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The `JDignitieoftheScripture. tredof11n,what dutiesofmercy;yea,and howthe loue and fweetnes thereofhash fopoffeffedthehearts offome,thatthey haue bin content notonely tofacrifice, their wealth,their credit,their good name, theirliberty for it,but euen there ve- ry lines, and to chuferather to beareany torments, then todifclaime that holy truth , whichby the teachingof theScripture theyhaue once throughly enter- tained. Thus this powerof theword inconoi cjpgfome, in conuertiug others, in amazingfome,in reioycingothers,in drawingforme earnefily toloueic,inpro- uokingothersdeeply and tyrannoufly to deteft it,this famefecret and effe&uall working of. it (I fay) upon the fecreepowersofthe foule,is ateftiutony for the Scripture, that it is nodeuice ofthan, but thevery facedWill ofGod. Thereten tokens, Ihaue thought good tocommend vnto your careand confideration,by whichit may be manifelledbntovs,that that whichwee callthe Bible,andisdai- ly commendedveto vs tobe the wordofged, is indeede that which it is laid to be, and the very thingby whichwee [hallbe fudgedat theJail day; t. thepurity ofthe law; a.the matter oftpeScripture, the defcriptionofmansmifery,and of the true remedy for it; 3.1the antiquity ofit; 4. the confentofit with it felfe; ;. thecertain euentofallprophecies; 6. thevnparriall dealingofthofe that doe write ir; 7.the miraculouspreferuationsof it from the firft writing till now;8.the maiefticall Hewherein it is written ; 9.the condition of the pennemenbefore they were called to tharferuice; so. thepower andefficacie of it in the working upon mens confciences. Fiowfoeuer (as Ihaue laid) nothing is able to perfwade the minde, but onely the Spirit ofGod,yet diefe particularsare offorce tocon- Mace, andtoprooue vntomen,whether theywill or no ;that the Scripture isno humane hiltory , but the Oracle ofGod , ordainedby him,tobeeasit were, b a,Pct.t. rg. lightß fining ixa deride place' (as Saint Petera words are) that by thedire&ion thereof,ourfeete may beguidedinthew"ofpeace. The world groweth to a ripeneffe and perfe&ion ofall kindeoffinne, and the Pte' Lords long-futfering bathmade many tothinke,that religion isbut a toy,andall Scripture meerely vanity: and many hearing manifeft teffimonies alleadged out ofthe Scriptureagainft their lewdnes,are not afraid to fay,that lure it is not all from God,which is faidrobehisword: Befrdes that tuety manby nature [hall finde afpiceofatheifine, cure inhisownebofome, and he fhall findedoubtings arifeComedowneuesin thefe maine points,howhe(hall know fcripturerobe feria pture, and that there is luch a God,and a Chrift,andahell,and a brawn, as is there mademention of. Andtherefore for llreugthnirt of us, both egainilthe Atheiltsand fcorners which weeball meete with in the world,andthe doubtings which may fpring vp inour ownehearts, Ihaue thought. good (myText gioing me fo iuft occafìon,) to difcourfe thus largelyof thismatter:for whereasGod faithhere,he bath written tovshis Lawe,we cannot poffiblymake any truepro- fitable vfe ofthis fpfech,except we becleared in thispoint; That that which we account Gods law, is thatfame do&rinewhich hiswill wasfhonld be committed towriting forour good. A ThethirdSermon. Ph theywere counted at ail rangeding. This is thefecond part of this verfe,theformer [hewed the bountyofGodvouchfa- fing his law;this fhewesthe vnthankfulnes and impiety ofmen in defpifinghis Law; 11th that by thevery tousleof thewords it isplaine,thatthere is a fault here difcouered,therforein the handling of thispart,Iwill follow this coude ; r. I will Phew thenature of thefault, a. I willopen thegreatnesof it; 3. I will The fecund part ófthe Text. The order of handling it.