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'The13ujie~body. 'The Superflitious. LIB. II. Poppy in a corn field, an ill tempered c~ndk, with a grcarfnuffc, that in going our A fmels ill ; and an Angel abroad,a Dcvt!l at home; and worfe when an Angel,thc:n when a Devil. " Of the 13ujie~body. His dlate is too narrow for hjs mind,and therefore be is f~ine to make himfclf roomc in others affaircs; yet ever in pretence of love. No ncwcs can (lir but by his doore; neither can he know that,which hemull not tell. What ev<ry man ventures in Guiana voyage,;md what they gained, tic knowes to a haire. Whe- B ther H•D•nd will have peace he knowes,and on what conditions,and with what fuccdfe,is familiar to him ere it be concluded.No Poll can palfe f!imwithout a qucfiion,and rathertllcn he willlccfc the ncwcs, he rides back with hira to appofc him of tidings; and then to the next man he mccts,he fupplics the wants ofhis hally intclligcncc,and makes up a perfeCt talc;wherewith he fo haunrcth thepatient auditor,that after many cxcufcs, he is faine to cndureratherthe cenfurcofhis manners in run· ning away,then the tcdioufneffc ofan impertinent difcourfc.His fpcech is oft broken off with a fuccellion oflongparenthefis, which he ever vowesto fill up ere the con. clufion,& perhaps would cffcClit,if the others car were as unwcatiable as his tongue. Ifbc fee but two men talke and rcade a lcrterin the llrccr,hc runs to them, and askcs if he may not be partner of tlm fecret relation; and if they deny ir, he offers ro tell, C fincc he may not hcar,wondcrs:and then falls upon the report ofthe Scottifh Mine, <>r ofthe grcatFifh raken up at Linne,or of the freezing ofthe Thamcs;and after many thanks and difmillions, is hardly inrrcared fikncc. He undertake. as much as he performeslittlc: this man willthrull himfclftorward to be the guide gfrhe way be knowcs not; and calls at his neighbours windpw,and askcs why his fervanrs are not at work.Thc Market bath no commodity which he prizeth not, and which the next rabic !hall not hcare recited. His tongue, like the tailc of Sampfons Foxes, carries firebrands,andis enough to fe~ thewhole field ofthe world bn a fhme.l:liml elfc begiostable-talke ofhis neighbour at anotherrboord;towhom he bears the firll news, and adjures him to conccale the reporter. whofc cholerick anfwcr he returns to his firll Oall, iol<ugcd with a fecond addition;fo,as it ufes to be done in the fight ofun- D willingMallivcs,he claps each on the fide aparr,and provokes them roan eager confliCt. Thcr~canno aCl plCfe without his Comment, which is ever farrc-fctcbt, rafb, fufpicious,delatory. His cares arc long, and bis eyes quick, bur moll of-all to imperfrClions; which as he ealily fees, fo he incrcafcs with intermcdling. He harbours another mans fervam,and amids his entcrtain!l'lent askeswhat fare is ufuall at home, what houres are kept, what talkc palfcth thdr mcales, what his Mallers difpolition is,what his government,what his guclls!&when he bath by curious inquiries extra- {;lcd all the juice and fpirit ofhoped intelligence, rurncs him offwhence he came,and works on a nc1v. Ho hates conllancyasanearthcn dulnclfe , unfit fur men of fpirir: and loves to change his work and his place3 neither yet can he be fo foon weary of a.~Y pl~cc,as every place is weary of him;for,as he fets himfelfon work/o oth~rs pay E Iwn with barred, and look how many mallcrs behath, fo many enem1es: netthcr is it pollible that ~ny OJOuld nor hate him, but who know him not. So then he labours without th~oks, talks withour credit, lives wirhoru love, dies without ceares, without piry1 fave that fome fay it was pity he died no fooncr. 0Jthe Superflitious. Sllpcrllition isgodlcffe Religion, devout impiety; The fupcrllilious is fond in l obfcrvation,fcrvile in fcare,hc worfhips God but as he !ills :hegives God what he '==~--------------------------------------------------------~·~s~kc~s~