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Of the imporuanityand tcrrorof.Dcath. Th•grounds of the fe:~rcof Cuth. Hea"Veh upon Earth. mmie notes in the midll: ofa fhower,or the dead ofWinter. Every Epicure can en- A large his hem to mirth in the mid ll ofhistups and dalliance;only the three children can finainthe furnace, PAul and Sil"l in the llocks, Martyrs atthe lbke. It is from heave•~rhat this joy comes, fo contrary to all earthly occafions, bred in the faithfull heart,through a ferious and feeling refpetl rothe ill'ue ofwhat he feeles,the quiet and untroubled fruit ofhis righteoufnell'e; glory, the crowne after his light 1 after his minute ofpaine, eternity ofjoy.Henever lookr over the threfitold ofheaven, rhat cannot morerejoyce that he fh:tll be glorious,then mourn in prefcntthat heis miferable. SECT. XV. Y Ea,rhis conlideration is fo powttfull,that it alone is able to make apart againll the feor or fenfe ofthe !all: and greatell ofall terribles, Death it ftlf: which in B the confcience ofhis own dreadfulnell'e, jullly laughs ar all the vaine humane precepts ofTranquility, oppalling the moll refolute,and vexing the mollcheerdull minds, Neither prophane Lumli~~<,with :tll his Epicurean rules ofconlidenco, nor drunken A11Atrton,with all his wanton Odes,can lhift offrhe importunate and violent horrorofthi• Adverfary.Seell thou the Ch•lit•n Tyrant beferwith the facred bowls of ltrufoltm,the late fpoilcs of Gods Temple; and (in contempt oftheir owner) carowfing healths to his Q!eenes, Concubines, Peeres, tinging amids his cups, triumph•nrcarols of praife to his molten ond corved gods~ Wouldellahou ever fufpctl that this high couragecould be abat<d ~ orthatthis fumptuousond prefumptuous banquet (afier lo royall and jocond continuance) fhould have any other conclufion, butpleafure ~Stay but one hour longer, and thou fhalt fee that face, that now fhincs with aruddy gloll'e (according to the colour ofhis liquor)lookepaleondgallly, C llained with the colours offear ond death; and that proud hand,which now lifts up his mallieGoblet5 in defiance ofGod,rremble like aleafio a llorme;and thofe llrong knees, which never !looped to the burden of their laden body, now not able to beare up thcmfdves, but loofned with a fudden pallie offeare, one lnocking againll the other: and all this, for that Death writes him aletter offLlmmons roappeare that night before him; and accordingly ere the next Sunne, fent two E•»•thts for his honorable conveiance into another world.Where now are thofe delicatemorfels,rhofe deep draughts, thofe merry ditties, wherewith the palate and care fo pleafod rhemfelves~What is nowbecome ofall thofe cheerfulllookes,loofe laughters,llarelyport, revels, triumphs ofthe fealling Court! Why dorh none of his galla m Nobksreviverhefainredcoutlgeofthdr Lord with anew cup~ orwirh feme llirring jclllbake him out ofrhisunfeafonable Melancholy~O dearh,how imperious art rhou D rocarnallminds~aggravatingrhdrmiferynotonly by expetiation of future paine, but by the remembrance of the wonted caufes of their joy; ond not fLJifcring them to fee ought but what may torment them~Even thor monller ofc•f•rs,that had been fo well acquoinred withbloud, and never had found better fport than in cutting of throats; wh~n now it came to his own turne, howcffemin:J.te,how defperatdy cowardous did he fitew himfelf! to the wonder of all readers, that h• which was ever fo valiant in killing, fi1ottld be fo womanifitly heanle!fe in dying. SECT, XV!. THere are that feare not fo much to be dcad,as to die; the very atl ofdil!'oluti· on frighting them with a tormenting expedarion ofa fhorr, but intolerable E painfulndfe.Which let ifthewifdomeofGod had not interpofed to timorous narure,there would have beenmany more Lucruts,Citoplltrts,Achitlpht!s;:md good !awes fhould have found little opportunity ofexecution, through the witfull fi1neralls ofmalefaCtors.For the foule that comes into the body without ony (at !call fenfible) pleafore, departs not from it without an extremity of pain; which varying according to rhe manner and means of feparation, yet in all violent deaths efpccially retainerh a violrnce not to be avoided, hard to be endured. And if difeafes,which are