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194 The 8pijlle'Dedicatory. --- be the common place~~~k -;;-fthat great Ki :-n-g-,-a-n-:d:--t-o_r_e-~­ ferre hisDivine rules to their heads, for more eafe of finding, for better memory, for readier u[e. See how that God,whofe wifdome thought good to bereave mankind of Sa/omons profound Commentaries ofNature , hath refer~ ved thefe his Divine Morals, to out~live the world; as knowing, that thofe would but feed mans curiofity , thefe would both direct his life, and judge it. He bath not done this without expectation ofour good, and glory to himfelfe: which-ifwe anfwer, the gaine-is ou s. I know how little need there is, either to entreat your Lordlhips accep~ tation, or to advife your ufe. It is enough to have humbly I'refented them to your hands , and through them to the Church: the defire ofwhofe good is my good; yea, my recompence and glory. The fame God, whofe hand bath led and returned you in fafety, from all forraine evils , guide your wayes at home, and graciouf1y increafe you in the ground ofall true honour, Goodneffe. My prayers £hall ever followyou : Who vowmy felfe yourHonours in all humbleand true duty. Jos . HALL.