. When he lhould give, he looks about him,and fayes ,Wh• Jus me? No almes,no prayers fall from himwithour a witnelfe;belike left God fbould deny that he hath received themand when he harh done(kfr the world lhould not know ir)his own mouth is his Trumpet to procbime ir.Wirh the fuperAuity of his ufury he builds an Hofpit3ll,at1d harbours them whom his extortion bath fpoiled;fo while he makes many heggers,he kerps fame. He tutrieth all Gnats inroCamels,and cares not to undoe the world for a circumftance.Fle01 E ona Friday is more abomination to him then his neighbours bed: Hee abhorres more notto uncover at the name of}efus,then to fwear by the name ofGod. When aRimer reads his Pceme to hint, he begs a Copy, and petfwades the Pre!T0; thereIs nothing.char he diflikes in prefence, that in abfence he cenfures nor. Hee comes to the fick bed ofbis ftepmorher,and weeps,when hefccrerly feares hc:r recovery.He greers his friend in the ftreet with fo deare a countenance, fo faft a clofure, that the orherthinks he relds his heart in his foce; and !hakes hands with an indefinite invitation of W!Jcn wiU J'" """'and wnen his backis tmned, joyes that he is fo wdl rid of a gueft:yet ifthatgueft vilite himunleared, he counr~lfeits a fmiling welcome, and excufes his chear,when clofely he frownes on hiswife for too mucb.He !hewswell, and faies well; and himfelfc is the worftthing he bath. In briefe, he is the firangcrs I Saint,theneighbours difeale, the blotofgoodneffe ; a rotten fiick inadark nighr, a · Q Poppy