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Hea')Jm upon Earth A enemy char impoverifht, that defam~d thee: it was.the ma\igniry of 'fome unwholfomedi!h,or fome grolTe corrupted ~re,thar bath d11lempered rhee.Ah foohfh curre, why doeCl: rbou biteat the Cl:one,wh1ch could never have hurt the:,but from the hand that threw it~ If I wound thee, what matters it whether with mme owne fword , or thine or anorhers ~ God Cl:rikes fome immediatly from Helven with his owne arme orwi;h the arme ofAngels,others he buffers with their owne bands;fome by the revengingfword ofan enemy,orhers with the fill of h1s dumbecreature~: God llnkes in all· his h•nd moves theirs.Ifthou fee it not,blame thy carnal! eyes.Why doll thou fault;he in(lrument, while thou knowell the •gent? Even the dying theefe pardons the executioner,exdaimesoa his unju(l Judge, or his malicious accufers. Either then blame the firCl mover, ordifcharge the meanes : which as they could not have touch · ed thee, but as from him; fofrom him they have affiiCled thee jullly, wrongfully B perhaps as in themfelves. SECT. XIII. BUt neither feemeth itenough to be patient in crolfes,ifwe be not thankful! alfo. The'''''" anGood things challenge ~ore the~ bare contentment. Crotfes(unJuClly term_ed (.~~"of crofevils)asthey are fent ofh1m that 1s all goodnetfe, fo they are feat forgood,and his end cannot be fruCltate. What greater good canbe to tbe d1feafed man, then fit and properPhyficke to recure himlCrotfes are the onll:' medicines offickminds.Thy found body carries within it a ficke foule ; t~on feelell1t not perhaps: fo much more art thou ficke, and fo much more dangerou!ly. Perhaps thou labouren offame pie: thory ofpride,or of fome dropfie ofcovetoufnetfe,or the !hggersofinconllancy,or fome fever ofluxurie, or confumption ofenvy, or perhaps ofthelethargie ofidleC netfe, or ofthe Phrenfie ofanger:It is a rarefoulethat hath not fome notable difeafe: only crolfes are thy remedies. What ifthey be unpleafant ~they are Phyfike: it is enoughif they bewholefome.Not pleafant talle,but the fecretvercuecommends medicines. If they cure thee, they !hall pleafe the~1 ev~n in difpleafing; orelfe thou Ioven thy palate above thy foule. What ma~netfc 1s this ~ When thou complainell ofa bodily difeafe, thou fendellto the Phyfiuan, that he may fend thee not favory, but wholefome potions: thou receivell them it fpight ofthine abhorring llomacke, and withal! both thankell and rewarde(l the Phyfitian. Thy foul e. is Lick : thy heavenly Phyfitian fees it, aad pities thee ere thou thy felfe; and unfent to, fends thee not a plaufible, but a foveraigne remedie: thou loathell the favor, and rather wilt hazard thy life, then offend thy palate; and in !l:ead ofthanks, repine(\ at, revilell the Phy· fitian. How comes itthat w<love our felves fo little (ifat leall we co"nt011r foules D the bell or any part)as that we had ratherundergoedeath then paine, chufing rather wilful! ficknetfe, then an harfh remed1e ~ furely we men are meere fooles in the ellimation ofour owne good:like children,our ~hoycds led altogether by!hew,nowhit by fubftance. We cry after every wel-fe,emmg toy,and put from us folid proffers of ~ood th~n~s. Thew1fe Arbltr~tor ofallthmgs fees our folly,and corret!ls it,with-hold- ~ng o~r 1d1e defires, .and forcmg upon us the fo~nd goo~ we refufe. It isfecond folly mus,1f we thanke. h1m not. The foohfhbabe cnes for h1s fatl~ets bright knife,or gilded p1lles. The wtfer father knows that they can buthurt han • and therefore withholds them ~fter all his teares. ·The child thi~ks he is ufed butu~ki~dly. Every wife , !"an, and .hunfelfe at more yea.res, can fay, It was but childi!h folly, indefiring it, m complammg that he m1tfed 11. The loffeofwealth, friends, health is fometimes E gaine to us . Thy ~ody,thy eClate,is worfe;thy foule is better,why com'plainell thou~ S ECT, XIV. NAy, it.!hall not be enough(me thinks)ifonly webe bur contented and thankfull, 1fnot alfo chearefullin af!!iClioRs; if ~bar, as we feeletheir paine, fo we loo~e to thett end ; although mdeed th1s" not more requifite, then rarely found,as be1ng proper only to thego0d heart.Every Bird can fingin a cleare heaven m a temperate fpnng; that one, as moll familiar, fo is mon commended, that ling~ H 2 m~rrie The4-2ndhfi part,from tbttt1iiile.