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CaAR. A and now in his fight crowding neerer to the Ch1ire ofScare, defires to be lookr 'On, defires to be fpoken ro byrhegcearefi, and fiudies how to offer an occafion, left he fhould feeme unknown, unregardcd1 and if any gtflure of the leafi grace fall haply upon him, he looks back upon hisfriend, leftbe-lhould cml<fiy let ir paffe, wirhoutanote: and what hewanteth infenfe, hefuppliesin Hiflory. His difpolition is never bur lhamefuUy unrhankfull: for uolelfe he have all,he bath nothinl(. lr mutt _be ·a large draught, whereofhe will not r.y, that thofe few drops doe nor a ,k=, bu{·ifl· . flame him: fo flill he thinks himfdf the worfe for fmall favours. His wit fo cQD,o trives the likely plots ofhis promotion , as ifhe wo~ld fleale it away without Gods knowledge, befides his will: neitherdoth he ever look up, and confult in hisforecafis with the fupreme Moderator ofall things ; as one that thinks honour is ruled 'B ;by Forrune, and that heaven medlerh not with the difpoling df thefc emhly lots: and therefore it is juftwith that wife God to defeat his fairefi hopes , and to bring him to a lolfe in the hottefi ofhis chace; and tocaufe honour to flie away fo much the fafter,by howmuch it is more eagerly purfued. Finally, he is an impormnare futer,a corrupt client,aviolent undertakcr,a fmoorh Falbr, bur unrrufiy, a refileffe mafter of his owne;a Bladder puft up with the wind ofhope, and felfe-love. He is .in the common body, as aMole inthe earrh,ever unquierly cafiing;and in oneword, is nothing butaconfufed heap ofenvy, pride, covetoufnelfe. c OftheVnthrift. HE ranges beyond his pale; and lives without compaffe. His oxpence is meafured,nor by ability,bur will. His pleafures are immoderare,and nor honefi, Awanton eye , alickorilh tongue, a gamefome hand have impovetilhr him. The vulgar forr call him bountiful!, and applaud him while he fpends,and .recompence himwith wilhes when he gives,with pity when hewanrs.Neirher can it bedenied char he taughrrrue liberality, bur overwenrir. No man could have lived more 13udably, ifwhen he was at the beft, he had ftayed there. While he isprefenr, none ofthe wealthier guefts may payought to the !hot, without much vehemency, withour danger ofunkindnelfe. Ufe bath made it unpleafanr to him , nor to fpend. D Heis in all things more ambitious ofthe titleofgood fellow!hip, then of wifdome. When he lookes into the wealthy chefi of hi> Father , his concdr fuggefis rhlt it cannor be empried; and while he rakesour fome deale every day, he perceives nor any diminution; and when the heap is fcnlibly abated, yet fiill flatters himfdfe with enough. One hand couzens the other, and the belly deceives both: he dorb nor fo much bellow benefirs, as fcarrer them. True merit dorh nor carrythem , bur fmoot.hnelfeof adulation. His fenfes areroo much his guides, and his purveyors; and appetite is his fieward. He is an impotent fervant to his lufis ; and knowes nor rogoverne either his minde or his purfe. Improvidence is ever the companion of unrhrifrineffe; This man cannot look beyond the prefenr, and neither thinks nor cares what !hall bee; much leffe fufpeth what may be: and while he laviOJes our E his fubfiance in foperfluiries, thinks he on< ly knowes what the world is worth a_ndrhat or.hers overprize it. He feels poverty before he fees ir , never complaine~ n_ll he be pmched with wants; never fpares rill the bottome, when it is too late er_rher to fpcnd or recover. He is every mans friend fave his owne, and then wrongs hrmfdfe moft,when hecourrcrh himfelfewithmoftkindneffe. He vies Time with the fiothfull, and i~ is an hard match, whether chafes away good houres ro worfe purpof~; the on_e bydoing nothing, or the other by idle pafiime. He harh fo dilated htmfdfe wrth rbebeames ofprofperity, that he lies open ro all dangers, and cannot gather u~ himfelfe, on juft warning , to avoid a mifchiefe. Bee were good .for ao Almn.er, •ll for aSteward. Finally, hee is the living tombe ofhis fore.fathers, ofhts pofienry ; andwhen he harh fwallowed both, ismore empry then before hee devoured them. of